What Is A VoIP Number Used For And Why Would Someone Have A Mobile And Landline VoIP Number (Analyzed & Explained!)

A VoIP number is a special kind of phone number that can link the internet to your calls, unlike normal phone calls. They are just like the usual phone numbers that you have but they are used to do far better things than the normal number you have. VoIP numbers in business places are installed on landlines most times. A mobile number is not a VoIP number, someone who owns a business can have a personal mobile line, and his or her business VoIP number.

The first time the world heard about VoIP technology, they knew that somehow this modern technology was here to change the world for the better, no one knew that they would take it this far. They have done everything right, they have made communications easier through the internet. Nowadays, businesses use apps like skype and Zoom to hold business meetings because it is way easier and can easily get across to anyone in any part of the world. 

Today, some people manage a company and don’t even live in the same state where the company is, they have VoIP communication technology that gets them the information as fast as possible. Through VoIP, so many businesses have grown to their full potential and have managed to achieve greatness because now it isn’t difficult to get across to people 50000 miles away from you. 

Uses Of VoIP Numbers In Businesses 

1. Get To Use So Many Platforms To Your Advantage

There are so many methods to use when putting in the VoIP technology in your business place, every one of these methods has a way of being beneficial. It gives you so much power over communication that you no longer need to manage your communications. 

2. It Helps For Easier Communication Within The Office

In as much as VoIP is majorly used for communicating outside your office, it can also be used to communicate with people inside the office. It gives you what you need to reach out to any one of your staff. This system is so flexible that it can be fixed into any form of the communication system. It works in such a way that you don’t even need to wait until your team member replies to your email, the whole office is equipped with the technology. 

3. Helps To Enhance Your Client Service

Sometimes, clients talk about how your communication system is weak and isn’t up to a certain standard. This is because your company has several phone numbers which you find it hard to maintain or manage. Well, VoIP can stop all of this. The technology can provide a commercial phone that would give you the best communication with your clients and get the best experience. These commercial phones have a particular IP registered to them. 

4. Reach Out To People Internationally

As we see today, many companies are able to have branches anywhere in the world that they see fit. This is happening because of the introduction of VoIP. Back in the day, businesses couldn’t afford to keep up with this kind of project because they were mostly too expensive and difficult to manage. Well, things have changed. VoIP has introduced a new kind of system that doesn’t warrant you to spend too much on communications. It is so much less stressful than it used to be when opening up a new international branch. 

Firms That Need VoIP Numbers

Individuals don’t need this modern system of communication as much as small and large-scale businesses need them. Firstly, VoIP as we said before is very flexible, what this implies is that one VoIP number doesn’t have to be used by one particular device. When calling a VoIP number, it can ring on several devices in different locations because it can also be used in diverse locations. So in essence, the VoIP numbers are needed mostly by companies because they need numbers that can be used across diverse locations and diverse devices. 

A Table Showing Where VoIP Numbers Are Used Most And How It Helps Them 

FirmsHow They Are Used
Small businesses VoIP numbers are used in most small businesses because most times when your business is growing, you would need to make sure that when clients communicate with you, they get the best service. Also, it is good to receive calls from anywhere at an affordable price 
Big FirmsMost of these big firms have a control panel where the VoIP technology is connected for the staff to make sure that they can communicate with each other and also receive calls from outside.
Call CentersThis is a business that uses different numbers to reach out at a very expensive rate, they might find out that VoIP is good for them because just one number would do the trick at a minimal expense rate.

Will A VoIP Phone Work On A Landline?

Yes, in fact, this is very simple. Both systems are known to work differently though, the technology that is used to connect both of them is a very high-grade kind of technology. It is like this because you can enjoy using the landline while still enjoying the VoIP features.

Why Do People Have A VoIP Number?

People use this number for businesses because it helps remove the possibility of a missed call from a customer and also it reduces the chance of call transfers. It is done by its ability to share one number to several devices. 

Am I Allowed To Plug My VoIP Phone To My Router?

Most VoIP phones have the option of giving you Ethernet access, with this, another device can be connected to your phone and so your router only uses one port for connection.


The VoIP system can help your company in so many ways, we have just listed a few. This number has become such a useful branch of this technology that has exposed it to the world at large. 

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