“What To Do When Your Sim Card Gets Stuck In An iPhone”

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If your SIM card gets stuck in an iPhone then:

  • Use a SIM card eject tool to push the SIM card out.
  • If you don’t have a SIM card eject tool, use a bent paperclip.
  • If you’re not comfortable removing the SIM card yourself, take your iPhone to an Apple Store.
When Your Sim Card Gets Stuck In An iPhone

Simple Solutions

1. If the sim card is stuck in your phone, you can try to remove it by using a toothpick or needle

2. You can also use an iPhone opening tool to pry open the slot on the side of your phone and then push out the sim card

3. If this doesn’t work, you may need to visit an Apple store for assistance

4. You should be able to find a local Apple store by visiting their website at https://www.apple.com/retail/storelocator/us/#stores-by-state

5. Once you have found an Apple store near you, contact them directly and they will be able to help with any issues that arise with your iPhone

Can A SIM Card Get Stuck In An iPhone?

It is possible for a SIM card to get stuck in an iPhone, but extremely rare. This usually happens when the sim card has been installed upside down or incorrectly and can happen with any phone that accepts a micro-sim.

If you are experiencing this issue with your iPhone then there is no need to worry as it’s easy enough to fix! Below we have provided some steps on how to remove your sim card from the device if it had become lodged within.

Can You Put A Sim Card In iPhone 6 Without A Tray?

Yes, sim cards can be inserted into the iPhone without the tray.

How To Remove Your SIM Card From An iPhone:

* Step One – Turn off the phone and remove the battery cover by gently sliding it up with a finger. You may need to use tweezers if you have difficulty removing this panel.

*Step Two- Remove the metal plate that holds all of your circuit boards in place on one side near where you removed the battery cover above using either some tweezers or needle nose pliers (if necessary)

*Step Three- Gently wiggle out any springs attached underneath these two metal pieces as they are very delicate so handle them carefully when moving them around. The top metal piece should now come off.

*Step Four- The SIM card will be in the lower left corner, but you may need to use a flashlight as it is difficult to see into this small space and remove any other metal pieces blocking your way first with some tweezers or needle nose pliers if necessary

* Step Five – Once all of these are out of the way, gently lift up the silver plate on top using two fingers and pull out both ends of the sim card until they come free from their slots.

The sim card should now be completely removed from your iPhone! If not (or if there’s another problem) call customer service at 800-APPLY immediately for help!

What Do You Do If Your SIM Card Is Stuck In Your iPhone?

If you’re reading this, chances are that you have a sim card stuck in your iPhone. Whether it was an accident or on purpose, the reality is that a sim card is stuck in your phone and needs to be removed. There are several steps involved in removing a sim card from an iPhone and we will take you through each one step by step below.

* The first thing you should do when having trouble with your SIM card sticking inside of your iPhone is to put the device into recovery mode so that data can be collected before any actions are taken for removal.* A quick way to reboot the device is by pressing the home+power button simultaneously until “connecting” appears at the top left corner of the screen.* After connecting has been displayed, press the power button until “recovery mode” appears at the top left corner of the screen.* Once in recovery mode, it will be possible to retrieve information about your device and how you can fix any problems that have arisen.* If nothing else is listed on this menu then chances are that no data was lost or corrupt during a failed reboot.

– Reboot iPhone into Recovery Mode: Press Home Button + Power Button Simultaneously Until Connecting Appears* – When In Recovery Mode You Will Be Able To Retrieve Information About Your Device And How You Can Fix Any Problems That Have Arisen

What Happens If I Break The iPhone Sim Tray?

If you break the sim tray, or your SIM card is stuck in an iPhone and won’t come out then it will be difficult to remove. You could try using a toothpick or small screwdriver if necessary, but make sure not to use too much force as this may damage your device further.

The best way of removing the SIM card from an iPhone without damaging any parts inside the phone would be by placing another non-functioning smartphone on top of the broken phone with a closed screen facing down so that you can see where the tray needs to be pulled open. This should help release tension and allow for easy removal of your sim card. If all else fails, take it into a repair shop they will fix/replace sticky sim cards.

iPhone 6 Sim Card Slot Won’t Open

The sim card slot on my iPhone is stuck and won’t open. I am getting the message that says “SIM Card Unlocked”. What should I do?

If your SIM card is locked, try unlocking it first by inserting a non-accepted sim card into the device then turning off and restarting it to see if this helps.

If you are still unable to access the SIM tray after trying these steps please consult Apple or take it in for repair as soon as possible to have them fix/replace sticky sim cards.

The simple tips to get your stuck sim from iphone 6

– Tension and allow for easy removal of your sim card. If all else fails, take it into a repair shop and they will fix/replace sticky sim cards.

Trying To Get The SIM Out Of My iPhone: iPhone Sim Stuck! | What Do I Do?

I tried using a paper clip but that didn’t work either… The phone is only about three months old though so I’m not sure if this has been an ongoing issue or just happened recently. does anyone have any other suggestions on how to finally remove this annoying little thing from my phone? thus far nothing has even worked…. ughhhh!!! 🙂 🙁



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