Solomon Islands Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024

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Best e-sim cards for Solomon Islands

Traveling to the Solomon Islands necessitates reliable communication solutions, and e-SIM cards have become an eminent choice for ease and flexibility. Below is a curated list of some of the best e-SIM cards that offer compatibility and competitive rates for those venturing into this scenic destination.

  1. Airalo – Discover Global E-SIM
    • Coverage: Offers coverage in Solomon Islands and over 190 other countries.
    • Packages: Variety of packages tailored to short and long trips.
    • Flexibility: Easy top-ups and plan adjustments through the app.
    • Cost: Competitive pricing with a variety of data options to suit different needs.
  2. OneSimCard – Universal E-SIM
    • Coverage: Extensive global coverage including Solomon Islands.
    • Packages: Multiple data plans with both data-only and calls & texts options.
    • Flexibility: Switch between plans without changing your number.
    • Cost: Cost-effective plans available for frequent travelers.
  3. Nomad – E-SIM for Travelers
    • Coverage: Access to networks in over 100 countries, including Solomon Islands.
    • Packages: Customizable plans based on duration and data requirements.
    • Flexibility: Simple setup and user-friendly app for managing your e-SIM.
    • Cost: Affordable plans with no hidden fees.
  4. GigSky – Worldwide E-SIM
    • Coverage: Extensive global coverage servicing many destinations.
    • Packages: Varies from regional to global plans tailored to the length of your stay.
    • Flexibility: Manageable via the GigSky app, with easy plan extension features.
    • Cost: Competitive pricing, particularly for short-term travel.
  5. Surfroam – The Traveler’s SIM
    • Coverage: Strong focus on providing service internationally, including in the Solomon Islands.
    • Packages: Pay-as-you-go data rates and packages.
    • Flexibility: Top-up as needed without the need for a subscription.
    • Cost: Rates are transparent, ensuring travelers can manage their spending effectively.
  6. Ubigi – E-SIM for Connected Travelers
    • Coverage: Good coverage with data-centric plans for Solomon Islands and beyond.
    • Packages: Tailored data bundles designed for short and long-term travels.
    • Flexibility: Quick and easy online top-up process.
    • Cost: Competitively priced data plans for international roaming.

Choosing Your E-SIM in Solomon Islands

It is vital for travelers to select an e-SIM provider that aligns with their communication needs. This includes considering the coverage quality in remote areas, cost of the plans, the ease of managing the e-SIM, and customer service responsiveness in case of any difficulties. Below is a comparison table that encapsulates the essential features of the e-SIM providers mentioned:

E-SIM ProviderCoverageData PackagesFlexibilityCost
AiraloExtensiveCustomizableVery HighCompetitive
OneSimCardGlobalMultiple OptionsHighCost-Effective
GigSkyExtensiveRegional to GlobalHighCompetitive
UbigiGoodTailored BundlesHighCompetitive

Our Telekom (Breeze) Data Packages

SBD 690 MB1 day
SBD 15225 MB3 days
SBD 20400 MB4 days
SBD 50765 MB7 days
SBD 1001.5 GB14 days
SBD 2203.6 GB28 days
SBD 4006.3 GB28 days
SBD 85013.5 GB28 days
SBD 125020 GB28 days

Bmobile – Vodafone Data Packages

SBD 560 MB24 hours
SBD 15200 MB2 days
SBD 20360 MB3 days
SBD 50750 MB7 days
SBD 901.25 GB14 days
SBD 2203 GB30 days
SBD 5007 GB30 days


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