What Is The Procedure To Cancel Verizon FiOS And Return Equipment? (Explained!)

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To cancel Verizon FiOS and return equipment:

Call Verizon customer service and request to cancel service.
Obtain a return shipping label for your equipment.
Package and ship equipment within 30 days.

Tips To Cancel Verizon FiOS

Verizon FiOS

Canceling a service like Verizon FiOS requires knowledge and understanding of the process. One should follow these tips to ensure a hassle-free experience.

1. Understand the Contract

Before all else, it’s important to understand the obligations in the customer’s contract with Verizon. This will help you avoid any surprising terms, conditions or cancellation fees.

2. Prepare the Necessary Information

For swift cancellation process, keep customer information such as Verizon account number, billing address, and social security number, handy.

3. Call Verizon directly

It’s recommended to call Verizon directly for cancellation at their customer service number, available on their official website. It provides a direct communication link to the department in charge.

4. Be Prepared for the Retention Department

Verizon’s retention department will invariably try to dissuade customers from canceling their service. Preparing for this conversation beforehand can save a lot of time and trouble.

5. Be Firm and Clear

When speaking to customer service, be clear and firm about the decision to cancel. Politeness can help maintain a professional rapport during the interaction.

6. Ask About Any Refunds or Credits

If the cancellation is done mid-billing cycle, the customer might qualify for a refund or credit towards the final bill. It’s necessary to ask about these during the cancellation call.

7. Keep Track of Dates and Times

Having records of when the preferred disconnection date was, the date of calls, and other correspondence can help in case of any discrepancies later.

8. Return Equipment Promptly

As a part of the cancellation process, all Verizon rental equipment such as a router, TV box, etc., should be returned promptly to avoid any extra charges.

9. Ask for a Cancellation Confirmation

It’s crucial to ask for a cancellation confirmation, either by email or written document. This provides evidence that the service has indeed been canceled.

10. Check Final Bill

Monitor the final bill to confirm that there are no incorrect charges and the account is indeed closed.

Understand the ContractUnderstand the obligations
Prepare the Necessary InformationKeep essential customer info handy
Call Verizon directlyDirect interaction for cancellation
Be Prepared for the Retention DepartmentPrepare for attempts to retain the service
Be Firm and ClearKeep the decision firm and clear
Ask About Any Refunds or CreditsAsk about potential refunds
Keep Track of Dates and TimesRecord dates and times to avoid discrepancies
Return Equipment PromptlyAvoid extra charges by returning rental equipment
Ask for a Cancellation ConfirmationConfirmation serves as evidence
Check Final BillMonitor the final bill to ensure correct charges

How to cancel your Verizon Fios service

To cancel your Verizon Fios service, follow these detailed steps:

  1. Contact Verizon: Call Verizon customer service at 1-800-VERIZON (1-800-837-4966) or visit their website to initiate the cancellation process. Be prepared to provide account information.
  2. Discuss Options: Talk to the customer service representative about your reasons for cancellation. They may offer alternatives or address any concerns you have.
  3. Return Equipment: Follow Verizon’s instructions for returning equipment. They typically provide a prepaid shipping label. Return the equipment promptly to avoid unreturned equipment fees.
  4. Settle Outstanding Balances: Ensure all outstanding balances are settled. Verizon may prorate charges, so check your final bill for accuracy.
  5. Confirm Cancellation: After completing the process, confirm the cancellation with Verizon. Keep a record of the cancellation confirmation for your reference.

Always check the terms of your service agreement and be aware of any cancellation fees or contract obligations before proceeding.

Get Past Other Departments And Reach The Retention Department

Firstly, when you call their cancellation number which is 844-837-2262, a chatbot would reply to you first. The chatbot is an automated voice programmed to collect your account and billing information. This part might be frustrating but you have to be patient. The programming isn’t all that perfect. 

After you get past the automated voice, someone would pick up the call from the customer service department. Tell the customer service personnel that you want to cancel your FiOS service. When you tell the representative, he or she would direct you to the retention department. 

This is Verizon’s last straw. The representative from the retention department would try to convince you. They are prepped for these calls so make sure you have made up your mind to cancel. They are trained to negotiate and they would offer you deals just so you can stay. However, the main thing here is to make sure you have your mindset on canceling. If you don’t, then the retention department representative will definitely convince you. 

Have Your Excuse Ready 

Preparation is important here too. The retention representative would ask you the very first question as always. That is, why do you want to cancel this service? Your excuse should not be weak. Give them a firm and suitable answer. 

However, if you stand your ground with your flimsy excuse they will still go through with the cancellation. Although they could easily convince you with your weak excuses. Make sure you have a strong excuse in your mind for them so they cannot counter. 

Like we said before, they are skilled negotiators so they always have something to say back. They would just keep pressuring you to agree to their services once again. You just have to get creative and be a negotiator yourself. 

More importantly, make sure you tell them something that would make them see no reason to persuade you. 

Don’t Be Too Harsh But Be Firm

You have to be friendly when you are on the phone with these representatives. Remember they are only doing their jobs and they are humans too. If what they say gets to you and you change your mind then they are good at their jobs. 

Also, when being nice, remember to be firm and just stand your ground. You might have prepared the best excuse to get out of this thing but to your surprise, you will get confused too. However, these representatives are very pushy and it is annoying. This is just their job description and it has to be followed. 

The only way to get out of this is to not be open to any new deals. Just tell them you are not able to continue with the FiOS service anymore. Keep hammering on that and they would definitely get tired of trying to convince you. 

Confirm Your Cancellation

This step is easy and very important too. It is also one step that is easy to skip. Don’t make the mistake of missing this step. Make sure you confirm the cancellation with the representative before ending the call. It would be frustrating if after the call you still have an active FiOS account. You would have to go over all the steps again. 

When you are done with the call and they have now agreed to cancel your FiOS service. Tell the representative to confirm the cancellation. Also, ask them to tell you if you have to return any equipment. 

Returning Verizon FiOS Equipment

Firstly, not all Verizon stores take FiOS returns so you have to check their website to see the nearest return store. No frontier store can be used for this service. Also, you can easily manage your return by using the information on the shipping label to track it. 

Nevertheless, you can return your Verizon FiOS equipment through the mail. The shipping label is on the box that the equipment came in. It should be noted that you have to pack all the equipment without damage. If there are any damages, you might be fined or above all not get your refund. 

What Verizon Equipment Am I Returning?

You would be given a list of items that have to be returned. For instance, router, set boxes, remote controls, and even cable cards. Make sure you confirm the listed items that you have to return. The gadgets you return to Verizon depend on the kind of plan you were on while using this service. Don’t assume because of someone else’s list of returns. 


The real truth is that the cancellation process is very difficult. Most people back out when they see all they have to do. You need a good excuse to really go through this process. 


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