Thailand Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2021

AIS (1-2-Call, you! Mobile) Data Packages

AIS Internet Thailand, Reconnecting Lives.

Advanced Info service is known to be Thailand’s largest GSM mobile phone operator that has been serving millions of people from the last 30 years. AIS Internet Thailand is known as one of the most trusted network service providers and has its apps and channels to provide entertainment all over the world. The company has a number of headquarter across the globe and has become successful in the market.


Founded in 1986 as a computer rental business, it launched its own 900 MHz mobile phone services. It also becomes one of the first companies to operate on the GSM 900 frequency. Working for a very long time, it has been able to come a long way and has successfully become Thailand’s most prominent internet providing company.

Wi-Fi services

Ais Internet has successfully provided Wi-Fi spots all over Thailand, which not only makes it convenient for the tourist but can get a number of works done within few seconds. Looking at a place to download movies do it near one of the hotspots. Along with this, they have very reasonable plans throughout the years. They also have the newest form of 5G data that can download large files in a matte of minutes. They have a full net speed with customizable data, add data according to your limitations, and enjoy some free data with it.

Thus, when in Thailand do checkout the AIS internet Thailand services. You won’t regret it and might recommend it to your friends and family.

Telecom Internet providers in the great Siam

Siam is the nickname of the country of Thailand which is in the center of Asia’s South-East side. This country’s total population as per the 2018 record nearly 6, 94, 28,453 of people were living. Among them, the internet’s users are 44.7million have been increased from 40.7million of people in 2018. They have been expecting nearly 57 million people will use the internet service in their day to day life in 2023.

The finest data providers of Siam:

The top listed broadband service companies in Thailand is,

  • AIS internet Thailand
  • Dtac internet

AIS company’s internet packages

This AIS Company is famous due to the convenient offers to the people. And they have the fastest and new form of the data called 5G which can be very useful to download the largest files like video and audio even software. Their offers are classified into the speed of data. The offers are:

  • For maximum speed of 384Kbps people have to pay 15 THB for one day that means 24 hours, if in the case for a week people have to pay 80 THB.
  • The next offer is 512Kbps of data for the same 24 hours by 19 THB, if it is for a week they have to pay 90 THB for it.
  • This offer will be applicable for days, weeks, and a month with the speed of 1Mbps. For 3 days they pay 49 THB, for a week that means 7 days they pay 100 THB and for 30 days which means a solid month should pay 300 THB.
  • With 4 Mbps people have to pay 29 THB for twenty-four hours, for seven days they pay 150 THB and for a month (30 days) should pay 500 THB.
  • This offer affords 6 Mbps speed data for one day by 34 THB, by 189 THB it will be available for 7 days and finally, for a month they pay 550 THB.

Dtac company’s data packages:

In this Dtac internet provider’s offer, people can have the option to choose the speed of 256Kbps to 10Mbps of data speed by activating the correct code of the offers. The offers are:

256Kbps speed data packages:

  • By 15 THB people can acquire unlimited data for complete 24 hours with 256Kbps speed also with extra free dtac calls.
  • For 7 days people can get unlimited data by 69 THB with free calls of dtac.
  • By 249 THB people can get free dtac calls and unlimited data for 30 days.

384Kbps speed of internet offers:

  • 400 MB data will be by 15 THB for 24 hours.
  • Unlimited internet for one day will be accessible by 19 THB.
  • For 7 days which means a week should pay 144 THB for unlimited data and free dtac calls.

512Kbps speed data packs:

  • 300 MB will be accessible for 24 hours by 15 THB only.
  • By 22 THB people access unlimited data for a day which means 24 hours validity.
  • 1.5 GB data will be available by 79 THB for a week.
  • By 89 THB people get unlimited internet for 7 days.
  • Unlimited data will be available for 30 days which means a month by 269 THB.

