Serbia Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024

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Best SIM Cards In Serbia

Serbia, located in the heart of the Balkans, is a destination that offers rich history, vibrant culture, and beautiful landscapes. For those traveling or moving to Serbia, maintaining mobile connectivity is crucial. Here’s a listicle of the best SIM cards available in Serbia, ensuring visitors and residents alike can stay connected seamlessly:

  1. Telekom Srbija (mts)
    • Coverage and Speed: Offers extensive coverage and reliable speeds across the country, including rural areas.
    • Packages: Various prepaid packages tailored to different usage profiles, such as tourist packages with ample data allowances.
    • Purchase Locations: Available at official stores, authorized resellers, and at the airport.
  2. Telenor Serbia
    • Coverage and Speed: Highly competitive coverage, particularly in urban areas, with solid 4G service.
    • Packages: Multiple prepaid options with the flexibility of weekly or monthly plans and add-ons.
    • Purchase Locations: Telenor shops, kiosks, and several convenience stores throughout Serbia.
  3. VIP Mobile (A1 Serbia)
    • Coverage and Speed: Strong network with a focus on urban areas, good data speeds on 4G.
    • Packages: Offers various packages, including those designed for data-heavy usage.
    • Purchase Locations: At VIP centers, some retail stores, and online for home delivery.
  4. Yettel Serbia (formerly known as Telenor)
    • Coverage and Speed: Provides good coverage with a rapidly expanding 4G network.
    • Packages: Prepaid SIM cards with flexible plans geared towards travelers.
    • Purchase Locations: Yettel shops and other venues that sell phone accessories.
  5. Global SIM Cards (e.g., TravelSIM, OneSimCard, KnowRoaming)
    • Coverage and Speed: While not specific to Serbia, these international SIMs offer service in multiple countries, including Serbia, often at higher costs but with seamless transition between nations.
    • Packages: Various international plans and pay-as-you-go options.
    • Purchase Locations: Purchased online and delivered before travel or available at select travel hubs.

Comparison Table of Key Features:

ProviderCoverageNotable Package FeatureAvailability
Telekom SrbijaExtensiveTourist packages with ample dataOfficial stores, airport
Telenor SerbiaHighly competitive in urban areasFlexibility of short-term plansTelenor shops, kiosks
VIP MobileStrong in urban areasDesigned for data-heavy usageVIP centers, retail stores
Yettel SerbiaGood, expanding 4GGeared towards travelersYettel shops
Global SIM CardsVariesCan be used across multiple countriesOnline

Key Considerations for Choosing a SIM Card in Serbia:

  • Duration of Stay: For short visits, tourist packages may be more cost-effective. For longer stays, consider regular prepaid plans with top-up options.
  • Data Usage: Some travelers may need more data for navigation, communication, and entertainment. Choose a plan that aligns with your data needs.
  • Coverage: If you plan to explore rural areas, look for a provider with broader national coverage.
  • Compatibility: Check that your phone is unlocked and compatible with the GSM network used in Serbia.

mts (by Telekom Srbija) Data Packages

100 MB1 day50 RSDNET50
1 GB100 RSDNET100
200 MB7 days125 RSDNET125
1 GB200 RSDNET 200

Telenor Data Packages

ValidityDataPriceActivationApp Bonus
1 day100 MB30 RSDSMS to 3282 with text “Da100”20 MB
500 MB75 RSDSMS to 3282 with text “Da500”100 MB
30 days250 MB199 RSDSMS to 9000 with text “250”50 MB
500 MB299 RSDSMS to 9000 with text “500”100 MB
1 GB399 RSDSMS to 9000 with text “1”200 MB
3 GB599 RSDSMS to 9000 with text “3”600 MB
10 GB999 RSDSMS to 9000 with text “100”2 GB

vip Data Packages

100 MB1 day50 RSD1 to 12301
500 MB75 RSD2 to 12301
1 GB100 RSD3 to 12301
500 MB7 days150 RSD1 to 12307
1 GB200 RSD2 to 12307
6 GB300 RSD3 to 12307
1 GB30 days400 RSD1 to 12330
6 GB700 RSD2 to 12330
12 GB1000 RSD3 to 12330

Globaltel Data Packages

1 GB for 7 days: 100 RSD
3 GB for 7 days: 200 RSD
5 GB for 30 days: 300 RSD


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