Is Prodigy Internet Still Around?

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No, Prodigy Internet is no longer around. It was a popular online service in the 1990s, but it was shut down in 2001. The company that owned Prodigy, AT&T, still owns the domain, but it redirects to a different website.

Prodigy Internet

History Of Prodigy Internet

Prodigy was first introduced in 1993 by IBM and Sears as a joint venture. This internet service provider offered dial-up access to the internet for US customers until 2000 when it became defunct due to AOL’s popularity. In 2010, AT&T took over Prodigy Internet and brought back this popular ISP into our lives!

A list of current features is available on their website:

If you need more information about how the installation process works or what package might be best suited for your needs, please feel free to contact AT&T at any time via email ([email protected]) or phone (800) 332-0331 ext. 42201 – they are happy to help to answer any questions you may have.

Features Of Prodigy Internet

– Unlimited data usage, meaning you can stream video and music content without fear of running out of data

– $40 per month for all AT&T customers nationwide

– High-speed internet is available in a variety of areas across the US. You pay an installation fee on top of your monthly bill to get Prodigy installed at your home or business. Check with AT&T to see if this service is available in your area!

*Note: installation fees vary depending on what package you purchase. All packages include basic wifi capabilities.*

Prodigy Internet Installation Process

The installation process is quick and easy since the modem comes pre-configured with a default of your current internet service provider (ISP). 

Once we receive your order confirmation email and access to your account information from AT&T, our technicians will activate the new equipment in less than 24 hours by phone call or remote login. As soon as this happens, you’ll automatically be connected to Prodigy Internet!

There are three different packages available: Basic ($35/month), Standard ($45/month), and Premium ($60/month).

If you’re only looking for dial-up access to use on one computer at home or small office – a basic package would work best if it’s all your questions.


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