Sudan Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024

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Sudan SIM Cards: Everything You Need To Know

Sudan has three major mobile network operators: Zain Sudan, Sudani, and MTN Sudan. These providers offer a range of prepaid SIM card options tailored to different needs and budgets.

  • Zain Sudan is the largest and most popular provider, known for its wide coverage and reliable network.
  • Sudani is the state-owned provider, offering competitive prices and a strong presence in rural areas.
  • MTN Sudan is a relatively new entrant but has quickly gained popularity due to its affordable data plans and innovative services.

Where to Purchase SIM Cards in Sudan

SIM cards can be easily purchased at various locations in Sudan, including:

  • Airports: Upon arrival at Khartoum International Airport or other major airports, you’ll find SIM card kiosks operated by the major providers.
  • Telecom Stores: Official telecom stores of Zain Sudan, Sudani, and MTN Sudan are widely available in cities and towns.
  • Authorized Retailers: Many convenience stores, supermarkets, and kiosks sell SIM cards of all major providers.

How to Activate Your SIM Card

Activating your SIM card is a straightforward process:

  1. Insert the SIM card into your unlocked mobile phone.
  2. Power on your phone and wait for it to detect the network.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to enter your passport details and complete the registration process.
  4. Purchase a starter pack or top up your SIM card with airtime using scratch cards or mobile banking apps.

Prepaid SIM Card Packages and Options

Each provider offers a variety of prepaid SIM card packages with different data allowances, call minutes, and SMS bundles. You can choose a package that suits your usage patterns and budget.

  • Data Packages: Data packages provide a specific amount of data for a set period, typically ranging from 1GB to several GB.
  • Voice Packages: Voice packages offer a certain number of call minutes, often with discounted rates for local and international calls.
  • SMS Packages: SMS packages include a set number of SMS messages for a given period.

SIM Card Registration and KYC Requirements

Sudan requires all SIM card users to register their identity and provide valid documentation. This is part of a national initiative to combat fraud and enhance security.

  • Passport or National ID: You’ll need to present a valid passport or national ID card for registration.
  • Registration Form: Fill out a registration form with your personal details, including name, passport number, and address.
  • Biometric Verification: Some providers may require biometric verification, such as fingerprint or facial recognition, for added security.

Tips for Using Your SIM Card in Sudan

  1. Check for Network Coverage: Before heading out, check the network coverage of your chosen provider in the areas you plan to visit.
  2. Top Up Regularly: Keep your SIM card balance topped up to avoid unexpected service interruptions.
  3. Use Data Wisely: Data charges can be expensive, so use data sparingly and consider using Wi-Fi whenever available.
  4. Purchase Local Packages: Local packages often offer better value and more affordable rates compared to roaming plans.
  5. Dial International Numbers Correctly: When making international calls, use the correct country code and area code to avoid unnecessary charges.
  6. Seek Help from Provider: If you encounter any issues with your SIM card or service, contact your provider’s customer service for assistance.

Zain Sudan Data Packages

Zain Arabia: Taking New Age Telecommunication Services To the Region

Zain is one of the telecommunication service providers in Saudi Arabia. It is a new player, but it is scaling very fast on the back of newer and newer technologies. It was the third player to enter the Arabian market. The company provides fixed-line as well as mobile and internet services. Ever since its launch in 2008, Zain has acquired more than ten million subscribers.  The company acquired the first two million subscribers within four months of its launch.

Internet Services

The Zain Telecommunication pioneered high-speed internet services in Saudi Arabia. They were the first player in the market who introduce high-volume, high-speed internet plans. They first came up with 3G EDGE then 4G followed. Now, they have introduced their 5G services. Their internet plans are very affordable. In the fixed-line segment, they have done exceptionally well. They are working with many big corporates and scaling at a very good rate.

Voice Calling

Zain Saudi Arabia has revolutionized the voice call market in the country. Not only have they started offering voice calling in packages but also started device-based packages. They have partnered with many big names like Apple and Google Pixel. They offer exclusive plans for consumers who buy their device packages. Most of the device packages are long-term, so the end consumer sees value in their offerings.

Post-paid services

They have introduced very lucrative services for post-paid customers. This was part of their strategy to build a strong customer base.

The topmost internet services in Sudan Karigoudar

Sudan Karigoudar is a nickname of the Republic of Sudan. It is the third biggest country in the Arab world and also Africa. As per the record of the 2018 census, the population of Sudan is nearly 43 million. Among them, nearly 10.2% of people are the users of internet services. This Sudan is connected with many countries’ borders like Egypt, Libya, Chad, Ethiopia, Eritrea, and the Red Sea. So telecommunication must be essential one to African Countries, especially Sudan.

The famous broadband service providers of Sudan

  • Zain Arabia Group
  • Sudatel Telecom Group
  • MTN Company

Zain Arabia’s internet packages

This Zain Group internet provider has been providing mostly 3G data services and the activation options of the offer also differ by Shabab, eeZee, and Class types. They have afforded the data for a day, week, and month.

