Oman Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024

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Why Omantel is a Big Name in the Field of World Telecommunication Services

This is the age of information, and no matter where you are located, communication and technology go hand in hand. Telecommunications services such as data communication access and telephony were initially made straightjacket by government agencies, but now privately owned monopolies are coming into play. One such name which shines is of Omantel, particularly known as Oman’s first leading integrated telecommunications service provider.

Founded in 1999, if you search for Omantel, you will be open to its major three service targets

  1. Residential consumers.
  2. Corporate consumers.
  3. Government services.


Having a monopoly in both landline and online markets, Omantel allots residential services, including both national and international calls alongside its active high-speed internet surfing and broadband wireless service. As the Oman government owns half of the total share in the company, it is the primary provider of web connectivity in Oman. 

Omantel has invested heavily in the expansion of the compass network to provide enhanced customer experience with the widest coverage and solid broadband services. Voted as the ‘Most Valuable Brand’ in 2017, Omantel stands second in terms of market value. Some of the defining benefits of the company are –

  1. Digital inclusion.
  2. Responsibility and commitment.
  3. Innovation and sustainable framework.

Thus, it can be known that Omantel leads the service chain in Oman to empower both the macro and micro parts of a business in accordance with public authorities and MNCs to connect them to the rest of the world.

Sultanate of Oman and the top-ranked internet service providers

Oman is a famous Arabic country that is on the coast of the Arabian Peninsula. It is also called as Sultanate of Oman in the official format of all over resources. This great Oman is connected with many other countries’ borders like UAE, Iran, Pakistan, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia. The complete internet users of Oman were 80.17% as per the record of 2017. The level of users has been increasing year by year for sure.

The well-liked internet providers in Oman

  • Omantel (a.k.a. Oman Mobile)
  • Ooredoo (Nawras)
  • Renna Mobile

Omantel data packages:

This company’s data packages are mostly used for three types of consumers such as Corporate, Residential, and Government services and also for macro and micro-businesses of the country. The offers are:

  • ‘Your Way 7’ is the package name, which offers 1 GB data for by 7OMR.
  • For 2 GB they have to pay 10 OMR, this plan is called ‘Your Way 10’.
  • The last offer is ‘Your Way 15’ which offers 4 GB data by 15 OMR.

Ooredoo internet packages:

In the telecommunications of Oman especially the Ooredoo company which provides data for mobiles, wired, wireless, and also for content services in both residential and international services. Their offers are up to the days, they are:

  • One or two days and seven days of packages: In this package, the data of 1 GB is for one day by RO 1, 2 GB for two days by RO 2, and 3GB for seven days by RO 5.
  • Thirty days packages: In this package, the whole offers are for 30 days only, and the offers are 500 MB by RO 3, for 1 GB have to pay RO 5, 3 GB data will be by RO10, for 6 GB internet the cost is RO 17, 10 GB data will be by RO 24 and final offer is 30 GB of the internet by RO 49.

Renna Mobile data packages:

This Renna Mobile Company aims to issue inexpensive internet connectivity to the gadgets of the people, particularly for mobiles. The offers are:

  • One day package: The one and only one day package is for 100 MB people have to pay RO 0.500 by activation of *181*10*5#.
  • One and two weeks data packages: For seven days people may choose 35 MB (RO 0.300) and 100 MB (RO 1), for fourteen days people should take 500 MB data by RO 2 and for fifteen days they can choose 1 GB data by RO 3.
  • One month and night packages: For the upcoming general data, there are some night time data too included with that. Offers are: RO 2 is for 300 MB data for general and 700 MB for night time, RO 2.500 is for 500 MB data for both the general and nighttime data, RO 3 is for 750 MB this also for both times.
  • The next one month packages are a boon to the night users. Because the night time data is higher than the general data. They are: RO 10 is for 1 GB general data and 9 GB nighttime data, RO 12 is for 5 GB of nighttime data, and 3 GB of general data and RO15 for 8 GB of night data and 4 GB of data for general data for 30 days.
PackagePriceDataSoc. Media
Your Way 77 OMR1 GB1 GB
Your Way 1010 OMR2 GB2 GB
Your Way 1515 OMR4 GB4 GB

