Senegal Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024

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How To Buy A SIM Card In Senegal

Purchasing a SIM card in Senegal can be a straightforward process when equipped with the right information. Below is a guide to help travelers and new residents acquire mobile services in this West African nation.

  1. Prepare the Necessary Documentation
    Before heading out to buy a SIM card, one must ensure they have the required documents ready. In Senegal, like in many countries, you will need:
    • A valid passport or national ID card
    • Proof of address (this can be a hotel booking for tourists)
      The documentation is required for registration as part of the government’s regulations to combat fraud and crime.
  2. Choose a Cellular Provider
    Senegal has several mobile network operators. The most notable include:
    • Orange Senegal (Sonatel)
    • Tigo Senegal (Sentel)
    • Expresso Senegal
      Consider factors such as coverage, costs, and available packages when choosing a provider. Orange is known for its wide coverage but may be pricier, while Tigo and Expresso offer competitive prices and services.
  3. Locate a Store or Authorized Reseller
    SIM cards can generally be purchased from official stores, authorized resellers, street vendors, or at the airport. It is advisable to visit an official store or authorized dealer to ensure the SIM is registered properly and to receive assistance with any technical issues.
  4. Choose Your SIM Card and Plan
    SIM cards often come in different sizes—standard, micro, and nano—so know which size fits your phone. You’ll also choose a plan:
    • Prepaid (pay-as-you-go) plans are popular among visitors for their flexibility.
    • Contract plans could be more economical for long-term residents.
  5. Registration Process
    Once you’ve selected your SIM and plan, the store assistant will typically help you with the registration process. This involves:
    • Submitting your personal information and documents.
    • Having your photograph taken in some cases.
    • Activating the SIM on your device to ensure it is working before you leave the store.
  6. Make the Initial Top-Up
    After activation, you will need to top-up your credit. This can be done via:
    • Direct store payment
    • Purchase of a top-up card or voucher from various retail outlets
    • Online top-up options through the provider’s website or app, if you have a payment method that works in Senegal.
  7. Configure Your Phone If Necessary
    To make use of data services, ensure that your phone settings are configured to the new SIM card. The network provider’s customer service can assist with APN settings if automatic configuration doesn’t occur.
  8. Consider the Data Packages
    Data packages vary significantly in price and size across different providers. It’s essential to inquire about ongoing promotions or packages that meet your data needs. Many providers offer daily, weekly, and monthly data packages.
  9. Understand the Costs
    Be clear about call rates, message rates, and data costs outside your purchased package. This will help in avoiding unexpected charges.
  10. Seek Assistance When Needed
    If you experience any issues or have additional queries, customer support is available at the stores or through helplines. Some providers also offer customer service in multiple languages.

How eSIM can change the way you travel in Senegal

  1. No Physical SIM Card Required:
    • Unlike traditional SIM cards, eSIM is embedded directly into your device. This means you don’t need to purchase a physical SIM card when arriving in Senegal. This can save time and effort, especially if you land in the country without having to locate a local store to buy a SIM card.
  2. Remote Activation:
    • eSIMs can be activated remotely, allowing you to set up your mobile connectivity without visiting a local store. This can be particularly beneficial in areas where physical stores might be less accessible or if you arrive outside regular business hours.
  3. Multiple Profiles on One Device:
    • eSIM technology enables your device to have multiple mobile profiles simultaneously. This means you can have both your home country’s mobile plan and a local Senegalese plan on your device, allowing you to switch between them easily based on your needs.
  4. Flexible Data Plans:
  5. Easy Management Through Apps:
    • Many eSIM providers offer user-friendly mobile apps that allow you to manage your mobile plans, monitor data usage, and make adjustments to your subscription. This can be done on-the-go, providing you with real-time control over your mobile connectivity.
  6. Cost Savings:
    • eSIM technology can potentially lead to cost savings. It eliminates the need to purchase physical SIM cards and may offer more competitive pricing for data plans. Additionally, the ability to switch between multiple profiles can help you optimize costs based on your usage patterns.
  7. Global Roaming with Local Rates:
    • Some eSIM providers offer global roaming plans with local rates, making it cost-effective to use your device in different countries, including Senegal. This can be especially beneficial for frequent travelers.
  8. Security and Convenience:
    • eSIMs are built with security features, and their integration into the device adds an extra layer of convenience. You don’t have to worry about misplacing a physical SIM card, and the risk of losing connectivity due to a damaged or lost card is minimized.

Orange Data Packages

Volume-based packages:

Tigo Data Packages

1 day =

24 hours

20 MB100 XOF
75 MB250 XOF
250 MB500 XOF
3 GB1,000 XOF
7 days150 MB500 XOF
350 MB1,000 XOF
1.5 GB2,500 XOF
30 days50 MB / day3,000 XOF
3 GB5,000 XOF
7.5 GB10,000 XOF
20 GB19,000 XOF
30 GB25,000 XOF
1 night


unlimited750 XOF

Expresso Data Packages

24 hours40 MB100 F*19*100#
24 hours1 GB500 F*19*500#
24 hoursunlimited990 F*19*990#
3 days3 GB1000 F*19*3#
5 days1 GB1000 F*19*5#
7 days150 MB400 F*19*150#
7 days700 MB1000 F*19*1000#
7 days1 GB1500 F*19*1500#
30 days500 MB1800 F*19*1800#
30 days1 GB2300 F*19*2300#
30 days2 GB3500 F*19*3500#
30 days5 GB6900 F*19*6900#


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