Panama Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2020


The Republic of Panama is a transcontinental country. It is located in South America and Central America. The country is boarded by the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean to the north and south respectively. The mobile coverage in the country operates on 3G as well as 4G LTE.


There are main three internet providers in Panama amongst the many. These three are:

  • Claro
  • Digicel
  • Movistar


Claro has been a major network operator in Panama. The Claro is the major internet service provider in Panama that has rolled out the 4G LTE network connection. The activation deals across all the packages are*123#. The internet packages and their prices are as follows:

  • 200MB charges are B/. 0.99 for 1-day of activation including a 350 MB Whatsapp
  • 4GB stands at B/. 14.99 for 30 days activation with 1GB for Whatsapp
  • The price of unlimited data is B/. 3 for 3 days with unlimited Whatsapp messages
  • The cost of the unlimited data package for 7 days is B/. 5 which has unlimited Whatsapp messages
  • The price of 3GB is B/. 10 with 15 days activation and 50 mins voice call and 50 SMS
  • 4GB for 30 days of activation costs B/. 15 with 150 mins voice call and 75 SMS


Digicel provides 3G and 4G LTE internet data packages. The network coverage is good in the Guna Yala islands. The network provider won the Ookla’s Award in 2018 for the speed test. It was regarded as the fastest network provider in Panama. The data package information is as follows:

  • 225MB charges are B/. 0.99 for 1-day of activation with their code as *111#
  • The price of 400MB is B/. 1.99 for 2 days and the activation code is *111#
  • 600MB charges are B/. 2.99 for 3 days of activation with their code as *111#
  • 1GB with a price of B/. 4.99 with an activation code of *111# for 7 days
  • The price of 1.5GB is B/. 8.99 for 15 days and the activation code is *111#
  • 3GB charges are B/. 14.99 for 30 days of activation with their code as *111#


The Movistar Company is owned by Spanish Telefonica. The network provider has good coverage across the country is the 4th largest network provider. They provide 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE services. The activation code across all the plans are *888#. The data package information is as follows:

  • 250MB charges are B/. 2 for 2 days of activation
  • 350MB across the 2G/3G with a price of B/. 3 of activation for 4 days
  • 175MB across the 4G with a price of B/. 3 of activation for 4 days
  • The price of 750MB is B/. 5 for 7 days
  • 1GB charges are B/. 10 for 15 days of activation

The 5G network will be established in Panama by 2020-21. The increase in technology is expected to hike the internet users by the end of 2025 covering the major areas and people having access to the internet.

+móvil (= más móvil, by Cable & Wireless Panama) Data Packages

650 MB3 daysB/. 2.99
1 GB15 daysB/. 8.99
2 GB30 daysB/. 14.99

Claro Data Packages

1 day200 MB350 MBB/. 0.99
3 days“unlimited”“unlimited”B/. 3
7 days“unlimited”“unlimited”B/. 5
14 days“unlimited”“unlimited”B/. 8.99
30 days4 GB1 GBB/. 14.99

Digicel Data Packages







B/. 57 days“unlimited”1 GB“unlimited”25 mins“unlimited”
B/. 1014 days2.5 GB50 mins
B/. 2028 days5 GB125 mins
B/. 355 GB“unlimited”

Movistar (soon: Tigo) Data Packages

250 MB5 mins52 daysB/. 2
525 MBWhatsApp10 mins104 daysB/. 3
1.1 GBWhatsApp20 mins207 daysB/. 5
1.5 GBWhatsApp40 mins4015 daysB/. 10
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