How Can I Spy Someone Only With Mobile Number? (4 Ways Listed & Explained!)

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It is not possible to spy on someone only with their mobile number. There is no known way to track someone’s location or listen to their calls without their knowledge or consent.

Four Ways To Spy On Someone With Their Phone Number

There should be apps that can help you spy on people. Some people want to pay for these kinds of apps so they can get access to people. The truth is that this isn’t an easy kind of app to come by because tracking someone without a warrant or as a civilian is called a violation of privacy which is a crime. The apps that are equipped with this kind of technology should only be used by government officials. 

Although it has been established that using apps to track people are not possible with just their phone number, there are other means. These might not be seen as going against the law: 

1. Talk To Your Network Provider

Your network providers have full access to every call you make, this is what happens. When you call your network providers, they have their stored call logs so they can give you information about the number that has called you before. With this, by giving them the number, you can get a certain amount of information. You can get to find out what state and city the call came from, you cannot get an exact address though. The network providers who track every call only have the right to give you exact address information if you have a warrant. 

Also, your service provider can help you monitor the number and give you the name of the caller so you can get to know who the caller is and if the person who called owns the phone he or she used to call you. These are the only things your service provider can do for you, you can get a city and a state, but it is next to impossible to get an address without a warrant. 

2. Get A Caller ID Identifier And Subscribe To It

You can get a special caller ID identifier and use it to get information on your caller. They could get you information like the name of your caller, the location where the person is calling from (although this depends on what you pay), the caller’s CNAM would appear right on your screen when the person calls. This would all depend on your subscription. Now, the caller can block this technology by also subscribing or buying a CNAM blocker. This helps you hide your name and phone number when calling someone else. 

3. Utilize The CNAM Lockup Tools

This is another method that could help you track a person with just their number. These CNAM tools are very useful for tracking people with just their number. The lockup tools also let you know if the call you are receiving is coming from a person or it is robot-operated. The caller ID would not show on screen if it is a robot call. When it is a call from a real person, the person’s name, city, and state would appear there on your screen. The bad side is that sometimes it gives out wrong information that might require you to clarify using Lockup tools. 

Can I Be Spied On By Someone Who Has Only My Phone Number?

Spied On By Someone Who Has Only My Phone Number

Well, in a way, this is possible because sometimes hackers send texts, pictures, links, or videos to their targets so that they can gain access to the phone of the said target. Sometimes the texts you receive or files you get from unknown people should be left alone because with just having your number and sending you files, they can indeed spy on you. Apart from that, spying on someone with just a phone number might not be productive. 

How Can A Phone Number Be Tracked Without The Person Being Alerted About It?

With the right tools and as long as you know what you are doing. You might have to use a tracking solution that is packed with a stealth feature. Not all solutions or spy software has these features, but when you get it right, you are able to get into any person’s android or iPhone anytime you want. You can gain access just by using your web browser. 

How Can I Spy On A Call? 

How Can I Spy On A Call

There are applications that could be of help for you to spy on a phone call without stress. These apps can spy on your incoming and outgoing calls without you having any issues. The applications can only show you the basics, you can’t get in-depth knowledge of the person through the call. These apps can give you some information like when the call was placed, the time the call lasted, the number of times this number has been called, and the name of the caller. 

Can My Phone Be Hacked Through WhatsApp?

Yes, WhatsApp is hacked every day around the world. Although the WhatsApp software is not supposed to support one number being used in two locations, hackers have been able to bypass them and now use your number to open up another WhatsApp account and then get a hold of some things that are personal. 


A person trying to spy on you would have to try and track you first, using a phone number for something like this is very difficult because only a phone number might not get you the information. This number might have to place a call, or you just have WhatsApp.


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