Kuwait Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024

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Kuwait, also known as the State of Kuwait is a part of western Asia that shares its borders with Iraq and Saudi Arabia to the north and south respectively. It became an independent country in the year 1961. However, it got famous due to many things in the early 1980s some of them being the Iraqi invasion to rule the country, its commercial success due to oil refineries, access to modern wireless communication, telecom services, internet services, etc.

Kuwait eSIM: Find the Best Unlimited Data Plan for Your Needs

Kuwait, known for its modern architecture and vibrant economy, is also at the forefront of embracing digital technology in telecommunications. For locals, expatriates, and travelers seeking continuous connectivity without the hassle of physical SIM cards, eSIMs are a welcome advancement. An eSIM (embedded SIM) is a digital SIM that enables users to activate a cellular plan without the need for a physical SIM card. This technology offers a flexible, secure, and easy-to-use alternative for mobile users.

Here is a listicle guiding you to find the best-unlimited data plans for eSIMs in Kuwait:

  1. Zain Kuwait Unlimited eSIM Plan
    • Data: Unlimited
    • Validity: 30 days
    • Price: KWD 25
    • Benefits: Includes local calls and texts; high-speed 5G data access; compatible with latest smartphones and devices that support eSIMs.
    • Availability: Can be purchased online or at Zain branches throughout Kuwait.
  2. Ooredoo Kuwait eSIM Shamel Plan
    • Data: Unlimited (with fair usage policy)
    • Validity: Monthly subscription
    • Price: Plans start at KWD 10 and can go up to KWD 45 depending on added benefits
    • Benefits: Different tiers for light, medium, and heavy users; free local minutes and SMS; international minutes; 5G network access.
    • Availability: Available at Ooredoo branches and authorized dealers; can also be activated online.
  3. VIVA Kuwait Postpaid eSIM Plan
    • Data: Unlimited
    • Validity: 1-month to 24-month contract options
    • Price: Starting from KWD 14 per month to KWD 40 per month depending on the package and contract term.
    • Benefits: Packages include unlimited local calls and texts; 5G data; and additional benefits with long-term contracts such as discounts or additional international minutes.
    • Availability: STC (formerly VIVA) shops and online through the STC website or app.
  4. EE Kout Connection eSIM Data Plan
    • Data: Pay-as-you-go and unlimited data add-ons
    • Validity: Starts from 1 day to a month
    • Price: Pay-as-you-go rates apply; unlimited add-on starts at KWD 3 for a day
    • Benefits: Flexible for short-term visitors; quick activation; only pay for what you use; high-speed data depending on coverage.
    • Availability: Mostly available online or via customer service.
  5. B Online Kuwait eSIM Data Plan
    • Data: Unlimited
    • Validity: Monthly renewals
    • Price: KWD 18 per month
    • Benefits: Straightforward unlimited data plan; no contract required; suitable for both residents and travelers.
    • Availability: Exclusively available through the B Online web platform.

When choosing an unlimited data plan for eSIM in Kuwait, consider the following factors to match your needs:

  • Coverage: Ensure that the provider offers excellent coverage in the areas you plan to visit or reside in.
  • Speed: If you require high-speed internet, check if the plan includes 4G or 5G data access.
  • Fair Usage Policy: Understand the provider’s policy on data throttling or speed reduction once a certain usage limit is reached.
  • Contract: Postpaid plans may require a contract; opt for prepaid or pay-as-you-go if looking for flexibility.
  • Device Compatibility: Verify that your device is eSIM compatible and unlocked.

By carefully comparing the available plans, you can select the most suitable unlimited data plan for your eSIM in Kuwait, ensuring seamless connectivity while in the country.


There are main three internet providers in the State of Kuwait among many. These three are:

  • VIVA
  • Ooredoo (formerly Watanya)
  • Zain


One of the most variant and offerable data packages are provided by the Zain internet service provider. It has packages of data starting from 10GB to 400 GB. Some of them include unlimited on-net calls with IDD calls too. The structure of the internet packages and their prices as follows:

  • 10GB costs about KD5 with R1 activation.
  • 10GB with unlimited on-net calls and IDD calls of 25 minutes costs about KD9.5 with R6 activation.
  • 50GB costs KD8 with R2 activation.
  • 50GB with unlimited on-net calls costs KD9 with R7 activation.
  • 50GB with unlimited on-net calls and IDD calls of 25 minutes costs KD11.5 with R9 activation.
  • 100GB costs KD12 with R3 activation.
  • 100GB with unlimited on-net calls around 500 local minutes costs KD14 with R8 activation.
  • 200GB with unlimited on-net calls costs KD16 with R4 activation.
  • 400GB with unlimited domestic calls and with R5 activation costs R18.
  • 400GB with unlimited on-net and 25 minutes of IDD calls comprised of R10 activation costing around KD19.


Ooredeoo provides internet data packages from 10GB to 100GB only that only includes local described calls. The structure of their data packages including prices, local calls, data provided, and activation are as follows:

  • 10GB with 100 minutes of local calls along with B2 activation costs KD5.
  • 25GB with 150 minutes of local calls along with the B3 activation costs KD8.
  • 50GB with 300 minutes of local calls and unlimited on-net calls with B4 activation costs KD12.
  • 100GB with 3000 minutes of local calls and unlimited on-net calls with B5 activation would cost you around KD16.


The third most widely used data packages in the State of Kuwait are Viva data packages. The following packages comprise of prices at which the given internet would be provided with their activation series and unlimited on-net calls, etc.

  • 5GB with 100 minutes local calls and activation of 12 costs KD5.
  • 25GB with 100 minutes of local calls and activation of 12 costs KD8.
  • 50GB with 300 minutes of local calls and activation of 13 costs KD12.
  • 200GB with unlimited local calls and activation of 14 costs KD18.

The recent survey recorded states that the 72.2% population of the State of Kuwait uses internet services provided by internet service providers. This figure of percentage is expected to hike by the end of 2025 covering the major areas and people having access to the internet.

Zain Data Packages

DataPriceCallsIDD CallsActivation
10 GBKD 5  R1
10 GBKD 9.5unlimited on-net25 minsR6
50 GBKD 8  R2
50 GBKD 9unlimited on-net R7
50 GBKD 11.5unlimited on-net25 minsR9
100 GBKD 12  R3
100 GBKD 14unlim. on-net, 500 min local R8
200 GBKD 16unlimited on-net R4
400 GBKD 18unlimited domestic R5
400 GBKD 19unlimited on-net25 minsR10

Ooredoo (formerly Watanya) Data Packages

PriceDataLocal CallsActivation
KD 510 GB100 minsB2
KD 825 GB150 minsB3
KD 1250 GB300 mins, unlim. on-netB4
KD 16100 GB3000 mins, unlim. on-netB5

VIVA Data Packages

PriceDataLocal CallsActivation
KD 55 GB100 mins12
KD 825 GB150 mins13
KD 1250 GB300 mins14
KD 18200 GBunlimited15



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