Mbps speed packages:

  • 1 Mbps speed of unlimited data for 24 hours people pay 25 THB, for 7 days should pay 100 THB and for 30 days should pay 300 THB.
  • 4 Mbps speed of unlimited internet for one day should pay 29 THB, for 7 days people pay 150 THB and for 30 days they pay 500 THB.
  • 10 Mbps speed of unlimited data for 24 hours people pay 39 THB, for one week should pay 199 THB.
@ max. 384 Kbps for 24 hours 15 THB, *777*7095#, for a week 80 THB, *777*7070#
@ max. 512 Kbps for 24 hours 19 THB, *777*7318#, for a week 90 THB, *777*7007#
@ max. 1 Mbps for 3 days 49 THB,*777*7069#, for 7 days 100 THB, *777*7003# and for 30 days 300 THB, *777*7153#
@ max. 4 Mbps for 24 hours 29 THB, *777*7149#, for 7 days 150 THB, *777*7154# and for 30 days 500 THB, *777*7159#
@ max. 6 Mbps for 24 hours 34 THB, *777*7209#, for 7 days 189 THB, *777*7210# and for 30 days 550 THB, *777*7211#

dtac Data Packages

Unlimited Net with Dtac Internet

Dtac is a total Access Communication Public Company Limited. It is one of the largest mobile phone provider companies in Thailand after AIS and true. Back in 2015, it has been able to earn assets worth a thousand million dollars and is considered as Thailand’s one of the richest companies. Dtac has been able to offer services from a very start. By 2013, it was established enough to provide 3G data, which was very rare, especially in some places in Thailand.


The company was founded in 1989 as a telecommunication company and since then has never turned back. It is owned by Telenor directly, and both of them have the same logo. It has a wide following of 23 million people back in 2011 and is said to have doubled 1000 times. Its parent’s company is BCTN holding


In terms of the current network, it easily has options of devices that support from 2G, 3G, and 5G. It also claims to have the second widest coverage across the place and has more than 13000 base stations. Dtac internet has been able to cover Thailand, and its customer care services are the best and consist of most polite staff. It introduced 4G LTE back in 2014 with 2100Mhz as well as 1800 Mhz.

Thus, Dtac internet has been able to come to a long way with the level of competition it faces.

max. Speed Data Time Price Activation Extras
@ 256 kbps unlimited 24 hours 15 THB *104*65*9# free dtac calls
unlimited 7 days 69 THB *104*75*9# free dtac calls
unlimited 30 days 249 THB *104*95*9# free dtac calls
@ 384 kbps 400 MB 24 hours 15 THB *184*871*9#  
unlimited 24 hours 19 THB *104*384*9#  
unlimited* 7 days 144 THB *104*484*9# free dtac calls
@ 512 kbps 300 MB 24 hours 15 THB *104*872*9#  
unlimited 24 hours 22 THB *104*347*9#  
1.5 GB 7 days 79 THB *104*857*9#  
unlimited 7 days 89 THB *104*348*9#  
unlimited 30 days 269 THB *104*350*9#  
@ 1 Mbps unlimited 24 hours 25 THB *104*377*9#  
unlimited 7 days 100 THB *104*378*9#  
unlimited 30 days 300 THB *104*379*9#  
@ 4 Mbps unlimited 24 hours 29 THB *104*387*9#  
unlimited 7 days 150 THB *104*388*9#  
unlimited 30 days 500 THB *104*389*9#  
@ 10 Mbps unlimited 24 hours 39 THB *104*69*9#  
unlimited 7 days 199 THB *104*79*9#  

TrueMove H Data Packages

Price Data Validity Overuse Activation
9 THB 200 MB 1 day default rate @

1.50 THB / MB

15 THB 400 MB *900*1923#
39 THB 1.5 GB *900*1924#
59 THB 800 MB 7 days *900*1925#
99 THB 2 GB *900*1926#
199 THB 1.5 GB 30 days @128 kbps *900*8816#
299 THB 2.5 GB *900*8817#
399 THB 4 GB *900*8818#
699 THB 8 GB @384 kbps *900*8819#
799 THB 12 GB *900*8820#

My (by CAT) Data Packages

for 7 days: THB 79 – activation: *906*129#
for 30 days: THB 279 – activation: *906*130#

Line Mobile (on dtac) Data Packages

Pack Data Voice Price Promotion
XS 1.5 GB 100 mins 299 THB  
S 5 GB 150 mins 399 THB 179 THB
M 10 GB 200 mins 499 THB 249 THB
L 20 GB 300 mins 699 THB 279 THB
XL 30 GB 400 mins 899 THB  
XXL 40 GB 500 mins 1099 THB 329 THB
UL unlim. unlim 1999 THB 999 THB

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