What Are Unhackable And Untraceable Mobile Phones? (Explained With Examples!)

This is next to impossible but untraceable and unhackable mobile phones are those phones that don’t make use of sim cards, they don’t connect to any other device either through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and the rest. This isn’t something that you can just come across. 

Currently, in the kind of world we live in today, it is difficult to say that your phone is untraceable. Nowadays everything your phone does is in some way connected to a server. Especially the calls, messages, and interactions with other devices. A server is behind the whole connection. This server can be used to track you. We live in a digital epoch where only phones that are free from hacking should be phones that are not smart. Every smartphone can be hacked by someone. Your phone is secure to an extent, but then some people are always capable of breaking the barrier protecting your phone. 

Most server providers now are able to record any incoming or outgoing call to your phone. This is why using a VoIP call like on WhatsApp or Telegram should be better. Everything you do on these apps is mostly secured, if you delete it, it is gone forever. Even with using any of these things to protect your phone, there is still a very small chance that the phone could still get hacked or traced. 

Phones That Are Less Likely To Be Hacked Or Traced

Phones That Are Less Likely To Be Hacked Or Traced

1. Blackberry DTEK50

The phone firstly goes for a very affordable price, blackberry is trying to walk right back into the market. This phone is mainly used by those in higher places, for instance, politicians, entrepreneurs, they are the ones who use this phone all the time. This doesn’t mean that no one can buy the phone, it is very much available but there is a slight privacy issue with it. 

2. Silent Circle Blackphone 

This phone uses high technology to block its system from being vulnerable. No one can get access to the calls made from this phone, the phone is encrypted completely and so it is capable of connecting to other servers without being tapped into. 

3. Swiss Finaley U1

The Swiss there indicate that the phone was made by the Switzerland people. It has been equipped with military-level Blockchain technology both with hardware and software. They also mentioned that it comes with the feature of hosting an internet-free bitcoin wallet that comes in handy for those investing.

4. Bittium Tough Mobile V2

This is a device with high-grade security, it is made for those who need phones with high-security systems. It is impossible to hack but can be traced by a skilled tracker. Most security agencies in several regions of the world use this phone because of its security standard. 

5. Bittium Tough Mobile

This particular version of this phone is older than the V2 which we spoke about but it has a better security system than version 2. Most agencies prefer getting this one to version 2 because it secures information more than version 2. 

6. IntactPhone R2

This device is encrypted, it is known to be seen with military personnel, some policemen, and some other government security officials. It carries military technology which makes every signal and information it sends encrypted to outsiders. No matter the hacking device used here, no service providers or hackers can get information from this phone because encryption makes the information secure. The phone carries 6GB RAM. It is used mainly in Asia, America, and Europe. 

7. Darkmatter Katim Phone 

The Darkmatter is an Asian device that is used mainly by Asian Clandestine operation agencies. It has good battery power and is also water-resistant. We don’t have much information about this particular technology but it is very secure and not very common too. 

8. Intact Phone Bond

This device has the sole purpose of protecting users from cybercrime. It gives you maximum security with a lot of privacy when online. Your information is protected online because Cybercrime increases daily. It is mostly used in America and Asia. 

9. Intact Phone Arcane

This model is commonly used among businessmen or government agencies that are trying to make sure their information is not sent out for the world to view. The OS has a feature that gives users the ability to get apps that are in some way connected to the security in the community. This is for Europeans and Asians. 

10. Purism Librem 5

This model gives you complete control of your software and so you get to keep every information important to you and be sure that no one trying to have it can ever get to it. It has a very strong privacy protection service installed in the software. 

A Table Showing The Connections That Give Others Access To Your Phone

ConnectivityHow It Works
BluetoothBluetooth is a connection that is done within a very short distance. It is used to share files and other things. With this connection, a hacker could get to your phone, also, it can be traced too. 
Wi-FiWi-Fi is used as a connection that gives you access to the internet. To avoid getting hacked or traced, you might have to avoid using public Wi-Fi. 

Are There Untraceable Cell Phones?

Normally, every cellular phone in the world today is traceable. Most times being able to be traced is a good thing because you might need to be traced by 911 for an emergency or maybe you might be lost. Sometimes being traceable is good. Some other times, people just want to avoid being traced maybe by the police or a psycho, there are measures that could help you achieve that. 


An Unhackable phone is possible but you might have to do some things which are very hard to achieve. For instance, no usage of public Wi-Fi and VPNs. Also, social media might have to be avoided too. As for being untraceable, that is a very difficult situation because most phones don’t take much to be traced. 

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