Tunisia Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024

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How To Buy A SIM Card In Tunisia

  1. Research Telecom Providers:
    • Identify the telecom providers in Tunisia. As of my last update, some of the major providers include Tunisie Telecom, Ooredoo, and Orange Tunisia.
  2. Choose a Telecom Provider:
    • Research the services and coverage offered by different providers and choose the one that best suits your needs.
  3. Visit a Local Store or Kiosk:
    • Telecom providers usually have dedicated stores, kiosks, or authorized resellers where you can purchase SIM cards. Visit one of these locations.
  4. Provide Identification:
    • In compliance with local regulations, you will likely need to provide identification to purchase a SIM card. Have a valid ID with you, such as a passport.
  5. Select a Plan:
    • Choose the type of plan that meets your requirements. Telecom providers typically offer a variety of prepaid and postpaid plans with different data, talk, and text allowances.
  6. Complete the Registration Process:
    • Fill out any required forms or complete the registration process. This may include providing your personal details and the identification information.
  7. Receive and Insert the SIM Card:
    • Once you’ve completed the purchase and registration, you’ll receive the SIM card. Insert it into your mobile device following the instructions provided by the telecom provider.
  8. Activate the SIM Card:
    • Your SIM card may activate automatically, or you may need to follow activation instructions provided by the telecom provider. This could involve making a call or sending a specific SMS.
  9. Top-Up Your Account:
    • If you’ve purchased a prepaid SIM card, you’ll need to top up your account with credit to use services. Top-up options include purchasing recharge cards, using mobile apps, or online platforms provided by the telecom operator.
  10. Check Your Balance and Services:
    • Confirm that your SIM card is active and check your balance. Telecom providers often provide codes to check your balance, data usage, and other details.

Ooredoo (formerly Tunisiana) Data Packages

1 day125 MB0.5 DT
1 day250 MB1 DT
2 days500 MB2 DT
7 days1 GB4 DT
30 days2.25 GB10 DT
30 days5 GB20 DT
30 days7 GB30 DT30 dom. mins
30 days10 GB45 DT120 dom. mins
60 days12.5 GB55 DT150 dom. mins
30 days25 GB25 DT* 
30 days55 GB50 DT* 

Tunisie Télécom Data Packages

2 hours50 MB0.2 DT*140*7#
until midnight100 MB0.4 DT*140*6#
24 hours200 MB0.8 DT*140*1#
48 hours400 MB1.6 DT*140*4#
7 days800 MB3.2 DT*140*2#
30 days2.25 GB10 DT*140*5#
30 days25 GB20 DT**140*3#

Lycamobile Tunesie Data Packages

1 day200 MB0.8 DT*139*1001#
7 days800 MB3.2 DT*139*1002#
30 days1 GB5 DT*139*1015#
30 days2.5 GB10 DT*139*1010#
30 days5 GB20 DT*139*1025#



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