  • Daily packages: From 25 MB to 250 MB will be affordable by them. The offers are; for 25 MB they will charge 1SDG, for 40 MB the charge is 1.5SDG, by 3.5SDG they can get 100 MB, and for 250 MB they have to pay 8SDG.
  • Weekly packages: In this weekly package, from 200 MB to 1 GB of data will be available for the users. The offers are: 200 MB will be affordable by 6.5SDG, 9.5SDG is for getting 300 MB of data, 0.5 GB which means 500 MB will be available by 15.5SDG and the complete 1 GB will be affordable for 30.5SDG.
  • Monthly Packages: This monthly is money-wise only lesser higher than the above all the offers. In these monthly offers, people get 1.5 GB to 10 GB of data. 45.5SDG is for 1.5 GB, for 2 GB they have to pay 59SDG, the complete 5 GB will be available by 140SDG and 10 GB will be by 200SDG.
  • 4G/LTE package: This is the only one 4G offer from Zain Group. In this package, people can get 16 GB of data by 400 for a complete month.

Subtel Telecom Group packages:

This Subtel Telecom Group will offer data packages that will be up to the maximum speed of 7.2 Mbps for 3G data. The offers are:

  • The first offer of this 3G data is 120 MB for two weeks (14 days) by 7SDG.
  • The next offers are a monthly package which means complete 30 days, offers such as 12.5SDG for 500 MB, 22SDG for 1 GB, 80SDG for 5GB, 100SDG for 10 GB, and 230SDG for 25 GB.

The 4G data packages will be affordable and have a maximum speed of 150 Mbps of data. The offers are:

  • The first 4G offer is 2 GB data for 7 days by 40SDG.
  • The next offers are for weekly packages: 5 GB data for 15 days by 100SDG and 15 GB data for 15 days by 250SDG.
  • The monthly offers which mean complete 30 days of data are 30 GB by 400SDG, 50 GB by 550SDG, and 100 GB data by 900SDG.

MTN Company packages:

This company offers will differ up to the speed of the data. There are some unlimited internet packages for some sort of speed. Such as:

  • 42 Mbps speed of data for one hour will be available by 0.6SDG.
  • 1 Mbps speed data for one day will be by 1SDG and 10 Mbps speed data by 4.5SDG.
  • For one week the speed of 1 Mbps will be by 6SDG, for 30 days people can get 1 Mbps by 25SDG and 42 Mbps by 95SDG.

There are some volume-based packages too. They are:

  • For 24 hours people gets 20 MB (0.76SDG), 45 MB (1.5SDG) and 95 MB (3SDG).
  • For one week 250 MB by 8SDG and 10 days 500 MB by 15SDG.
  • For one month which means 30 days 30SDG for 1 GB and 80SDG for 3 GB.
  • 5 GB (130SDG) to 10 GB (250SDG) of data are available for 60 days.
3G Data Packages:Activation codes
DataTimePricefor Shababfor eeZeefor Class
25 MB1 day1 SDG *230*1#*110*1#
40 MB1.5 SDG*220*1#  
100 MB3.5 SDG*220*2#*230*2#*110*2#
250 MB8 SDG*220*3#  
200 MB1 week6.5 SDG *230*3#*110*3#
300 MB9.5 SDG*220*4#  
500 MB15.5 SDG*220*5#*230*4#*110*4#
1 GB30.5 SDG*220*6#  
1.5 GB1 month45.5 SDG *230*5#*110*5#
2 GB59 SDG*220*7#  
5 GB140 SDG*220*8#*230*6#*110*6#
10 GB200 SDG*220*9#  
4G/LTE Data Packages:
16 GB1 month400 SDG*220*10#*230*8#*110*8#

Sudani (by Sudatel) Data Packages

3G data packages: Sudani Connect (max. 7.2 Mbps)
120 MB14 days7 SDG*4*5#
500 MB30 days12.5 SDG*4*6#
1 GB22 SDG*4*7#
5 GB80 SDG*4*8#
10 GB100 SDG*4*9#
25 GB230 SDG*4*10#
4G/LTE data packages: 4G Advance (max. 150 Mbps)
2 GB7 days40 SDG*4*102#
5 GB15 days100 SDG*4*105#
15 GB250 SDG*4*115#
30 GB30 days400 SDG*4*130#
50 GB550 SDG*4*150#
100 GB900 SDG*4*1100#

MTN Sudan Data Packages

Unlimted internet packages:
max. SpeedTimePriceActivation
42 Mbps1 hour0.6 SDG*123*13#
1 Mbps1 day1 SDG*123*1#
10 Mbps4.5 SDG*123*34#
1 Mbps7 days6 SGD*123*7#
1 Mbps30 days25 SDG*123*30#
42 Mbps95 SDG*123*35#
Volume based data packages:
20 MB24 hours0.76 SDG*123*20#
45 MB 1.5 SDG*123*45#
95 MB 3 SDG*123*95#
250 MB7 days8 SDG*123*250#
500 MB10 days15 SDG*123*500#
1 GB30 days30 SDG*123*1024#
3 GB80 SDG*123*3072#
5 GB60 days130 SDG*123*5120#
10 GB250 SDG*123*10240#
20 GB90 days470 SDG*123*20480#


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