Nicaragua Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024

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History of Nicaragua

Nicaragua is one of the largest central American republics. With its unmatched natural beauty and cultural diversity spread across the country, it is indeed a place to be at least once in your lifetime.

There are three main companies providing internet services in Nicaragua namely

  • Claro
  • Movistar
  • CooTel

1.Claro Data Packages

  • 1 Day data package

100MB data is available at a price of C$20

  • 2 days data packages

The customers get 150MB data @C$30

  • 3 days data packages

The company offers 300MB data at a price of C$50

  • 5 days data packages

Spending C$80 gets the customer privilege to use 500MB data

  • 7 days of data packages

750 MB data can be bought at C$110

1GB data can be purchased at C$130

  • 15 days data packages

The customer is entitled to utilize 1.5GB data at a price of C$230

2.Movistar Data Packages

  • 1-day data packages

Get 75MB data and 100MB data at a price of C$15 & C$ 20 respectively with activation codes NAV75 and NAV100

  • 2 days data packages

150MB is what you get at a price of C$30 and that can be easily activated by activation code NAV150

  • 4 Days data packages

Pay an amount of C$50 and get 300MB with activation code NAV309

  • 7 days packages

700MB is what you get when you pay C$ 110 and can be activated by code NAV700

  • 15 days packages

Pay C$ 250 and get 1.5GB data and the activation code required is GB

  • 30 days packages

To get 2.5GB data you need to pay C$ 509 and activation code required is GB2

  1. Corel data packages
  • 7 days packages

You get a data of 509MB and the price you pay is the US $1 and activation code needed is navega512

  • 30 days packages

For 1GB 2 GB and 5GB data you need to pay US$2, US$3.5 and US$8 respectively and activation codes are navega1, navega2, navega5

For 8GB and 10 GB data the amount that you are supposed to pay are the US $10 and the US $11.50 respectively and activation codes are navega8 & navega10

There is also an unlimited data plan for the US $20 and the activation code needs are ojon588.

However, the number of internet users is rising day by day, since technology is growing up in Nicaragua. It is expected that the number of users can grow more rapidly than ever in the future.

Claro Data Packages

Validity Data Price
1 day 100 MB C$ 20
2 days 150 MB C$ 30
3 days 300 MB C$ 50
5 days 500 MB C$ 80
7 days 750 MB C$ 110
1 GB C$ 130
15 days 1.5 GB C$ 230

Movistar (soon: Tigo) Data Packages

Validity Data Price Extras Activation
1 day 75 MB C$ 15 WA NAV75
100 MB C$ 20 WA NAV100
2 days 150 MB C$ 30 WA NAV150
4 days 300 MB C$ 50 WA, FB, SC NAV300
7 days 700 MB C$ 110 WA, FB, SC NAV700
15 days 1.5 GB C$ 250 WA, FB, SC GB
30 days 2.5 GB C$ 500 WA, FB, SC GB2

CooTel Data Packages

Data Time Price Activation
512 MB 7 days US$ 1 navega512
1 GB 30 days US$ 2 navega1
2 GB US$ 3.50 navega2
5 GB US$ 8 navega5
8 GB US$ 10 navega8
10 GB US$ 11.50 navega10
15 GB US$ 14 navega15
unlimited US$ 20 ojon588

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