Micronesia Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024

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A Complete Guide to Travellers SIM Cards in Micronesia

Traveling to Micronesia offers a unique opportunity to experience a blend of untouched beaches, rich cultural heritage, and breathtaking underwater life. Staying connected while exploring this Pacific paradise is essential for most travelers. Here’s a comprehensive guide on traveler’s SIM cards in Micronesia to ensure you have reliable communication during your visit.

  1. Understanding the Local Telecommunications Landscape
    Micronesia’s telecommunications infrastructure may not be as developed as in other countries, but there are service providers that cater to travelers’ needs. FSM Telecom is the primary provider in the Federated States of Micronesia.
  2. Where to Purchase a SIM Card
    • Upon Arrival: SIM cards can often be purchased at international airports or at local shops in major cities.
    • Local Stores: Various retail outlets scattered across Micronesia’s islands sell SIM cards. Look for authorized telecom shops or ask locals for guidance.
    • Online: Some travelers opt to order a SIM card online prior to their trip which can be delivered to their home or picked up upon arrival.
  3. Types of SIM Cards Available
    Depending on your specific needs, there are usually a few types of SIM cards offered:
    • Data-only SIMs: Best for travelers who rely on internet-based communication apps.
    • Voice and Data SIMs: Ideal for travelers needing a mix of internet access and traditional calling.
    • Prepaid SIMs: These SIMs come with a set amount of credit that can be topped up as needed.
  4. Cost of SIM Cards in Micronesia
    • Prices for SIM cards and associated plans vary depending on the amount of data and calling time. Expect to pay anywhere from $10 to $50 USD based on the package and provider.
  5. Required Documentation
    Most countries require some form of identification when purchasing a SIM card. In Micronesia, be prepared to show your passport as part of the purchasing process.
  6. Coverage and Connectivity
    • Coverage can be limited on the smaller or more remote islands. Generally, population centers and tourist areas will have better connectivity.
    • It’s advisable to inquire about the specific coverage areas for your chosen SIM card to ensure it meets your travel itinerary.
  7. Top-up Options
    You can top up your SIM card:
    • Online: Through the provider’s website using a credit/debit card.
    • Retail Outlets: Top-up vouchers can be purchased at designated stores.
    • ATMs: Some ATMs offer the option to top up your mobile credit.
  8. International Calling and Roaming
    While local SIM cards provide the best rates for domestic use, keep in mind the costs and availability of international calling or roaming services which might be necessary for some travelers.
  9. Local Customer Service and Support
    Ensure you have access to customer service numbers or know where the provider’s local shop is in case you need assistance with your SIM card or services.
  10. Internet Alternatives
    Despite purchasing a local SIM card, it’s worth noting that many hotels and cafes offer Wi-Fi. This can be a cost-effective way to stay connected without using your data.
  11. Emergency Services
    Save important local emergency numbers and understand how to access necessary services should an unexpected situation arise during your trip.
  12. Cultural Considerations
    When purchasing and using SIM cards, remember to respect local customs and etiquette around phone usage, especially in more traditional communities within Micronesia.

By considering these essential points when choosing a traveler’s SIM card in Micronesia, you can enjoy a seamless and connected experience as you journey through this captivating region. Always ensure to plan ahead of time and keep abreast of any potential changes in telecommunications offerings or regulations.

FSM Telecom Data Packages

PriceValidityDataVoice and SMSActivation
US$ 51 day (until 3:50am)100 MB30 mins + unlim. SMS*438*1#
US$ 3030 days2 GB60 mins + unlim. SMS*438*2#
US$ 5030 days5 GB120 mins + unlim. SMS*438*3#
US$ 21 day (until 3:50am)‘unlimited’*438*4#
US$ 95 days‘unlimited’*438*5#



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