Kosovo Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2020


Vala (by PTK, Kosovo Telecom) Data Packages

2 GB300 mins30010 days2.99 EURFOL S
3 GB600 mins60030 days4.99 EURFOL M
4 GB1400 mins140030 days9.99 EURFOL L
8 GB200 mins20030 days4.99 EURINT M
20 GB600 mins60030 days9.99 EURINT L

IPKO Data Packages

1 day500 MB5 GB0.509 EUR*900*0#
7 days1 GB1.50 EUR*900*1#
14 days2 GB2.50 EUR*900*2#
21 days3 GB3.50 EUR*900*3#
30 days5 GB5.50 EUR*900*5#
7 GB7.50 EUR*900*7#

Z Mobile Data Packages

2 GB7 days1 EUR*135*2*01#
4 GB14 days2 EUR*135*2*02#
8 GB30 days4 EUR*135*2*03#
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