Namibia Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024

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How to Get a Namibia SIM Card

  1. Check Your Phone’s Compatibility:
    • Before leaving for Namibia, ensure your phone is unlocked and can operate on the frequencies used in the country. Namibia generally uses GSM 900/1800 for 2G and UMTS 2100 for 3G services.
  2. Choose the Right Service Provider:
    • Investigate the two main service providers in Namibia, MTC (Mobile Telecommunications Ltd) and TN Mobile (Telecom Namibia). Each provider offers different packages, coverage, and services that may suit your requirements.
  3. Purchase Upon Arrival:
    • SIM cards can usually be obtained upon arrival at Windhoek’s Hosea Kutako International Airport or at various outlets, including supermarkets, gas stations, and dedicated telecom shops in major towns and cities.
  4. Provide Necessary Documentation:
    • Be prepared to present your passport when purchasing a SIM card. The retailer will make a copy for registration purposes, aligning with local regulations.
  5. Select a Suitable Plan:
    • Different plans are available catering to various needs—such as those prioritizing data, local or international calls, or a mix. Select a plan based on your anticipated usage during your stay in Namibia.
  6. Register the SIM Card:
    • Registration is mandatory. The retailer will assist with the process which involves providing personal details to meet regulatory requirements.
  7. Activation and Top-Up:
    • Once registered, the SIM card will be activated. Additionally, credit can then be topped up through vouchers available at numerous retail locations or by using electronic means such as mobile apps.
  8. Test the Service:
    • Before leaving the store, make a call or use data services to ensure that everything is working correctly.
  9. Set Up Data Services:
    • Configure your phone with the service provider’s data settings. Assistance with this can typically be found at the point of purchase or on the provider’s website.
  10. Customer Support and Services:
    • For any issues or questions, both MTC and TN Mobile offer customer support through various channels including phone help lines, physical stores, and online.
  11. Keep an Eye on Usage:
    • Track your usage to avoid unexpected charges. Most service providers offer ways to monitor usage through USSD codes, SMS, or mobile apps.
  12. Understand the Terms and Conditions:
    • Review any terms and conditions associated with your SIM card or chosen plan to avoid any misunderstanding regarding the services provided.
  13. Plan for Additional Coverage:
    • If you plan to travel to remote areas, consider purchasing a prepaid SIM with wider coverage or satellite services to ensure connectivity.
  14. Be Aware of Expiry Policies:
    • Understand the validity period of your SIM card and credit to ensure continuous service during your stay.

Service Providers Comparison:

FeaturesMTCTN Mobile
Data PlansVariousVarious
Call & SMS RatesCompetitiveCompetitive
International RoamingAvailableAvailable
Customer SupportComprehensiveComprehensive
Retail OutletsWidespreadWidespread

Important Tips:

  • Keep your SIM card package and documentation in case you need to reference any information or contacts.
  • Save important USSD codes in your phone for a quick check of balances or to buy data bundles.

Creating a table with this information provides a clear and concise comparison between the service providers and their features, which can assist travelers in making a more informed decision when acquiring a SIM card in Namibia.

MTC Data Packages

Data VolumePrice
40 MBN$ 13
80 MBN$ 20
400 MBN$ 85
800 MBN$ 139
1.5 GBN$ 235
3 GBN$ 353
15 GBN$ 1069

Telecom Namiba (TN mobile, formerly LEO, Cell One) Data Packages

Data VolumePriceActivation
20 MBN$ 5*130*20#
40 MBN$ 10*130*40#
60 MBN$ 15*130*60#
100 MBN$ 23*130*100#
300 MBN$ 35*130*300#
600 MBN$ 99*130*600#
1 GBN$ 139*130*1000#
2 GBN$ 199*130*2000#
5 GBN$ 399*130*5000#
10 GBN$ 849*130*10000#
20 GBN$ 1049*130*20000#
40 GBN$ 1599*130*40000#
50 GBN$ 1999*130*50000#
100 GBN$ 3299*130*100000#

Paratus Telecom Data Packages

1 GB: N$ 15
5 GB: N$ 75
10 GB: N$ 150
20 GB: N$ 300
30 GB: M$ 450
40 GB: N$ 600
50 GB: N$ 750


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