Sri Lanka Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2021

Internet services in Democratic socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a beautiful island that is separated from the continent of India, even though there is a good communicational bonding between them at all. This Sri Lanka is covered by the three important and huge oceans such as the Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea. This island has a rich cultural heritage and it is considered as the major trade hub for so many countries. Telecommunications with other countries causes a great impact all over the countries. Nearly 10.10 million internet users in Sri Lanks as per the record of 2021.

The well-known data connections providers of Sri Lanka

The most common and famous internet service providers of this beautiful island are:

  • Dialog Axiata
  • Mobitel
  • Airtel

Dialog Axiata’s famous data packages:

In this Dialog Axiata company, the offers are only based on time (hours) only not by the days and months but there is a time (days) for validities. The offers are:

  • The first offer is 30 minutes which offers unlimited data by just Rs.20 and the validity is 1 day.
  • The next offer is 2 hours that too offers unlimited internet just by Rs.50 and 3 days is validity for this offer.
  • The third offer is 5 hours which gives 500 MB by Rs.100 with the validity of 5 days.
  • The next offer is by Rs.200 people can get 1 GB of data for 12 hours also with 5 days validity for the offer.
  • The last offer is for Rs.400 people to get 2 GB of internet for 24 hours only but validate for 7 days.


Mobitel company’s internet packages:

In this Mobitel Company, people can acquire the internet for hours, days, weeks, and also months. The prices of offers are starting from single-digit to double, triple digits, and the volumes of data also for both day and night in every offer. The offers are:

  • Package of Hours: 25 MB of data will be available by Rs.5 with the 24 hours validity for the offer.
  • Days Packages: For 80 MB data for the day and another 80 MB of data for the night will be accessible by Rs.29 and 3 days validity for an offer.
  • Weekly packages: 7 days validity for both 200 MB of the internet on day and night by Rs.49 only. And another offer is 21 days are validity to 400 MB data by Rs.99 for night time and day-time.

Packages for Month (30 days):

  • 800 MB data for day and 1.2 GB data for a night with 30 days validity by Rs.199 only.
  • 299 for 1.2 GB net for day and 1.8 GB for a night with a month of validity.
  • 2 GB internet for a day and 2.5 GB for a night with thirty days of validity by Rs.399.
  • 699 for 4 GB of data for both day time and also for night time 8 GB.
  • Thirty days validity for both 6 GB of data for day and night 12 GB by Rs.999.
  • The last offer is Rs.1999 for 14 GB internet for both day and night for 30 days.

Airtel Data Packages:

In this Airtel Company data services, people can get 330 MB to 12 GB of the internet with night data too. Offers are:

  • 30 MB with 440 MB for night data is for Rs.59 with 5 days of validity.
  • 1 GB data for a night and 660 MB for general is for Rs.149 with 14 days of validity.
  • With 2 weeks of validity by Rs.179 for 800 MB of the internet for general.
  • 479 for 5 GB general data for one-month validity.
  • The last one is Rs.999 for 12GB internet with a validity of thirty days.

Dialog Axiata Data Packages

Time-based Packages:
Price Time Validity Data Code
Rs. 20 30 mins 1 day unlimited KBB20
Rs. 50 2 hours 3 days unlimited KBB50
Rs. 100 5 hours 5 days 500 MB KBB100
Rs. 200 12 hours 5 days 1 GB KBB200
Rs. 400 24 hours 7 days 2 GB KBB400

Mobitel Data Packages

Price Validity Data Volume Overuse Activation
Rs. 5 24 hours 25 MB Rs. 0.50 / MB D5
Rs. 29 3 days 80 MB day, 80 MB night Rs. 0.01 / 10 KB D29
Rs. 49 7 days 200 MB day, 200 MB night Rs. 0.01 / 10 KB D49
Rs. 99 21 days 400 MB day, 400 MB night Rs. 0.01 / 10 KB D99
Rs. 199 30 days 800 MB day, 1.2 GB night Rs. 0.20 / MB D199
Rs. 299 30 days 1.2 GB day, 1.8 GB night Rs. 0.20 / MB D299
Rs. 399 30 days 2 GB day, 2.5 GB night Rs. 0.20 / MB D399
Rs. 699 30 days 4 GB day, 4 GB night Rs. 0.20 / MB D699
Rs. 999 30 days 6 GB day, 6 GB night Rs. 0.20 / MB D999
Rs. 1999 30 days 14 GB day, 14 GB night Rs. 0.20 / MB D1990

Etisalat (to be merged with Hutch) Data Packages

Etisalat chart

Hutch (merging with Etisalat) Data Packages

Always Internet on: 15 cts per MB daytime (midnight – 6pm), 30 cts per MB nighttime (6pm – midnight). Activation: *131*1# – default rate

airtel Data Packages

Price Data Volume Night Data Validity Activation
Rs. 59 330 MB 440 MB 5 days D59
Rs. 149 660 MB 1 GB 14 days D149
Rs. 179 800 MB 14 days *179#
Rs. 479 5 GB 30 days
Rs. 999 12 GB 30 days

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