Russia Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2021

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SIM Cards (or eSIM) with Coverage in Russia and Internet access

Traveling to Russia necessitates reliable communication and internet access. Whether you are there for business, tourism, or as an expatriate, staying connected is crucial. Traditional SIM cards and the newer eSIM technology offer various options. This listicle provides a snapshot of some of the most viable SIM card solutions for those needing coverage in Russia.

  1. Beeline Russia
    • One of Russia’s largest operators, Beeline offers extensive coverage across the country.
    • Prepaid SIM cards are available with various internet packages to cater to different needs.
    • Tourist SIMs specifically designed for short stays are often complete with ample data and calling minutes.
  2. MTS (Mobile TeleSystems)
    • MTS boasts a robust network with wide coverage even in remote areas of Russia.
    • Offers a variety of plans, including those tailored for travelers.
    • The carrier provides options for both traditional SIM cards and eSIM for compatible devices.
  3. Megafon
    • Known for having one of the best high-speed internet coverages in urban areas.
    • Travel SIMs are available, which provide a cost-effective way for tourists to use data and voice services.
    • Flexible top-up options are available online and in various retail locations.
  4. Tele2 Russia
    • A budget-friendly option that provides good coverage in major cities and towns.
    • Prepaid SIM cards come with competitive internet packages.
    • It offers Visitor SIMs with different validity periods, suiting short and medium-term visitors.
  5. Yota
    • Yota provides an all-in-online experience with its services catered to digital-savvy users.
    • Focuses primarily on data services, offering generous data packages at high speeds.
    • While there are no physical stores, services can be managed effectively through the Yota app.
  6. TravelSIM
    • Though not a Russian company, TravelSIM can be a viable solution for international travelers.
    • Provides a single SIM that works in many countries, including Russia, with roaming services.
    • Costs may be higher, but it enables seamless transitions for those traveling to multiple countries.
  7. Airalo eSIM
    • Airalo offers eSIMs that work globally, including Russia, for compatible smartphones and devices.
    • Prepaid plans can be purchased and activated instantly without needing a physical SIM card.
    • Adaptable data plans, the service is especially convenient for tech-savvy travelers.
  8. GigSky eSIM
    • Another global provider offering eSIM services which can be activated on compatible devices for use in Russia.
    • Various data plans tailored to the duration of the stay and data requirements.
    • Easy to manage through the GigSky app.

Selecting the Best SIM/eSIM Option

When choosing a SIM card or an eSIM for use in Russia, consider the following factors to ensure a decision best suited to individual connectivity needs:

  • Coverage: Opt for a provider that offers extensive coverage, especially if traveling outside major cities.
  • Data Packages: Evaluate your internet requirements and select an operator that provides appropriate data packages.
  • Cost: Compare the costs of the plans and determine which offers the best value for money for your data and call usage patterns.
  • Device Compatibility: Ensure your device is compatible with eSIM if opting for a digital SIM card. Traditional SIM cards are usually universally compatible with unlocked phones.
  • Convenience: For minimal hassle, look for op

MegaFon (МегаФон) Data Packages


FeeData (month)RemarksActivation
S400 RUB5 GBsmartphones and tablets only,


not valid in modems and routers

M550 RUB12 GBfor all devices*236*3*1#
L900 RUB20 GBFor all devices*236*4*1#
XL1300 RUB30 GBfor modems only


unlimited nightly data (1am-7am)


Tele2 (by Rostelecom)(Теле2, Ростелеком) Data Packages

Internet from Phone (“Интернет с телефона”):


  • 100 MB per day for 7 RUB daily fee
100 MB per day for 7 RUB daily fee


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