Lithuania Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024

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Best SIM Cards In Lithuania

  1. Telia (formerly Omnitel):
    • Telia is one of the largest telecom operators in Lithuania, offering a range of services, including mobile plans, broadband, and television.
  2. Bitė:
    • Bitė is another significant mobile network operator in Lithuania. They provide mobile services, including voice, data, and messaging.
  3. Tele2:

Purchasing a SIM Card:

  1. Authorized Retailers:
    • SIM cards for the major operators can be purchased from authorized retailers, including official stores, kiosks, and various shops across Lithuania.
  2. Identification Requirements:
    • Be prepared to provide identification, such as a passport or national ID, when purchasing and registering a SIM card. This is a common practice for regulatory purposes.
  3. Choose a Telecom Operator:
    • Research the available telecom operators and the services they offer. Consider factors such as network coverage, data plans, and pricing.
  4. Select a Plan:
    • Telecom operators in Lithuania offer various prepaid and postpaid plans. Choose a plan that aligns with your requirements for data, voice, and SMS.
  5. SIM Card Registration:
    • Register your SIM card with the chosen telecom operator. This is often mandatory and may involve filling out a registration form and providing identification documents.

Features and Services:

  1. Data Packages:
    • Explore the data packages offered by each operator. Consider factors such as data allowances, validity periods, and the speed of the data connection.
  2. Top-Up Options:
    • Recharge your balance as needed. Top-up cards are available at various locations, including convenience stores, kiosks, and online platforms.
  3. International Roaming:
    • If you plan to travel outside Lithuania, inquire about international roaming options. Check the rates and activation process for roaming services.
  4. Customer Support:
    • Save the customer support contact details for the chosen telecom operator. They can assist you with any issues or inquiries related to your SIM card and services.

Useful Tips:

  1. Network Coverage:
    • Check the coverage maps of different operators to ensure they provide reliable coverage in the areas you plan to visit in Lithuania.
  2. Dual SIM Phones:
    • If you have a dual SIM phone, you might consider trying SIM cards from different operators to compare services or take advantage of the best features each one offers.
  3. Stay Informed:
    • Stay updated on any changes in regulations or services, as these may affect the usage and registration requirements for SIM cards in Lithuania.
  4. Local Recommendations:
    • If possible, ask locals for recommendations on the best SIM card providers in Lithuania. They can provide insights based on their experiences with different operators.

Ežys and Extra (by Telia) Data Packages

1 GB€2.45+NARSYK X1
2 GB€3.55+NARSYK X2
4 GB€5.95+NARSYK X4
8 GB€8.95+NARSYK X8
16 GB€12.95+NARSYK X16

Labas (by Bitė) Data Packages


(Week Plus)

7 days2 GB€1.89



(Stronger Week)

7 days4 GB€2.89





30 days1 GB€2.45



(Month Plus)

30 days2.5 GB€4.99



(Stronger Month)

30 days6 GB€8.99



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