Do I Need A SIM Card In Both Phones To Use Samsung Smart Switch

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Samsung Smart Switch is an easy way to move contacts, messages, photos, calendar events, and more to your new Samsung device. It’s also possible to transfer data from other devices like iOS, BlackBerry, and Symbian.

Of course, you don’t need a sim card in both devices – once Android & Samsung Smart Switch reports that it “sees” both phones under the same network (on the same wifi for example), then it should work correctly without any problems. You could check if Android detects both phones using this App called Network Info II (available on Google Play for free).

The Samsung Smart Switch app can transfer your data from one Samsung phone to another. All you have to do is connect the new phone via USB or Wi-Fi or use an external storage option to transfer from a laptop.

Here are the instructions for using the Samsung Smart Switch:

1. Download and install Smart Switch on your PC.

2. Connect your mobile device and computer with a USB cable.  

3. On your mobile device, tap Start to begin the transfer process. You will be asked if you want to copy everything or just some of your content. Tap Copy Everything to copy all of the data from your mobile device onto your PC. If you would like, leave some data on your mobile device such as pictures and videos that are not necessary for everyday life so they do not get transferred onto the PC or delete unneeded apps from both devices before starting this process in order to avoid accidental deletion later on down the road.

4. If you don’t have a USB cable, then download the Samsung Smart Switch Mobile app onto your device if it is preloaded on an Android device.

5. To set up the new device, open the Smart Switch app. Then on your old device, select sending device, and on your new one, select receiving device. Connect the two devices by tapping ‘Connect’ on both.

6. You can choose what you want to transfer from your old phone. Media files, apps, and alarms are all things that can be put on the new phone. Click on ‘Transfer’.

10 Features Of Samsung Smart Switch App

Samsung Smart Switch App

1. Samsung Smart Switch is a free app for Android and iOS

2. This app can be used to backup data from your old phone onto your new one, without the need for cables or wires

3. You can also use it to transfer contacts, photos, music, videos, calendars, and more

4. It’s available in English as well as Spanish and Korean 

5. The Smart Switch App features an easy installation of apps on your new device 

6. There are three options you can choose when transferring files – “to my new device”, “from my old device” or “both”

7. Once you have chosen the files you want to transfer, the Smart Switch App handles all aspects of transferring, including changing file locations so your new device can find them

8. The app detects duplicate photos and asks you which ones to keep

9. You only need an internet connection once – on your old phone, during installation of the Smart Switch App for Android or iOS

10. It’s compatible with most Samsung devices manufactured since 2011 or An existing smartphone using Android 4 .0 or higher or iOS 7 .0 or higher or A data cable that is compatible with both devices or A Wi-Fi network or A Samsung Account (create one at Install the app on both devices. And then you are ready to go.


Samsung Smart Switch is a great tool for transferring your contacts, music, downloaded apps, and photos from one phone to another. It can be used with no SIM card inserted in either of the two phones involved. There are many other cases where you would need both phones hooked up to an internet connection so that data could transfer between them (like if you’re switching carriers). If this doesn’t sound like it will work for you, then we recommend looking into these alternative methods before proceeding with Samsung’s solution.

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