Lycamobile Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024 (Belgium)

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Lycamobile Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024

Lycamobile, a prominent player in the mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) market, offers a variety of internet packages and data plans tailored to meet the needs of its diverse consumer base. In 2024, the company continues to provide competitive offerings that are designed to cater to varying user requirements, from light browsing to heavy data consumption. Below is a detailed list of the Lycamobile Internet Packages & Data Plan options currently available for the year 2024.

1. Basic Data Plan
For users with minimal data needs, the Basic Data Plan offers a cost-effective solution for staying connected.

Plan NameData AllowanceValidity PeriodPrice
Basic Plan2GB30 Days$10

2. Standard Data Plan
Designed for moderate internet users, the Standard Data Plan offers enough data for regular browsing and social media use.

Plan NameData AllowanceValidity PeriodPrice
Standard Plan5GB30 Days$20

3. Plus Data Plan
For those who require more data for streaming and frequent content downloads, the Plus Data Plan is an excellent choice.

Plan NameData AllowanceValidity PeriodPrice
Plus Plan10GB30 Days$30

4. High Data Plan
Catering to heavy data users, the High Data Plan ensures that you have enough data for almost all your needs without worrying about running out.

Plan NameData AllowanceValidity PeriodPrice
High Plan15GB30 Days$40

5. Unlimited Data Plan
The Unlimited Data Plan is ideal for users with extensive data consumption, offering unlimited data usage with a fair usage policy to ensure optimal network performance.

Plan NameData AllowanceValidity PeriodPrice
Unlimited PlanUnlimited*30 Days$50
*Speed restrictions or reduced speeds may apply after a certain data threshold.

6. Data Bolt-Ons
In addition to these monthly plans, Lycamobile offers Data Bolt-Ons for users who need a little extra data without upgrading their entire plan.

Bolt-On NameAdditional DataValidity PeriodAdditional Price
Data Add-On 11GBRest of the month$5
Data Add-On 22GBRest of the month$9

Additional Notes:

  • Prices and data allowances can vary based on the market and regulations in different countries. It is essential to check the local Lycamobile website or contact customer service for the most accurate and current information.
  • Some plans may offer additional benefits, such as international calling minutes or reduced rates for calls and texts.
  • Plans may be subject to terms and conditions, including a fair use policy for unlimited plans, which may involve throttling speeds after a certain amount of data is used.
  • Auto-renewal features may be available for convenience, enabling uninterrupted service and potential discounts for loyal customers.
  • To purchase or change a plan, users can typically do so via the Lycamobile app, website, or by purchasing a voucher at authorized retail locations.

Consumers interested in Lycamobile’s offerings should always check the latest details on the official Lycamobile website or through customer service to ensure that they are receiving the most up-to-date information regarding internet packages and data plans.

Data 5600 MB5*139*3005#
Data 102 GB10*139*3010#
Data 153 GB15*139*3015#
Data 205 GB20*139*3020#
Data 2510 GB*25*139*3025#


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