Taiwan Internet Packages & Data Plan Of 2024

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What is the Best SIM Card in Taiwan?

When visiting or moving to Taiwan, staying connected is essential. The island offers a range of SIM card options for international visitors and expatriates. Below is a comprehensive listicle outlining the best SIM card options available in Taiwan, considering factors such as coverage, data packages, pricing, and convenience.

1. Chunghwa Telecom (中華電信)

  • Coverage: Widely regarded as having the best coverage across Taiwan, including remote areas.
  • Plans: Offers a variety of plans tailored to short-term visitors and long-term residents with competitive data allowances.
  • Convenience: SIM cards are accessible at airports, convenience stores, and dedicated Chunghwa Telecom shops.
  • Additional Benefits: Chunghwa Telecom often partners with tourist services to offer discounts and deals.

2. Taiwan Mobile (台灣大哥大)

  • Coverage: Strong coverage in urban areas and respectable performance in rural regions.
  • Plans: A selection of plans, including unlimited data options, are tailored to satisfy the needs of different users.
  • Convenience: Easy to purchase at Taiwan Mobile stores, the airport, and various retailers throughout Taiwan.
  • Additional Benefits: Possible perks for long-term plans, like reduced rates on calls back to select countries.

3. FarEasTone (遠傳電信)

  • Coverage: Comparable to the main providers with robust coverage in most parts of Taiwan.
  • Plans: Known for flexible plans, which can suit both short and long-term visitors with various data needs.
  • Convenience: SIM cards are available at major airports and FarEasTone retail locations.
  • Additional Benefits: Frequently offers promotional deals and has English-speaking staff to help expatriates and tourists.

4. T Star (台灣之星)

  • Coverage: Adequate coverage, particularly in metropolitan areas, but may be less reliable in rural places.
  • Plans: Provides competitive pricing on their data packages, which is often a draw for budget-conscious users.
  • Convenience: Available at convenience stores and T Star shops.
  • Additional Benefits: T Star intermittently offers exclusive deals for data packages.

5. GT Mobile (亞太電信)

  • Coverage: Offers decent coverage with a focus on the Northern region of Taiwan.
  • Plans: Features competitive prices on standard data packages and add-ons for calls and texts.
  • Convenience: Can be procured at GT retail stores and selected partner outlets.
  • Additional Benefits: Occasionally runs promotions with added value for money on data plans.

Here is a quick reference table highlighting the essential aspects of each provider:

ProviderCoverageData PlansPurchase LocationsAdditional Benefits
Chunghwa TelecomExcellentVarious optionsAirports, stores, convenienceTourist discounts
Taiwan MobileGood in citiesUnlimited dataAirport, Taiwan Mobile storesInternational call deals
FarEasToneGood overallFlexible optionsAirports, FarEasTone storesPromotional deals
T StarGood in citiesCompetitive ratesConvenience stores, T Star shopsExclusive deals
GT MobileGood in NorthStandard pricesGT stores, selected outletsPromotions for data plans

Taiwan Updated Internet Packages & Data Plan

SerialPackagesAirtimeHotspot SharingValidity Price
1. 5GFree Airtime $50Free 3GB3 days$500
2. 5GFree Airtime $100Free 5GB5 days$600
3. 5GFree Airtime $150Free 7GB7 days $800
4. 4GFree Airtime $100None3 days$300
5. 4GFree Airtime $300None5 days$500
6. 4GFree Airtime $500None5 days$500
7. 4GFree Airtime $50None4 days$400
8. 4GFree Airtime $100None7 days$450
9. 4GFree Airtime $50None8 days$450
10.4GFree Airtime $100None10 days$700
11.4GFree Airtime $430None30 days$1000

ibon Mobile By 7-Eleven Data Packages

Volume based:


  • 1.2 GB for 60 days: NT$ 180
  • 2.2 GB for 60 days: NT$ 300
  • 5 GB for 90 days: NT$ 699
  • 8 GB for 185 days: NT$ 1000
1.2 GB for 60 days: NT$ 180
2.2 GB for 60 days: NT$ 300
5 GB for 90 days: NT$ 699
8 GB for 185 days: NT$ 1000

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