Is there Any Way to Separate My Yahoo Account From AT&T? (Explained!)

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To separate your Yahoo account from AT&T, visit the “Account Info” page on Yahoo. Since 2017, AT&T and Yahoo have operated independently, and the separation process involves updating your security settings on Yahoo, maintaining separate credentials.

Steps to Separate Yahoo Email from AT&T?

Separate Yahoo Email from AT&T

Follow the steps below to help separate your Yahoo Email Account from AT&T

Step 1: On your AT&T device, using any web browser and search out AT&T official website. When on the website, locate the AT&T sign-in page, sign-in into your AT&T account with your username and password.

Step 2: As soon you get logged in, locate ‘MY ATT’ and select the profile option usually at the top navigation bar. Click on ‘Account Profile’ option underneath the ‘AT&T Email Account’

Step 3: Afterwards, locate the ‘Master ID’ under the ‘Delete Account’ option of the ‘User Information’ tab, be patient to let the page load and then a dialog box should pop up with ‘Delete Email’ to confirm your request, to continue select ‘Ok’ to verify.

Now proceed to Yahoo login page, input your username and password and click ‘sign-in’.

Step 4: To unmerge both and use Yahoo Mail separately, simply location and click on the ‘Unmerge’ button found on the Yahoo page. After the click of that button, then your AT&T and Yahoo mail account will have successfully been separated.

Manage third-party email addresses within AT&T Yahoo Mail

You can manage third-party email addresses within AT&T Yahoo Mail by following these steps:

  1. Access AT&T Yahoo Mail:
    • Log in to your AT&T Yahoo Mail account using your username and password.
  2. Navigate to Account Info:
    • Click on your profile name in the top-right corner.
    • Select “Account Info” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Account Security:
    • Under the “Account Info” section, find and click on “Account security.”
  4. Third-Party Email Addresses:
    • Look for the “Manage third-party email account access” option. Click on it.
  5. Add or Remove Addresses:
    • Here, you can add or remove third-party email addresses associated with your AT&T Yahoo Mail account.
  6. Follow on-screen prompts:
    • If you’re adding an address, follow the prompts to enter the required information.
    • If you’re removing an address, follow the instructions to confirm the removal.
  7. Save Changes:
    • After making changes, ensure to save them to apply the updates to your account.
  8. Logout for Security:
    • For security purposes, it’s advisable to log out and log back in to your AT&T Yahoo Mail account after making changes.

Can I keep my AT&T e-mail address if I cancel AT&T Internet?

  1. Check AT&T’s Policy:
    • Review the terms and conditions of your AT&T service agreement or contact AT&T customer support to understand their policy regarding email addresses after canceling Internet service.
  2. Independent Email Service:
    • AT&T email addresses are sometimes associated with Internet services. If you cancel your AT&T Internet, they may allow you to keep the email address, but it might become a standalone service.
  3. Migration Options:
    • Some providers offer options to migrate your email address to an independent service, ensuring you can continue using the same email even if you switch Internet providers.
  4. AT&T Email Account Retention:
    • AT&T may allow you to retain your email account even after canceling Internet service, but it’s crucial to confirm this directly with AT&T to avoid any disruptions.
  5. Transition Period:
    • In some cases, there might be a transition period during which you can still access your email after canceling Internet service.
  6. Backup Important Data:
    • Before canceling any service, it’s good practice to back up any important emails, contacts, or data associated with your AT&T email account.
  7. Contact AT&T Customer Support:
    • Reach out to AT&T customer support via phone or online chat to inquire about the specific details of keeping your email address after canceling Internet service.
  8. Consider Alternate Email Services:
    • If retaining the AT&T email address is not feasible, consider setting up an account with a different email service provider and updating your contacts with the new address.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my information on both Yahoo and AT&T safe?

 Yes, all your information such as mails, pictures and folders are safe. The unmerging doesn’t affect the content on both of your mails. As soon as you login into the respective mail, you’ll find your content intact.

I have tried unmerging severally, still not working?

We provided an easy comprehensive step to unmerge both accounts. If you have carefully followed the above stage and the unmerging was still unsuccessful then you’ll have to contact AT&T for further technical assistance. 

Why can’t I continue using Yahoo on my AT&T device?

The two brands has discontinued their partnership deal and hence all AT &T users has been directed to unmerge their devices with Yahoo. Any user who ignored would experience difficulty using their email sync to both platforms.

Some content on my AT&T mail was missing when I unmerged?

This was a frequent complaint log by user. These and many other anomalies are being resolved by both brands. It’s advised to check your mail regularly and report according.

My AT&T password brought up an incorrect credentials?

This was a common complaint during the unmerging period. Since the merge provided unique feature such as easy login after the unmerging many users had either forgotten or are confused which logins is for which. It’s best to contact customer service to help reset your password if you’ve forgotten or mixed up your Yahoo for AT&T email.

Can I still use Yahoo Mail on my am AT&T device

Yes, you can still use Yahoo mail on your AT&T device. Though the two brands has unmerge but still AT&T still support Yahoo mail on all their devices but you cannot sync your AT&T and Yahoo mail under the same platform again.


If after you have followed the steps above religiously and yet your Yahoo mail and AT&T account wasn’t separated, then you’ll would have to contact AT&T customer service for further assistance on how to separate both accounts. They might suggest to remotely assisting you in separately it or recommend you visit their nearest office closest to you, where an AT&T technical representative would be on ground to assist you.

But if you Successfully separated your account using the steps above then all you have to do now is to proceed to either register for a new AT&T or Yahoo mail account.


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