Sao Tome and Principe Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024

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Where to buy a sim card in Sao Tome

  1. Identify Telecom Providers:
    • Determine the available telecom providers in Sao Tome. CST was a major provider, but there may be others.
  2. Visit a Retail Store:
    • Locate an official store or an authorized retailer of the chosen telecom provider. These stores are typically found in urban areas or major towns.
  3. Bring Identification:
    • In many countries, you are required to provide identification to purchase and activate a SIM card. Bring a valid passport or other government-issued ID.
  4. Select a Plan:
    • Choose a prepaid or postpaid plan that suits your needs. Prepaid plans are often preferred by travelers as they offer flexibility and control over expenses.
  5. Fill Out Necessary Forms:
    • Complete any required paperwork, providing your personal information and contact details. This is a standard procedure for compliance with local regulations.
  6. Receive and Insert Your SIM Card:
    • After completing the necessary paperwork and payment, you will receive your SIM card. Insert it into your unlocked phone.
  7. Activate Your SIM Card:
    • Follow the instructions provided by the telecom provider to activate your SIM card. Activation may involve making a call, sending a text, or using an online portal.
  8. Top Up Your Credit (for Prepaid Plans):
    • If you selected a prepaid plan, you’ll need to add credit to your account to make calls, send texts, and use data. Top-up options are typically available at the store where you purchased the SIM card, as well as through various channels such as online platforms, convenience stores, or special top-up vendors.

Best mobile internet network in Sao Tome

São Tomé and Príncipe, a small island nation in the Gulf of Guinea, has a growing telecommunications market that caters to its population’s need for mobile connectivity. The mobile internet networks in São Tomé are continually expanding and improving their services. Here is a listicle of the best mobile internet networks operating within the local market, each with its unique offerings and coverage capacity:

  1. CST – Companhia Santomense de TelecomunicaçõesCST has been a long-standing provider of telecommunication services in São Tomé and Príncipe. As the incumbent operator, it offers widespread coverage and has been instrumental in laying the foundation for the telecommunication infrastructure across the islands.
    • Coverage: Extensive reach across the country, including remote areas.
    • Services: Offers voice, 3G, and 4G/LTE services.
    • Plans: Variety of data plans for different user needs, from prepaid to postpaid.
    • Customer Service: Robust support with physical stores and online assistance.
  2. Unitel STPUnitel is another primary network provider in São Tomé, delivering competitive mobile internet services. It has invested considerably in expanding its network and improving the quality of service for mobile users.
    • Coverage: Strong presence in urban areas with efforts to expand rural coverage.
    • Services: Provides 3G and evolving 4G/LTE services.
    • Plans: Offers a selection of data packages aiming at affordability.
    • Customer Service: Accessible customer service with various channels for support.

Evaluating the best mobile internet network for individual needs in São Tomé should involve considering factors such as coverage, data speed, cost, customer service, and additional benefits offered by the providers. Consumers are encouraged to verify up-to-date information, as the telecommunications landscape is subject to change with ongoing advancements and regulatory decisions.

CST Data Packages

25 nDb48 hours100 MB0.25 nDb/MB
100 nDb30 days900 MB0.056 nDb/MB
100 nDb30 days


1.8 GB0.333 nDb/MB
200 nDb30 days3 GB0.195 nDb/MB
300 nDb30 days6 GB0.146 nDb/MB

Unitel STP Data Packages

20,000 STD30 MB90 MB1 day*121*30#NET 30
50,000 STD100 MB300 MB15 days*121*100#NET 100
100,000 STD300 MB900 MB30 days*121*300#NET 300
200,000 STD1 GB3 GB30 days*121*1000#NET 1000
300,000 STD2 GB6 GB30 days*121*2000#NET 2000
600,000 STD5 GB15 GB30 days*121*5000#NET 5000
900,000 STD10 GB30 GB30 days*121*10000#NET 10000


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