Roshan Internet Packages & Data Plan Of 2024 (Afghanistan)

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Keep Your Buddies Close With The Help Of Roshan Internet Services

It is particularly important to recollect that the telecommunication cell has a social responsibility to make a positive impact in the active outflowing of information across regions and renegades where several economic factors have crumbled up the phone lines and left a limited telecommunications infrastructure. In the market competition, Roshan Internet has kept up its multi-centric telecom name since there was one Wireless provider in Afghanistan.

roshan internet data packages

Roshan Internet gets its name from its Persian lineage meaning “light,” and that is the particular success it has achieved through expanding its network over areas where there is negligible or limited cellular coverage. Known as the third company in the market to have been granted a 3G license, Roshan is one of the largest investors with a telecommunication infrastructure of around $630 million. 


With its availing capability of surpassing over national, international, and roaming text messaging services, Roshan has advanced Afghanistan’s telecommunications growth, supported by the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development. Some of the highlights are –

1. It has a SIM card designed to target the mass market alongside offering an incoming bonus on all calls.

2. It has an enabled GPRS edge that allows for wireless internet browsing over different platforms.

Thus, it can be concluded that with the availability of data bundles fixed on tenure terms, Roshan has made life easier for Aali and Yaaran customers by managing cultural spaces with a vision of improving urban connectivity.

The Famous Multi-centric Telecom And Wireless Internet Provider In Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a great country in the popular continent, Asia. In Afghanistan people have been using the internet in every place like houses, offices, game centers, theatres, schools/colleges, and personal uses of gadgets like tab, mobile, and computers. As per the record of 2019, nearly 6,538,124 people have been using the internet service in their daily life, While comparing to 2000 which was the year of initiation of the internet in Afghanistan.

Roshan Internet Service Provider In Afghan

This Roshan Internet service is a company for wireless data providers to the Afghan people. Their service and offers will be from 24 hours to one solid month and also added some offers for Facebook.

The Hour/ Daily Data Packages:

1. The first offer of this Roshan internet service is an hour offer which gives unlimited data service by 10AFN.

2. The second offer is affordable by 30AFN for 200 MB data for 24 hours.

Weekly Internet Packages:

1. The first internet pack of this weekly package is for 512 MB of data for complete one week by 75AFN.

2. The next data offer is for the weekend (Thursday/ Friday) which offers 300 MB of normal data and an extra 50 MB of data for Facebook by 45AFN.

Monthly Data Packages:

In this monthly package, most of the pack is accompanied by a few data for social media like Facebook. The offers are:

1. The first offer from the monthly data package is 1 GB of main data plus 200 MB is free for Facebook. This will be available by 250AFN, to activate this offer people should message 555 by ‘M1’.

2. The next offer is to complete 2 GB of data which is also for complete one month by 350AFN. This could be activated by sending SMS to 555 as ‘M2’.

3. The third offer is an interesting one with extra data for Facebook. The main data is 3 GB and the extra data of 300 MB is for Facebook, for this offer user should pay 450AFN by sending SMS as ‘M3’.

4. The next monthly package is for 5 GB of main data with 500 MB data is for Facebook, this offer will be accessible after the users send a message as ‘M4’ and paying 600AFN.

5. The last offer of this monthly package is 7 GB of main data and the extra 700 MB of data will be added for Facebook which was actually by 800AFN and the activation code is ‘M7’ to 555.

The Mega Data packages:

In this Mega data offers, there is only the main data and no extra data for any other services like Facebook. Offers are:

1. ‘M10’ is the code to activate the plan to 555 for 10 GB of data only by 1099AFN for complete one month.

2. The second offer is also for one month, the activation code is ‘M15’ to 555 for 15 GB of data by the amount of 1499 only.

3. The last and best offer of this mega data package is 30 GB of data only by 1500AFN and also by activating the code of ’30 GB’ to 555.

Roshan Internet Data Bundles

 BundlesDataPrice (Afs)How To Activate
SMS below code to 555
How To Deactivate
SMS below code to 555
HourlyUnlimited10 1Hr N/A 
Daily200 MB30D200UD200
Weekly 512 MB75W512UW512
Week end (Thursday / Friday)300 MB + 50 MB Facebook45W45 to 555UW45 to 555
Monthly1 GB + 200 MB Free Facebook250M1UM1
Monthly3 GB + 300 MB Free Facebook450M3UM3
Monthly5 GB + 500 MB Free Facebook600M5UM5
Monthly7 GB + 700 MB free Facebook800M7UM7
Monthly10 GB1099M10 UM10
Monthly15 GB1499M15UM15
Monthly*30 GB150030GBU30GB

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