Mauritius Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024

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The Internet facilities in the Republic of Mauritius

 Mauritius is one of the most beautiful islands and it is called an island nation. It is actually in the continent of Africa. Though it is a small island, it is 12,65,985, so the users of the internet are slowly increased by so many internet facilities for the people. As per the record of 2016, the actual users of the internet are 5, 43,048 so 53.2 % of people are used internet. The people are always looking for better plans and speed of data while accessing it at all.

Orange Mauritius or my.t Mauritius internet packages

This Orange Mauritius company offers internet services with some wonderful data offers and also the SMS services to the people. The offers are:

  • 24 Hours packages: In this package, people can get 50 MB plus 30 SMS of data will be by 10 MUR for 24Hours.
  • Weekly packages: 300 MB of data with 200 SMS offers will be available by 49 MUR for seven days of validity. The second offer is by 99 MUR people can get 800 MB of data with 400 SMS free for the same seven days.
  • Monthly packages or 30 days packages: in this monthly package people can acquire 2 GB to 50 GB of the internet with 500 SMS free for complete one month or 30 days. The first offer is 2 GB of data with 500 SMS by 299 MUR, the second offer is by 499 MUR people can get 5 GB of the internet with same 500 free SMS, the next offer is 10 GB of data will be available by 999 MUR for one month same SMS pack, the fourth offer is by 1999 MUR people gets 20 GB of data with SMS pack for 30 days, and the final offer of this company is 2999 MUR for 50 GB of internet for a month with SMS pack.

Chili company’s internet packages (presented by MTML):

In this company, people can acquire some extra data for night time too. The offers are differing to days, nights, weeks, and a month (30 days). The offers are:

  • Day packages: In this package, people can get 40 MB to 1 GB of data with some extra SMS. They are 40 MB of data by 6 MUR with extra 20 SMS with one-day validity. The second offer is by 44 MUR people can get 1 GB of internet for the same one-day validity. There is only a one-night time offer between 10 pm to 7 am with unlimited data for 56.4 MUR.
  • Weekly packages: In this package, people can get 400 MB of data with 50 SMS extra by 45 MUR for seven days. The second offer is by 517.5 MUR for unlimited data but with FUP: 5 GB (Fair Usage Policy) that too for the 7 days.
  • Monthly packages: People get 1.25 GB to 10 GB of the internet from this offer. The first one is 225 MUR for 1.25 GB of data with an extra 125 SMS for 30 days. The second one is 2.5 GB of the internet which will be by 425 MUR with 250 SMS free for thirty days. The next offer is 800 MUR for 500 free SMS and 5 GB of data for a month. The final one is by 1400 MUR people get 10 GB of internet for the same thirty days of validity.

my.t (by Mauritius Telecom, formerly Orange) Data Packages

Orange Mauritius Telecom, Communicating Through Lives

Mauritius telecom is a small telecommunication company situated in Port Louis, Mauritius. The company is known to have a client base of around 300,000 people, with 800,000 plus mobile customers and 100,000 internet customers. Despite its small size and company, it has been able to come a long way in providing internet services and mobile services to its customers.


It was founded way back in 1992, by a person named Sherry Singh. This was through its previous connections with oversea telecommunication services and Mauritius telecommunication services. It has been able to come a long way in providing communication services. In 2006, they had launched a dial internet access service through which they took customer care to a second level. Through telephone dial for internet complaints to now, it has rebranded itself as a communication provider.


In the present times, they have been able to establish cellular networks for prepaid and postpaid services, which they like to call orange prepay and orange postpay.  Orange Mauritius has also introduced free unlimited access to Facebook for the first 800,000 subscribers. They also have their own fiber-optic broadband. Till 2017 it provided the best of its services in all kinds of fields.

However, in 2017 its 10-year agreement came to an end and with no backbone to support the network had to shut down. However, Orange Mauritius has provided with an enumerable amount of data and services that have helped in connecting people from one place to another.

Price (incl. VAT)DataSMSPeriodActivation
10 MUR50 MB3024 hoursbuy internetday
49 MUR300 MB2007 daysbuy internetweek1
99 MUR800 MB400buy internetweek
299 MUR2 GB50030 daysbuy internetmonth
499 MUR5 GB500buy 5gb
999 MUR10 GB500buy 10gb
1999 MUR20 GB500buy 20gb
2999 MUR50 GB500buy 50gb

Emtel Data Packages

All About Emtel Mauritius

Emtel Mauritius is one of the most grown telecommunication companies. Established in 1989, this company has never stopped growing since then. Embracing every new development and trend, it has spread its wings, making space in everyone’s heart. Present in Ebene City, Mauritius it is the first mobile telephone operating company.

History of Emtel

  • 29th May 1989 Emtel was the first mobile telephone company in the Southern Hemisphere in Mauritius. By 1995 it opened its first GSM network in New Delhi, India.
  • From 1996 to 2000, it started its international calling, prepaid sim cards, SMS services, mobile emails, and conferencing.
  • In the next decade, it brought in MMS services, Internet facilities, WIMAX technology, and postpaid sim cards. On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, Emtel Mauritius started its underground optical fiber project.
  • In the coming years, it started its 4G-LTE services and also came up with the slogan “Emtel – You First” that claimed customers to be above any other thing. It further introduced cloud technology and Facebook and Whatsapp for pre and postpaid mobile networks.

Business to Brand

Once a business, it has further grown to become a brand. A brand is something that the customer makes out of love for a particular business. Providing various services like 24 x 7 customers cares, high technological advancement, and affordable long-distance communication, the telecommunication company Emtel Mauritius has become a brand. It has helped people connect all over the world and will always continue to provide its services.

10 MUR55 MB55 SMS1 daySub Daily
15 MUR50 MBnight: 50 MBSub Plat50MB
19 MUR300 MB Sub UL Day
51 MUR1 GB Sub UL Daily
49 MUR325 MB325 SMS7 daysSub Weekly
65 MUR250 MBnight: 250 MBSub Plat250MB
99 MUR1 GB500 SMSSub Weekly1GB
165 MUR750 MBnight: 750 MBSub Plat750MB
249 MUR1 GB 30 daysSub 1GB
299 MUR2.5 GB Sub UL
319 MUR300 MB/day Sub ULMON
335 MUR1 GBnight: 1 GBSub Plat1GB
449 MUR5 GB Sub 5GB
535 MUR2 GBnight: 2 GBSub Plat2GB
649 MUR8 GB Sub 8GB
735 MUR3 GBnight: 3 GBSub Plat3GB
949 MUR50 GB SUB 50GB

Chili (by MTML) Data Packages

6 MUR40 MB20 SMS1 dayact daily
44 MUR1 GB 1 dayact daily1gb
56.4 MURunlimited 1 night:


act data1n
45 MUR400 MB50 SMS7 daysact weekly
517.5 MUR“unlimited”


 act data7d
225 MUR1.25 GB125 SMS30 daysact 1gb
425 MUR2.5 GB250 SMSact 2gb
800 MUR5 GB500 SMSact 5gb
1400 MUR10 GB act 10gb


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