How To Unlock A Samsung Phone Without A Sim Card

I know how frustrating it is when you lose your sim card and can’t unlock your phone! I’m going to show you how to do this without a SIM card. Unlocking the Samsung without a SIM card is really easy!

Unlock A Samsung Phone Without A Sim Card

What Is Unlocking?

Unlocking is a process that removes the original carrier/network restrictions from a phone. This means you will be able to use your device with other carriers or networks without paying for an unlock code which can cost up to $100!

The Benefits Of Unlocking Your Samsung Phone Without Sim Card

1. You’ll be able to use your device with SIM cards from other networks or carriers. This will allow you to save money by using a carrier/network that is better for you and saves data when traveling abroad!

2. Your Samsung phone without a sim card can now be used on the network of your choice, including AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, etc.

3. If it’s too expensive in your country where you live (eg: Brazil), then unlock your Samsung phone without a sim card so that you can easily buy an unlocked one at less cost outside of Brazil and get around paying high taxes.

*Note – this method does not work if it’s still under contract! Check with customer service to see if you’re still contracted.

Samsung Unlocking Without Sim Card (Short Instructions)

1. How to unlock a Samsung phone without a SIM card

2. Insert an unaccepted SIM card and enter the code

3. The phone will ask for the PUK code

4. Enter the PUK code and press OK

5. Turn off your device, remove the new SIM card, then turn it back on again

6. Your Samsung is now unlocked!

How To Unlock A Samsung Phone Without A Sim Card

If you don’t have the phone owner’s access codes or password, it might be time to think about how to unlock a Samsung without a Sim card. There are two ways that this can happen: if the person forgot their PIN (enter three incorrect passwords in succession and they’ll offer an option for resetting) or if they forget what their password is. In both cases, unlock attempts will no longer work after ten entries. Reset your PIN by entering in one of these combinations below; make sure that you enter them into the *phone* only!

– 1234 – *********** – 0000 – +1234 – 1234567890

– “0000” – “123456” – “1234567890”

– “0000” – 123456 – 0000000000 – or 0x0

– “1234567890” – 12356789012345747900. 

The last part is the unique unlock code for your device which can be found by following a few simple steps:

1. Go to Menu, Settings and tap About Phone on your Samsung phone;

2. Look at the IMSI number (the first set of numbers) and write it down as well as IMEI (middle digits) then scroll all the way to end until you see SIM Status;

3. If SimStatus says locked, that means there’s no sim card inserted in your Galaxy SIII Mini GT-i8350. If it says unlocked, then you need to insert a sim card in your phone and enter the unlock code, which is also provided at the bottom of that same window;

4. Type some letters on this field (for example: ABC 123) so that we know how many characters are needed for the unlock code.

 5. “1234567890” – 12356789012345747900 – if SimStatus says locked –> Unlocked with Unlock Code below! or 0000 – 0x0 -if SimStatus does not say Locked–> ??????

6. The following steps will show how to manually provide an Unlock Code for Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini GT-i8350 without having any SIM Cards inserted into its slot.

– Note: If you have a PIN or Password, please enter it in the prompt before proceeding;

**** Please input your unlock code and press “OK” to continue ****

1. Enter Unlock Code (0x0) if SimStatus says Locked –> Unlocked with Unlock Code below! or 0000 – 0x0 -if SimStatus does not say Locked–> ??????

2. Go to Settings -> More tab -> Security -> Lock screen & passwords -> Screen locks -> None button and select OK button again on the popup dialog box that appears -> Close app by pressing back key twice; then go ahead as follows: Settings > Backup and reset > Factory data reset > Reset device > Delete all my data; You will be prompted for your password or PIN –> Factory Reset will be done

Swipe to power off the device -> Press Power button and Volume UP key at same time -> Release all buttons when Samsung logo appears on screen (about 20 secs) then press again Power button; You should see a new dialog box as in pic below:

“Notice! SuperSU vXX requires root!” –> Select Continue with Root option > OK

– When you get Access granted, wait for about 30 seconds until Stock Recovery Screen is shown from which you can select Reboot system now or apply update via SD card. If you want to install an OTA package that has been downloaded before, just do the following steps… So if something went wrong during installation please run this step again.

– From the Home Screen, swipe to left on screen and you’ll see Software Update > Press it; then scroll down until Samsung Recovery is displayed > Install from local storage -> Continue with installation When done installing (about 30 secs) you should be asked for a password which will be: “123456” –> Once finished press OK button

Why Should I Bother Unlocking My Phone?

*You might be wondering why on earth would someone want to bypass their locked Samsung? Well there are many reasons people get locked out of their phones like forgetting passwords, buying second-hand devices from sellers who forgot their PINs and so on. 

If that’s not enough for you – we have also seen reports claiming that some companies remotely lock down employee smartphones after they leave in order to prevent them from leaking sensitive data about clients.* Regardless of reason or goal though – if your device is stuck and you can’t unlock it, follow these instructions to get back into your phone.

If the owner forgets the password: this mode allows a user without access codes (or forgotten login data) an opportunity at accessing the handset by entering the wrong password ten times. The user will then be prompted to input a new unlock code and instructed to enter the same one over again until it is accepted.

If the owner forgets their PIN: if you are locked out because of forgotten PIN, there’s no need to panic! You may have noticed that after entering your incorrect Pin three times in succession, an option for resetting your phone lock now appears on the screen.


The conclusion of the long-form content is that how to unlock a samsung phone without a sim card. The main steps are: if you forget your password, contact us for help. If you forget your PIN, just reset it by entering the wrong data three times in succession and an option will appear on the screen where you can change it.

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