What Is Verizon 611 And Who Does The Call Reach? (Explained!)

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Verizon 611 is the customer service phone number for Verizon Wireless, connecting you to a live representative who can help with account management, billing, technical support, troubleshooting, new service activation, and device upgrades.

Use A Verizon Phone To Dial *611

*611 is Verizon’s customer support number. This number alongside 800-922-0204 gets you an audience with one of Verizon’s customer service personnel. However, when you dial *611 you are not immediately transferred to a customer service representative. It is just like most customer service lines. The automated voice would direct you on how you should go until a representative picks up the phone.

Calling 611 on Verizon readers a lot of services. For instance, you can change your plan, check data usage, pay bills, and do other things. Before the call is forwarded to a customer care representative. Firstly, you have to check to see if the automated voice can help with the service you need. If it doesn’t offer you the service you need, then you can hang on to the call until a customer care representative answers the call. Although some requirements have to be met before the representative could help you. Mostly identification like your phone number, name, email, and account number.

Using *611 On-Screen App

Apart from being able to call Verizon customer service, they also decided to include the option of using a mobile app available for smartphones. With the app, you are given the privilege however to manage and access your Verizon account. 

Moreover, the app is just like dialing *611 because it offers very similar things. For instance, making payments, updating account info, data usage, and other things. 

The application has this feature known as the *611 on-screen. Here is how it works, when you use your smartphone to call *611, the app would come up with a vast number of options to pick from. All the options on the app are similar to the ones given to you when you dial *611. In addition to this, the app has an advantage over phone calling because there wouldn’t be any stress of going through the automated voice. 

Advantages Of The *611 On-Screen App

The main benefit of the app is that it gets you to a customer service representative quicker than when you dial *611. The bottom line is that the app gets you an audience with a real representative and does not direct you to an automated voice. 

The app doesn’t warrant any stress to be downloaded and installed. Google play store has the app available for download. 

A Table Showing Verizon Codes And Their Uses

# & * codesUses
#225Check balance
#3282Check data
#646Check minutes
#768Make payments
#7623Ask for roadside assistance 
#873Check your upgrade info
#832Place a test call
*611Verizon customer service
*62 + 10 digit numberBlock caller ID for one call
*71 + 10 digit numberForward unanswered calls
*72 + 10 digit numberForward every call
*73Stop forwarding your calls
*82 + 10 digit numberUnblock caller ID for a particular caller
*86Check voicemail 


What Does A Verizon 611 Call Entail?

Verizon 611 call is very similar to the normal telephone service. It is 611 calls that help you talk to customer personnel. 

Does It Cost You Anything To Call *611?

No. calls made to 611 with your Verizon phone are always free because you are calling to talk to the customer service personnel. For customers outside the US, the number doesn’t work for them

Is 611 A Customer Service Number?

Is 611 A Customer Service Number

Yes. People call 611 from their Verizon phone to talk to a customer service representative. Also, you can use the Verizon app on your smartphone to talk to customer service. However, using the app and dialing 611 on your phone gets you the same service. 

What Does The 228 Number Do For Verizon Customers?

Dialing 228 on Verizon would help you update your selected roaming list that Verizon used as one of the systems. Verizon gives out additional information on what the selected roaming list is and why they need to update it. This information is given to customers who require extra details. 

How Can I Check If My Phone Has Been Tapped?

It is very simple, just dial *#21# so you can confirm if your phone has been tapped. By dialing this number, you would be given information on whether your calls and messages were sent to someone else. 

What Code Is Used To Unblock Verizon Phones?

000000 is the code to unblock your Verizon phone. If you own a locked 3G world device phone from Verizon you can use the code 000000 to get help. The Verizon 3G prepaid phones are also unlocked after a year. 

Can I Unlock A Verizon Phone On My Own?

No. There are no ways to unlock your phone by yourself after Verizon has locked it. Just hold on and your phone access would be given back to you after 60 days. After 60 days you are allowed to verify if your phone has been unlocked by dialing *611 with the phone. It helps you confirm if you are eligible for calls yet. 

Can I Change From Verizon To Another Carrier?

Yes, you are allowed to change carriers as you like. It is also up to you to decide if you want to switch using online means or change physically. After switching, your former carrier account should be canceled. It is advisable to call and confirm so you don’t keep paying bills for their services. However, after switching, before your old carrier cancels your deal, you will get the last bill for early termination. 


The article must have given you enough details that you need for Verizon 611. We hope that it helps you with all the information you need. 


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