Optus Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024 (Australia)

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Optus Internet Plans – Find the right Optus plan for you 

Optus provides a diverse range of internet plans to cater to individual and family needs. Finding the right plan depends on several factors, including:

1. Connection Type:

  • NBN: Optus offers NBN plans with varying speeds, ranging from basic 25 Mbps to ultra-fast 250 Mbps.
  • Mobile Broadband: Ideal for temporary or flexible situations, offering data allowances and 4G/5G network access.

2. Data Usage:

  • Light Users: Minimal online activity might be satisfied with smaller data allowances (25GB-50GB).
  • Moderate Users: Streaming, downloading, and regular online activity require moderate data allowances (100GB-200GB).
  • Heavy Users: Extensive online gaming, multiple users, and high-definition streaming demand larger data allowances (500GB-Unlimited).

3. Contract Length:

  • Month-to-month: Flexibility with no lock-in period, but may be slightly more expensive.
  • 12-month contract: Lower monthly cost, but a commitment to a specific term.
  • 24-month contract: Often the most affordable option, but requires a longer commitment.

4. Additional Features:

  • Ultra WiFi Modem: Boosts Wi-Fi coverage and supports multiple devices.
  • Standard Netflix Subscription: Included in select plans for streaming entertainment.
  • Optus WiFi Secure: Protects connected devices from online threats.
  • Living Network: Manage online time and usage for family-friendly controls.

Here’s a breakdown of Optus’ NBN plans:

Plan NameSpeedMonthly PriceData AllowanceContract Length
nbn™ Basic25 Mbps$60500GBMonth-to-month
nbn™ Standard50 Mbps$751TBMonth-to-month
nbn™ Fast100 Mbps$902TBMonth-to-month
nbn™ Superfast250 Mbps$125UnlimitedMonth-to-month
Offer VolumePriceValidity (Days)
UNLIMITED DATA+70 plans$7030
UNLIMITED DATA+90 plans $9030
Free wireless broad band + 500 GB Data$8590
200GB Data$6530
75GB Data$5030



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