MTN Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024 (Afghanistan)

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MTN: A Strong Internet Provider

MTN is a South African multinational telecom company. MTN has a collaboration with Bharti Airtel and Reliance Communications. MTN provides a variety and several business services majorly in South Africa, such as Verizon and also international career services. It is one of the most admired African brands. It was one of the most valuable brands in as per brands in 2014. They provide competitive call rates and per-second billing. Connect with teleconferencing and video calling. They offer data services to let users be connected to their network and business tools. They provide data at less rates and also internet calls. They allow people to collaborate over the web.


MTN is one of the leading brands that provide a major number of services, such as:

  • Small and medium based enterprises
  • Enterprise
  • Public sector services

Some of the services that MTN provides include providing internet facilities at lower rates so that people can stay connected all over the world. They strengthen capacity with the fully managed virtual private network. Expand internet networks, work on their speeding of the internet, and optimize network issues from time to time. MTN also has the cloud services of their own. MTN radically cuts their cost of data services on information technology, their software, and even licensing. They work on the optimization of network and access to business tools. They provide a significant internet network that helps business and enterprises to stay connected with each other. They work on the objective of security as security is the integrity of one’s business information.

MTN Internet Packages (Updated)

Bundle NameQuotaPriceValidityActivation
Hourly Unlimited Data BundleUnlimited15 AFNOne hour*344*61#
Bundle NameQuotaPriceValidityActivationDe-ActivationData Balance & Validity Inquiry
Daily 85MB85 MB15 AFN24 Hours*344*12#*344*8#*344*7#
Bundle NameQuotaPriceValidityActivationDe-ActivationData Balance & Validity Inquiry
Weekly 425MB425 MB89 AFN7 Days*344*22#*344*8#*344*7#
Bundle NameQuotaPriceValidityActivationDe-ActivationData Balance & Validity Inquiry
Monthly 870MB870 MB299 AFN30 Days*344*30#*344*8#*344*7#
Monthly 2.1GB2.1 GB399 AFN30 Days*344*31#*344*8#*344*7#
Monthly 3.4GB + 500MB Facebook4 GB499 AFN30 Days*344*32#*344*8#*344*7#
Monthly 6.8GB + 500MB Facebook + 150 MTN Minutes/SMS7.3 GB + 150 MOU/SMS725 AFN30 Days*344*35#*344*8#*344*7#
Monthly 12.7GB12.7 GB1399 AFN30 Days*344*34#*344*8#*344*7#
Night Surfer
Bundle NameQuotaPriceValidityActivationDe-ActivationData Balance & Validity Inquiry
Nightly 870MB870MB25 AFN1 Night*344*41#*344*8#*344*7#
Nightly 8.4GB8.4GB175 AFN30 Nights*344*42#*344*8#*344*7#
Bundle NameQuotaPriceValidityActivationDe-ActivationData Balance & Validity Inquiry
Daily Ejtemae 50 MB50 MB5 AFN24 Hours*344*511#*344*8#*344*7#
Weekly Ejtemae 148 MB148 MB18 AFN7 Days*344*512#*344*8#*344*7#
Monthly Ejtemae 460 MB460 MB50 AFN30 Days*344*513#*344*8#*344*7#
Free Data and Voice
Bundle NamePriceValidityActivationDe-ActivationON-NET, OFF-NET & Int.DATA
Combo-135030 Days*344*91#*344*8#350 AFN1GB
Combo-260030 Days*344*92#*344*8#600 AFN2.5GB
Combo-385030 Days*344*93#*344*8#850 AFN4.5GB

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  1. I personally use MTN internet but recently i am seeking for another network which will be chief and adequate. MTN will lose customers if they keep high rates of services

  2. MTN provides cheaper internet packages than other companies i Afghanistan. Parsonally I am satisfied.


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