How Can You See Who Viewed Your LinkedIn Profile for Free?

You will see who viewed your LinkedIn profile for free using the “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” tool, even if you have a LinkedIn basic (free) account. However, with a free account, you’ll only see up to the last five results of your profile view history, how many times your Profile has appeared on searches, and how many times your Profile has been visited. But note that you can’t see who viewed your Profile if you set your privacy settings to private mode.

Key Takeaways

  • You’ll see who viewed your LinkedIn profile for free using the “Who’s Viewed My Profile” tool.
  • LinkedIn has basic (free) and premium (Paid) accounts.
  • Premium accounts have unlimited access to profile view history of up to 90 previous days.
  • A free LinkedIn account allows you up to 5 results on the history of who viewed your profile recently.
  •  You can’t see who viewed your history if your LinkedIn privacy settings are private.
  • You can’t see your visitors’ information if their account settings are private.

A Guide on How to See Who Viewed Your LinkedIn Profile for Free

Before diving into how you can see who viewed your LinkedIn profile for free, you should first understand that LinkedIn has two types of accounts (basic and premium). While premium accounts have a subscription, basic accounts are free.

While the free account restricts the number of times you can see who viewed your LinkedIn profile, a premium account has no such restriction, allowing you to see your profile view history spanning up to the last 90 days.

That said, accessing your view history on the LinkedIn network is easy. If you are a free member wishing to see who viewed your Profile, you must start by making a few changes to the privacy settings to enable the display of your headline and name in your profile visibility settings, as shown below:

  • Sign in to your LinkedIn account and click the “Me” icon on your Profile’s homepage.
  • Select “Settings & Privacy” and hit the “Privacy” tab.
  • Navigate to the “How others see your LinkedIn activity” section.
  • Click on “Profile Viewing Options.”
  • Go to the “Select what others can see when you’ve viewed their profile” section, and choose to show “Your name and headline.”

Your changes will be saved automatically in your LinkedIn profile, and you will be able to see who viewed your LinkedIn profile.

Now that you have changed your profile settings, let’s explore how to check your LinkedIn profile view history from your mobile phone or desktop.

How to See Your LinkedIn Profile View History for Free on a Desktop?

Seeing your LinkedIn profile view for free on a desktop is straightforward. All you’ll do is log in to your LinkedIn account, navigate to the left-hand side of your LinkedIn home page, and click the “Who Viewed Your Profile” button below your profile picture.

If you follow these steps and have free (basic) membership, you’ll be able to see the history of your previous five views.

How to See Your LinkedIn Profile View History for Free on a Mobile App

With your mobile phone, you can check your LinkedIn profile view history for free while on the go. The checking task is not cumbersome. All you will do is log in to your account via the mobile app, click on your profile picture, and hit the “View Profile” button.

After hitting the “view profile” button, you’ll need to access your profile view analytics. You can easily access the analytics by scrolling down to the analytics section and clicking on the number of your Profile views.

The Information Gathered from Seeing the History of Your Profile Views

You can get so much helpful information by seeing who viewed your LinkedIn profile. However, how your visitors set their privacy settings will determine the type of information you’ll gather. Below are the three privacy settings that will determine the kind of information that will flow your way:

  • Enabled Name and Headline: If your Profile visitors have enabled the name and headline on their privacy settings, you will gather information about their name, headline, industry, and location.
  • Partially Anonymous: Some of your visitors might set their privacy settings to partially anonymous. You will gather partial information about them whenever they visit your Profile. For instance, you might get limited information such as their industry and title.
  • Private Mode: Unfortunately, you can’t gather meaningful information from a visitor who has enabled private mode on their privacy settings. All that will be displayed to you is only “LinkedIn Member.”

Generally, you can get insights about your profile visitors’ whereabouts to help build your business or professional network. The bits of information at your disposal include; your visitors’ job titles, where they work, and how they found your Profile.

Tips to Help You Grow Your LinkedIn Profile Views Using Your Free Account

Whether in business or a professional hunting for employment on LinkedIn, you need to build your network. The best way to expand your network is by knowing how to grow your LinkedIn profile views.

Here are a few hacks that will help your Profile grow within a short period:

1.     Optimize Your Profile

Ensure that your Profile is complete. Include helpful information such as your professional headshot, experience, a list of your skills, a detailed summary, and a profile picture. To grow your LinkedIn profile views, you must ensure it appears in search results by using keywords that are relevant to your industry.  

2.     Network Actively

If you wish to grow your LinkedIn profile views, you must connect with your fellow professionals in your industry. Participating in industry-related groups can also help in expanding your presence. The more connections you have with professionals, your Profile views will likely grow.

3.     Share Relevant Content

You can help grow your Profile views by sharing valuable content like your industry’s news, insights, and thoughts on the subject matter. By sharing reliable and relevant content, you’ll position yourself as an authority in your industry, encouraging other professionals to view your Profile.

4.     Request for Recommendations and Endorsements

Contact your connections and ask them to endorse your skills on your Profile. A profile with recommendations and endorsements has higher credibility, meaning it will receive more views.

5.     Use An Eye-Catching Headline

The headline is the first thing people will interact with on your Profile. So, what other thing can convince them to view your Profile other than personalizing and making it catchy?

Benefits of Checking Your LinkedIn Profile Views History

Several benefits come with checking your LinkedIn profile view history, including:

  • Understanding Who viewed your Profile: You can get helpful insights about who is interested in your profile by consistently checking your profile views history.
  • Identifying Potential Employment Opportunities: Suppose an employer interacts with your profile; it can indicate that they are interested in your skills; hence they might be your potential employers.
  • Follow-Up with the Leads: Suppose the profile viewer is a company or an individual; you can research their whereabouts and follow up with the leads.
  • Measuring Your Profile’s effectiveness: When checking your profile view history, you can understand its performance and identify the areas you’ll improve to increase visitors.
  • Networking Opportunities:  Checking your profile view history allows you to expand your professional network. You’ll see who viewed your profile recently and connect with them.


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