Ivory Coast Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024

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Ivory Coast SIM Cards: Everything You Need To Know

When traveling to Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivoire), staying connected with your friends, family, or colleagues is essential. Acquiring a local SIM card can be the most cost-effective way to keep in touch. Below is a comprehensive listicle that covers all you need to know about SIM cards in Ivory Coast:

  1. Local Operators:
    Ivory Coast is home to several mobile network operators. The most notable are MTN, Orange, and Moov. Each provider has a variety of plans and packages tailored to different needs, including calls, SMS, and data services.
  2. Where to Buy:
    SIM cards can be purchased at the airport, official brand stores, supermarkets, and street vendors. However, for more reliable service and assistance, it’s often better to buy directly from a store operated by the mobile service provider.
  3. Identification Requirement:
    To purchase a SIM card in Ivory Coast, you will need to present a form of identification, such as a passport. This is a regulatory requirement to help combat fraud and illegal activities.
  4. SIM Card Registration:
    Once you have your SIM card, it is mandatory to register it with the provider. Registration is usually done at the point of purchase with the help of a store employee.
  5. Prepaid vs. Postpaid:
    Prepaid SIM cards are the most convenient for travelers. They do not require a long-term contract and can be recharged (topped-up) as needed with scratch cards or online services.
  6. Costs:
    The initial cost of purchasing a SIM card is generally low. However, the cost of calls, SMS, and data packages will vary depending on the provider and the selected plan.
  7. Coverage and Quality:
    Overall, all operators offer good coverage in urban areas with varying degrees of service in rural regions. Do check coverage maps to ensure connectivity in the areas you plan to visit.
  8. Data Packages:
    Data plans are available for different durations, from daily to monthly, and at varying data caps. Tourists usually benefit from short-term plans with enough data allowance for basic navigation and communication.
  9. International Calling:
    International calling rates can be high on a local SIM card. Consider using VoIP applications or purchasing an international calling package if you need to make frequent calls abroad.
  10. Top-Up Locations:
    You can top up your SIM card at the provider’s stores, some ATMs, via online banking, or local vendors who sell recharge vouchers.
  11. Customer Service:
    Should you encounter any issues with your service, customer support is available in the provider’s stores, over the phone, and sometimes through online platforms.
  12. Network Compatibility:
    Ivory Coast primarily uses the GSM network. Ensure your phone is GSM-compatible and unlocked to accept an Ivorian SIM card.
  13. Lost or Stolen SIM Cards:
    If your SIM card is lost or stolen, contact the service provider immediately to prevent fraudulent use. You may be required to go to a store with your ID to retrieve your number.
  14. SIM Sizes:
    SIM cards come in standard, micro, and nano sizes. The provider will typically provide a SIM card that can be adjusted to fit any phone.

Summary Table for Quick Reference

Local OperatorsMTN, Orange, Moov
Purchase LocationsAirport, brand stores, supermarkets, vendors
ID RequirementPassport
Registration RequiredYes, at the point of purchase
Plans AvailablePrepaid, Postpaid
Initial CostsLow, varies by provider
CoverageGood in urban areas, varies in rural regions
Data PackagesAvailable for various durations and data caps
International CallsAvailable, but potentially costly without a specific package
Top-Up OptionsProvider’s stores, some ATMs, online, local vendors
Customer ServiceIn-store, phone-based, online platforms (varies by provider)
Network CompatibilityGSM-compatible, unlocked phones required
ReplacementContact provider if SIM is lost/stolen
SIM SizesStandard, micro, nano (multi-fit provided)

Using this information, travelers can navigate the process of purchasing and using a SIM card in Ivory Coast with ease, ensuring they stay connected throughout their visit.

Orange Data Packages

100 CFA20 MB24 hoursJour Mini
200 CFA50 MB24 hoursJour Lite
500 CFA150 MB24 hoursJour Full
600 CFA200 MB *24 hoursJour Plus
600 CFA150 MB7 daysSemaine Mini
1 500 CFA500 MB7 daysSemaine Half
2 500 CFA1 GB7 daysSemaine
2 000 CFA800 MB30 daysMois Mini
5 000 CFA2.5 GB30 daysMois Lite
10 000 CFA6 GB30 daysMois Full
15 000 CFA10 GB30 daysMois Plus
20 00 CFA15 GB30 daysMois Max
100 CFA100 MB0-6amNuit
50 CFA100 MB #24 hoursSocial Mini
200 CFA500 MB #24 hoursSocial Lite

MTN Data Packages

10 MB99 CFA  
25 MB199 CFA  
75 MB399 CFA  
100 MB499 CFA599 CFA 
250 MB 999 CFA 
500 MB 1 799 CFA2 999 CFA
750 MB 2 499 CFA 
1 GB  4 999 CFA
3 GB  9 999 CFA
4.5 GB  14 999 CFA
10 GB  19 999 CFA
15 GB  29 999 CFA
20 GB  35 900 CFA
30 GB  49 900 CFA
40 GB  59 900 CFA
50 GB  69 900 CFA

Moov Data Packages

Heure30 MB1 hour200 CFA
Jour100 MB24 hours450 CFA
Semaine500 MB7 days1 500 CFA
Mois Plus1 GB30 days4 900 CFA
Mois Extra3 GB30 days9 900 CFA
Mois Maxi5 GB30 days14 900 CFA
Mois Premium10 GB30 days19 900 CFA
Nuit100 MB0:00-6:00100 CFA
Weekend250 MBSat-Sun550 CFA

YooMee Data Packages

1.5 GB7 days5 000 CFA
8.5 GB30 days15 000 CFA
25 GB30 days25 000 CFA
50 GB30 days35 000 CFA
100 GB30 days60 000 CFA



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