How Do You Set Up A Verizon Hotspot On An Apple Device? (Explained With A Step-by-step Guide!)

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To set up a Verizon hotspot on an Apple device, go to Settings > Cellular > Personal Hotspot. Toggle on “Allow Others to Join” and configure settings. Connect devices to the hotspot via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Data usage depends on your plan.

Two Things To Consider Before Making Use Of The Hotspot Feature On Your Apple Device

Use Of The Hotspot Feature On  Apple Device

Ensure That You Have The Wireless Hotspot Data

For major network providers, when you have a data plan with them for internet browsing, they often give you hotspot privileges alongside those plans. It doesn’t matter the kind of plan you have subscribed to, the unlimited and non-unlimited plans that you have subscribed to should give you all the hotspot privileges you deserve. Before you get all excited about the hotspot feature and all it does, just know that hotspot usage often drains your data and might not be pleasant, you are advised to watch the way you create hotspots and Wi-Fi connections on your phone. 

Those who are subscribed to unlimited plans often think that they have dodged the hotspot draining bullet, the truth is that for these network providers that offer unlimited data plans, they often give hotspot data after subscription when that data allocated for hotspot connections stop working, Hotspot connections might work after that or the network will no longer be as fast as it used to be. Every month after you subscribe to the normal monthly unlimited subscription packages that you are offered, Verizon will give you 15GB worth of hotspot data which you can use for your hotspot connections. 

Besides, the network would be extremely fast when you browse using this hotspot data as long as it is still available. The hotspot network stops being fast when the hotspot data has finished because it is no longer available for you. We are not saying that your normal data connection would also be slow, that isn’t right. The device connecting to your hotspot using its Wi-Fi wouldn’t get a good network from you after connecting.

If you still need to use the hotspot connection for some things, maybe work or some other stuff, you still can. The only glitch would be the slow network when you use it. 

A Table Showing The Different Verizon Hotspot Plans

PlansHotspot Data
Verizon essential unlimited15GB
Verizon plus unlimited50GB
Verizon pro unlimited100GB
Verizon premium unlimited150GB

Ensure That Your Service Is Available 

This is something that should already be on your mind because everyone should know that you cannot share a data connection without having service on your phone. You can figure out if you have network service on your phone by looking at the top of your screen to check if the network bar above has at least one bar indicating that your phone has service. Although one wouldn’t help the browsing speed, the internet might be slow with just one bar. 

Steps To Follow When Trying To Set Up Your Apple Hotspot

Set Up Apple Hotspot

Step 1: Go over to your settings on your iPhone 

Step 2: Navigate to the cellular option on the settings menu

Step 3: After clicking in cellular, a slider would appear alongside other options, just slide it sideways so it turns to green from the odd color that it was before.

Step 4: Tap on the option that says personal hotspot, you have to open the option that says allow others to join and move the slider there so it is green too.

Step 5: You can set a password for your hotspot Wi-Fi.

How to use Wi-Fi calling and mobile hotspots

Using Wi-Fi Calling:

  1. Check Compatibility:
    • Ensure your carrier and device support Wi-Fi calling. It’s available on many major carriers and compatible devices.
  2. Enable Wi-Fi Calling:
    • On iPhone: Go to Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi Calling. Toggle the switch on.
    • On Android: Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi Calling. Activate the feature.
  3. Set Emergency Address (if required):
    • Some carriers may ask for your emergency address for 911 calls. Enter this information if prompted.
  4. Make Calls:
    • Once enabled, your phone will use Wi-Fi for calls when cellular signal is weak.

Using Mobile Hotspot:

  1. Check Plan:
    • Ensure your mobile plan includes hotspot functionality. Some plans have limitations on data usage.
  2. Enable Hotspot:
    • On iPhone: Settings > Personal Hotspot. Toggle it on and set a Wi-Fi password.
    • On Android: Settings > Connections > Mobile Hotspot and Tethering. Turn it on and set up details.
  3. Connect Devices:
    • On the connecting device, find and select your hotspot network. Enter the password if prompted.
  4. Adjust Settings:
    • Explore hotspot settings to manage connected devices, change the password, or limit data usage.
  5. Turn Off Hotspot:
    • When done, turn off the hotspot to save battery and data.

How to turn on your Wi-Fi hotspot on an Apple iPhone

  1. Find the Settings Application: Kick-start the process by locating the ‘Settings’ icon. It’s usually located on your home screen and symbolizes the ‘focal point’ from where you can manipulate all your phone settings.
  2. Access Cellular Data: Once you enter the settings, you need to navigate towards the ‘Cellular’ option. Click on it to access the cellular data settings.
  3. Switch on your Cellular Data: If your cellular data is not already activated, switch it on. This is crucial because your phone uses cellular data to create a Wi-Fi hotspot.
  4. Activate Personal Hotspot: After turning on your cellular data, go back to the main list within the ‘Cellular’ option. Here, locate and select the ‘Personal Hotspot’ feature.
  5. Turn on Personal Hotspot: Within the ‘Personal Hotspot’ menu, you will find a switch at the top of the screen. Toggle this switch to the right to turn your personal hotspot on.
  6. Set your Wi-Fi Hotspot Password: For the sake of security, Apple demands a password for enabling the hotspot. You can modify this password within the ‘Personal Hotspot’ settings. Make sure to keep it safe and easily memorable.
  7. Connect with Other Devices: With your hotspot now activated and protected by a password, other devices should be able to locate and connect to your iPhone. When prompted, enter the password you created.
Access SettingsOpen the ‘Settings’ application on your iPhone
Enable CellularIn ‘Settings’, select ‘Cellular’ and enable data
Locate HotspotWithin ‘Cellular’, find and select ‘Personal Hotspot’
Turn On HotspotSwitch on the indicated toggle to enable hotspot
Secure ConnectionCreate a unique password for your hotspot connection
Enjoy ConnectivityConnect other devices using your hotspot credentials


Why Is My Verizon iPhone Hotspot Not Working?

If you cannot turn on your hotspot with your phone, it is either your phone isn’t good or the network provider you are using doesn’t support hotspot usage. If you can not use the hotspot even after connecting, then you might need to consider the fact that your wireless plan doesn’t support the use of the hotspot. 

What Are The Steps Followed To Turn On Your iPhone Hotspot?

The device with the hotspot data that you want to connect to, head to settings, cellular, and personal hotspot. Through these three steps, you can easily put on your hotspot and then connect to other devices when you want to. 

My Verizon Personal Hotspot Isn’t Working. Why?

Try to make sure that you have an active Verizon hotspot data plan, make sure that the hotspot data is also fast and reliable too. Confirm with your data plan to make sure that you have the correct plan working for you. There are numerous reasons why this issue might come up. 

What Is The Plan For Unlimited Data With Verizon?

This plan offers customers unlimited data with 5G nationwide and a 4G LTE network. Streaming videos on HD and using a mobile hotspot without any extra charge. 

How Do I Reset My Hotspot On Verizon?

Make sure that the device is on, take out the battery cover there is an opening allocated for the removal of this cover, use it for what it is made for, and then gently remove the cover. Press the reset button and release it as soon as it shows MiFi resetting on the screen. 


Setting up your hotspot with Verizon on your apple phones shouldn’t be a problem now after using these steps. 


Using Verizon hotspot

How to use Verizon hotspot

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