Mali Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2020


Mali is one of the largest countries of West Africa ranked eighth for its land acquirement and population. It was a royal empire in ancient times that used to rule the present-day country Mali beside the Ghana and Songhai empire. However, it faced the French colonial rule in the 19th century wherein they struggled for the basic rights and freedom regardless of the tough situations they managed to become free from the ruler chain.


In Mali, there are said to be not many internet service providers but obviously, as usual, they will top the lists. Those internet service providers are:

  • Orange Mali
  • Malitel (Sotelma)
  • Telecel by Alpha telecom


Orange Mali has been in this industry for a while and has secured the trust and loyalty of its customers in Mali. Their packages are as follows:

  • 10MB will cost you an exact 200CFA.
  • 50MB will require you an exact 1000CFA
  • For 100MB a person would need an exact 1500CFA
  • 300MB is available at 3000CFA.
  • 500MB will be offered at 4700CFA
  • 1GB is readily available for 7500CFA
  • 2GB costs around a price of 13500CFA


Malitel has different plans and packages as per the need of the consumer. They cover a great number of internet users with their plans. Therefore, let’s have a look at their fixed plans to understand their package structure better which are as follows:


  • For a price of 200CFA, you can get 10MB which can get activated by *222*1111*200#
  • At a price of 500CFA, one can avail 25MB by activation with*222*1111*500#
  • Paying 1000CFA you will get 55MB by activating it through *222*1111*201#
  • 2000CFA is the amount required to obtain 200MB which can be activated with *222*1111*202#
  • Pay 4700CFA for obtaining 500MB data which can be activated with *222*1111*204#
  • Exact 7500CFA is required to get 1GB data which can be activated by *222*1111*207#
  • 13500CFA is the price expected to obtain 2GB which can be activated with *222*1111*213#
  • Paying a sum of 20000CFA you will get 3GB by activating it through *222*1111*220#
  • At a price of 30000CFA, you can easily avail 5GB by activation with*222*1111*230# for a period of 45 days.
  • A 10GB data package is available at a cost of 50000CFA with the activation *222*1111*250# flat for 45 days.
  • For a rate of 75000CFA, you can get 20GB which can get activated by *222*1111*200# and the available period for this offer is 60 days.


Alpha telecom has a subsidiary that provides services of the internet to the people of Mali and is popularly known as Telecel. The various offers are:


  • 10MB data package is of 100CFA with activation *550*10#
  • 100MB will cost you 400CFA with the activation *550*100#
  • Get 1GB today at 2500CFA with activation *550*1000#
  • 5GB is provided at 9000CFA with activation *550*5000#

No matter how effective and desired packages are available but only 2-3% of the population uses internet services as of now. According to the statistics, this number will take a lot of time to hike, let’s see.

Orange Mali Data Packages

10 MB200 CFA
50 MB1000 CFA
100 MB1500 CFA
300 MB3000 CFA
500 MB4700 CFA
1 GB7500 CFA
2 GB13500 CFA

Malitel (SOTELMA) Data Packages

10 MB30 days200 CFA*222*1111*200#
25 MB30 days500 CFA*222*1111*500#
55 MB30 days1000 CFA*222*1111*201#
200 MB30 days2000 CFA*222*1111*202#
500 MB30 days4700 CFA*222*1111*204#
1 GB30 days7500 CFA*222*1111*207#
2 GB30 days13 500 CFA*222*1111*213#
3 GB30 days20 000 CFA*222*1111*220#
5 GB45 days30 000 CFA*222*1111*230#
10 GB45 days50 000 CFA*222*1111*250#
20 GB60 days75 000 CFA*222*1111*275#

Telecel (by Alpha Telecom) Data Packages

10 MB30 days100 CFA*550*10#
100 MB30 days400 CFA*550*100#
1 GB30 days2500 CFA*550*1000#
5 GB60 days9000 CFA*550*5000#
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