How Do I Make The Number On My Phone Restricted When I Call Others When I Have An Android And Verizon Service? (Detailed Information!) 

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To make your phone number restricted when you call others when you have an Android and Verizon service, you can dial *67 before the phone number you want to call. This will hide your phone number from the caller ID of the person you are calling.

What’s the Deal With Restricted Calls?

Restricted calls refer to instances where the caller intentionally hides their phone number from the recipient’s caller ID display. Here are details in points:

  1. Caller ID Blocking:
    • Dialing *67 before the recipient’s number on most carriers, including Verizon, blocks your caller ID for that specific call.
  2. Purpose:
    • People may choose to restrict calls for privacy or security reasons.
  3. Legal and Emergency Services:
    • Emergency services can still trace restricted calls, and in some jurisdictions, certain calls may be exempt from blocking, ensuring accountability.
  4. Carrier Policies:
    • Verify with your carrier (in this case, Verizon) that your plan supports caller ID blocking.
  5. Temporary Privacy:
    • Useful for situations where you want temporary privacy, but it might not be suitable for all calls.
  6. Considerations:
    • Some recipients may not answer calls from restricted numbers due to potential spam or unknown identity concerns.

Restricting Your Outgoing Calls

You can make your outgoing calls show restricted on the other person’s phone. You just have to use the code. Anytime you want to make a call, use *67. Here are the steps. 

1. Navigate to the phone app on your phone

2. Press *67 and then the number that you want to call. Make sure the area code of the number comes first after *67. 

To make your outgoing call restricted is a free service. Verizon offers it to their customers for free. You can use the code anytime you want and there will be no charges. Also, you can have your number restricted permanently. If you call customer service on 800-922- 0204, they would restrict your number permanently. You can also reach them by calling 611. 

Incoming Call Restriction

Incoming Call Restriction

You don’t have anything to do about an incoming call restriction. If your phone rings and all you can see is restricted on the screen then the caller wants to be anonymous. It might also be that the cell phone used by the caller has been set to always be restricted. 

In some cases, people who block their numbers are debt collectors, caretakers, and other people in that category. They restrict their numbers so their debtor doesn’t know it is them and doesn’t about the call. However, if you have a problem with picking up a restricted call then just let it go to voicemail. Sometimes the caller might leave a message and identify themselves. Also, the caller might decide not to.

What Is A Restricted Number?

People hide their caller IDs while some others choose to restrict their numbers. A restricted number will display restricted on your phone screen. The display of restricted in your screen indicates that the number is restricted. It just means that the person or institution calling you doesn’t want you to know that they are the ones calling. Most people do it for security reasons. On the other hand, people do it for privacy too. 

Restriction For Security

Restriction for security is mostly done with companies, agencies, and some firms. The number restriction is just to be sure that they are completely secured. They don’t want anybody tracking down their locations with these calls. This category of people stays hidden and doesn’t want to attract any problems for themselves. 

Restricted For Privacy

Some people just like to be private and are not comfortable with certain people having their numbers. Also, sometimes you might be pulling a practical joke on someone. You just hide or restrict your number because you don’t want whoever you are calling to know. 

Issues With Restricted Numbers

Issues With Restricted Numbers

Yes, there are some issues that come with restricting your number. The major issue you might face is that most people don’t pick calls from restricted numbers. It might be someone who you have to talk to. The call isn’t answered because you decided to restrict your number. 

It creates issues for companies because customers can’t call them if they call with restricted numbers. This creates a barrier because customers cannot call them for inquiries. 


Why Do People Restrict Their Numbers To Make Some Calls?

Most times, they do it so that no one outside of their social circle can reach them. When they restrict their numbers, not everyone can call them. You can only call a restricted number if you have had their number before. These people only want to do the calling, they don’t want people to call them. 

Why Do Some Companies Call With Restricted Numbers?

Well, it is for the same reason. They don’t want you calling back. However, your network provider might call with a restricted number to see if you still use the particular number. Also, your bank can do this too. Some companies, however, call with this kind of number because they don’t want you to call back. As soon as you pick the call of the restricted number from your carrier. They immediately confirm that you still use the number. 

Most Times Who Are The People That Call With Restricted Numbers?

Most times, it is a robot voice from your carrier. Also, the person could be someone you are owing. Just know that whoever is on the other side of the call doesn’t want you to know who the caller is. It could be anyone, just be prepared to be surprised when you pick these kinds of calls. 

Can Law Enforcement Track Restricted Numbers?

Yes. You can hide from a civilian and get away with the restricted call thing. However, the police or law enforcement can easily get you even with your restriction. Although this isn’t any normal tracking. They would need warrants because your carrier knows where your location is. They have all the data. 


Your Android devices have the capability of restricting your number. It is very simple and it takes only two steps which are the steps in the restriction for outgoing calls section. Even though the steps are not necessarily particular to android devices. Also, Restricting calls can be nice sometimes but there are disadvantages. Make sure you have a good reason for the restriction. 


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