Samoa Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024

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A Complete Guide to Travellers SIM Cards in Samoa

Traveling to the idyllic islands of Samoa offers an escape into a world of natural beauty, vibrant culture, and serene landscapes. To stay connected and share these experiences with friends and family, a reliable communication method is essential. Herein lies the importance of obtaining a local SIM card. This listicle provides comprehensive information for travelers seeking SIM cards in Samoa.

1. Understanding the Local Providers

In Samoa, there are two primary mobile network providers to choose from:

  • Digicel Samoa: Known for its wide coverage and range of services, Digicel is a popular choice among travelers.
  • Bluesky Samoa: Competing with Digicel, Bluesky also offers extensive coverage along with various plans and services tailored to locals and visitors alike.

2. Availability and Purchase Points

Upon arrival, travelers can purchase SIM cards from:

  • Faleolo International Airport: Both providers have kiosks at the airport, making it convenient to get a SIM card as soon as you land.
  • Retail Stores: In Apia, the capital city, and other urban areas, numerous retail stores carry SIM cards.
  • Official Carrier Shops: Visit official shops of Digicel and Bluesky located in major towns for SIM cards and personalized service.

3. Documentation Required

  • Valid Passport or Identification: Be prepared to show your passport when purchasing a SIM card due to regulatory requirements.

4. Prepaid SIM Card Options

Both providers offer prepaid plans which can include:

  • Talk Time: For local and international calls.
  • Text Messages: Including local and some international destinations.
  • Data Packages: Ranging from small daily allowances to larger monthly bundles.

5. Cost

  • The initial cost for SIM cards usually ranges from 5 to 20 Samoan Tala (WST), with varying credit options available for top-up.
  • Data packages can vary significantly in price depending on the amount of data and the validity of the plan.

6. Top-Up Facilities

  • Retail Outlets: Spread across the islands, these offer top-up cards or direct credit services.
  • Online: Digicel and Bluesky provide online top-up options via their websites or dedicated apps.
  • ATMs: Some ATMs in Samoa might offer a direct top-up service for SIM cards.

7. Coverage and Connectivity

  • Coverage is generally good in urban areas and around popular tourist spots.
  • Rural and remote regions may have weaker signals, so it is worth checking coverage maps before traveling to these areas.

8. International Roaming

  • If your home mobile provider has a roaming agreement with Samoan providers, compare the costs of international roaming with local SIM card options to identify the most cost-effective solution.

9. Customer Support

Both Digicel and Bluesky provide customer support services which can be accessed through:

  • Phone: Dedicated customer support numbers for assistance.
  • In-store: Direct support during retail hours in official carrier shops.

10. Expiry and Validity

  • SIM cards typically have an expiry date if not used or topped up for a certain period, so it’s important to check the terms when purchasing.
  • Keep an eye on the validity of credit and data packages to ensure continuous service.

How to Get a Samoa SIM Card

Here’s a general guide on how to get a SIM card in Samoa:

  1. Choose a Telecom Provider:
    • Identify the telecom providers in Samoa. As mentioned earlier, SamoaTel is one of the main providers, but there might be others.
  2. Visit a Retail Store:
    • Locate a retail store or an official outlet of the chosen telecom provider. These stores are usually found in major towns or cities.
  3. Bring Identification:
    • In many countries, including Samoa, you may need to present identification to purchase and activate a SIM card. Bring a valid passport or other government-issued ID.
  4. Select a Plan:
    • Choose a prepaid or postpaid plan that suits your needs. Prepaid plans are often a good choice for travelers, as they allow you to control your expenses.
  5. Fill Out Necessary Forms:
    • You may need to fill out some paperwork, providing your personal information and contact details. This is a standard procedure to comply with local regulations.
  6. Receive and Insert Your SIM Card:
    • You’ll receive your SIM card after completing the necessary paperwork and payment. Could you insert it into your unlocked phone?
  7. Activate Your SIM Card:
    • Follow the instructions provided by the telecom provider to activate your SIM card. This may involve making a call, sending a text, or using an online portal.
  8. Top Up Your Credit (for Prepaid Plans):
    • If you opted for a prepaid plan, you’ll need to add credit to your account to make calls, send texts, and use data. Top-up options are usually available at the same retail store where you purchased the SIM card or through various channels such as online platforms, convenience stores, or special top-up vendors.

Digicel Samoa Data Packages

SAT 150 MB1 hour
SAT 240 MB24 hours
SAT 4100 MB24 hours
SAT 19675 MB7 days
SAT 241 GB30 days
SAT 493 GB30 days
SAT 997 GB30 days


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