Orange Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024 (Belgium)

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How to get Dataplan of orange from Belgium

  1. Visit the Official Orange Belgium Website:
    Begin your search for the perfect data plan on the Orange Belgium website ( This platform offers comprehensive details about the available plans, promotions, and services.
  2. Review Available Data Plans:
    Explore the various data plans offered by Orange Belgium. These typically include packages tailored for different user needs, from limited data for casual users to extensive data bundles for heavy streamers and downloaders.
  3. Consider Special Packages and Promotions:
    Keep an eye out for any special deals or promotions. Orange Belgium may offer discounted rates, additional data, or other incentives to new customers or during particular periods.
  4. Check Data Plan Compatibility:
    Ensure that the chosen data plan is compatible with your device and meets your requirements. Some plans are designed only for smartphones, while others may also cater to tablets and mobile hotspots.
  5. Decide on a Prepaid or Postpaid Plan:
    Decide if a prepaid or a postpaid plan aligns with your preferences. Prepaid plans provide flexibility and control over your expenses, while postpaid plans might offer larger data allowances and convenience.
  6. Create or Log in to Your Orange Account:
    If you’re new to Orange Belgium, you’ll need to create an account. Existing customers can log in to their account to review their current plan or make adjustments.
  7. Finalize Your Plan Choice:
    Once you’ve decided on the data plan, confirm your selection and follow the on-screen prompts to proceed with the purchase or plan change.
  8. Provide Necessary Information:
    You may be required to provide personal information, such as your address and identification, to finalize the data plan registration.
  9. Confirm Payment Details:
    Enter your payment information, if necessary, to pay for the data plan. For postpaid plans, bank account details may be required for monthly billing.
  10. Understand the Terms and Conditions:
    Be sure to read and understand the terms and conditions of your data plan, including usage limitations, speed throttling policies, and roaming charges, if any.
  11. Complete the Activation Process:
    Follow any additional instructions provided by Orange Belgium to activate your new data plan. This may include inserting a new SIM card or dialing a specific number.
  12. Set Up Online Account Management:
    Take advantage of Orange Belgium’s online platforms or mobile app to manage your data plan, monitor usage, top up prepaid balances, or change your plan in the future.

Assistance Options:

  • Customer Service:
    For assistance, contact Orange Belgium customer service via phone or through their website’s live chat feature.
  • Visit a Local Orange Store:
    If you prefer in-person interaction, visit an Orange retail store to discuss data plan options with a representative.

Helpful Hints:

  • Always compare data plans to find one that suits your individual needs best.
  • Be aware of the network coverage area to ensure you receive optimal service.
  • Check if the plan auto-renews or if manual renewal is necessary, especially with prepaid plans.
Top-up amountBonuses (valid for 31 days)
(valid for 1 year)Tempo EasyTempo GigaTempo Touch
Default rate€ 0.10 /MB€ 0.50 /MB€ 0.50 /MB
5default ratedefault ratedefault rate
10100 mins or 100 750 MB and 100 MB and
SMS or 100 MB500 SMSunlimited SMS
15150 mins or 150 4 GB and1 GB, 500 MB Facebook,
SMS or 150 MB4000 SMSTwitter, unlimited SMS
20200 mins or 200 5 GB and1.5 GB, 500 MB Facebook, 
SMS or 200 MB5000 SMSTwitter, unlimited SMS
50500 mins or 500 6 GB and3 GB, 500 MB Facebook,
SMS or 500 MB6000 SMSTwitter, unlimited SMS


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