Ooredoo (formerly Nawras) Data Packages

1 day1 GBRO 1*141*4*24#
2 days2 GBRO 2*141*4*48#
7 days3 GBRO 5*141*4*7#
30 days500 MBRO 3*141*4*500#
30 days1 GBRO 5*141*4*1#
30 days3 GBRO 10*141*4*3#
30 days6 GBRO 17*141*4*6#
30 days10 GBRO 24*141*4*10#
30 days30 GBRO 49*141*4*30#

Shababiah Data Packages

30 days1 GB25 minsRO 3*141*55*22#
30 days2 GB100 minsRO 5*141*55*23#
30 days6 GB200 minsRO 10*141*55*26#

Friendi mobile Data Packages

General DataNight DataPriceActivation
100 MB RO 0.500*320*1#
250 MB RO 1*320*2#
500 MB500 MBRO 2*340*1#
750 MB1 GBRO 3*340*2#
1 GB RO 3*320*3#
1 GB1 GBRO 3.500*340*3#
1.5 GB2 GBRO 5*340*4#
2 GB RO 5*320*4#
3 GB RO 7*320*5#
7 GB RO 13*320*6#

Renna mobile Data Packages

Choose Renna Mobile for Enjoying Budget-Friendly Connectivity

With the most competitive offerings in the world market, Oman has successfully joined with the initiative of The Smart Choice. It is a telecommunications service providing a venture that ensures internet connectivity and telephonic services across the north, south, east and west regions of Oman. But it is essential to note that Oman has a total of four mobile networking platforms, out of which Renna Mobile can provide the most budget-friendly telecommunications outputs.

Known as the first Mobile Re-seller to launch in the Omon Sultanate, Renna Mobile started its journey in May 2009. It is among those top Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) that performs as an outsourcing carrier of Omantel’s superior telecommunications network all across the entire Gulf Cooperation Council region.


The goal of this company is to provide superior communication resources through easy tariff plans and reasonable data handling so that the seamless service can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. Some of the highlights are –

  • They mostly focus on Prepaid plans than post-paid because of the changing dynamics of the market requirements and overall customer needs.
  • Online recharge can be easily done for prepaid phone credit and data in a hassle-free manner across 140 countries.
  • The carrier demands no leverages in terms of unexpected fees and guarantees safe and secure payments.

Thus, if you are in Oman and want to avail inexpensive web connectivity right on your mobile phone, this is the perfect carrier to choose.

General DataNight DataTimePriceActivation
100 MB 1 dayRO 0.500*181*10*5#
35 MB 7 daysRO 0.300*181*10*7#
100 MB100 MB7 daysRO 1*181*10*8#
500 MB 14 daysRO 2*181*222#
1 GB 15 daysRO 3*181*301#
 100 MB30 daysRO 1*181*10*1#
300 MB700 MB30 daysRO 2*181*2000#
500 MB500 MB30 daysRO 2.500*181*10*2#
500 MB1 GB30 daysRO 2.500*181*2500#
750 MB750 MB30 daysRO 3*181*302#
500 MB1.5 GB30 daysRO 3*181*303#
600 MB1 GB30 daysRO 3*181*1600#
750 MB1 GB30 daysRO 4*181*10*10#
1 GB1 GB30 daysRO 5*181*10*6#
3 GB 30 daysRO 9*181*10*31#
2 GB5 GB30 daysRO 10*181*10*32#
1 GB9 GB30 daysRO 10*181*10000#
3 GB5 GB30 daysRO 12*181*12000#
6 GB 30 daysRO 15*181*10*41#
4 GB8 GB30 daysRO 15*181*10*42#

RedBull Mobile Data Packages

Smart: 1.5 GB general data + 1.5 GB social data: RO 6
Bold: 3.5 GB general data + 3.5 GB social data: RO 10
Brave: 6 GB general data + 6 GB social data: RO 15


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