How Do You Get Verizon Discounts For Students? (Find Out!)

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Verizon offers student discounts through its Verizon Connections program. Students with eligible universities and colleges may receive exclusive savings on wireless plans. Visit the Verizon Connections website, verify your student status, and enjoy discounts on selected plans and services.

Verizon Student Discount

A student discount is a kind of saving grace. Companies who want to help give these discounts to students. Even though most of the discounts let out are available for students of higher institutions. Students in high school also get to enjoy it. However, high school students are hardly eligible. It is also not given to smaller students. Sometimes students shop online and sometimes they go to the store. The discount comes in form of a promo code for online shoppers and as an ID card for those who co to the store. A lot of firms give out these student discounts and Verizon has been doing this for years.

What Is Verizon Discount?

Verizon discount is a forum that gives you an amazing monthly discount on bills. This discount isn’t just for students. The offer is also given to employees, government workers, veterans, and esteemed members. They give these discounts on internet and cable bills.  However, The only thing that matters is if your organization or school has an agreement or partnership with them. 

Necessary Information You Need About The Verizon Discount For Students

Necessary Information About The Verizon Discount For Students

Verizon offers student discounts through its Verizon Connections program, providing exclusive savings on wireless plans for eligible students. Here are the necessary details:

  1. Eligibility Criteria:
    • The Verizon Connections program is available to students of participating universities and colleges.
    • Eligibility criteria may vary, and not all educational institutions may be part of the program.
  2. Verification Process:
    • Students need to verify their eligibility through the Verizon Connections website.
    • The verification process may involve providing details such as student ID, university email, or other documentation.
  3. Discounted Services:
    • Eligible students can enjoy discounts on selected Verizon wireless plans.
    • The discount may apply to both individual and family plans, offering savings on monthly service charges.
  4. Signing Up:
    • To access the student discount, visit the Verizon Connections website and follow the provided instructions.
    • Complete the verification process and sign up for the discounted plan.
  5. Exclusive Offers:
    • In addition to plan discounts, Verizon may offer exclusive promotions, device deals, or other incentives to students within the program.
  6. Duration of Discount:
    • The student discount is typically valid for as long as the student remains eligible through their educational institution.
    • Some programs may require periodic re-verification to maintain eligibility.
  7. Participating Institutions:
    • Not all universities or colleges may participate in the Verizon Connections program. Check the program’s website for a list of eligible institutions.

Verizon’s student discount program aims to make wireless services more affordable for students, providing valuable savings on essential communication services. Students should regularly check for updates on eligibility criteria and available discounts.

Steps To Get Your Verizon Student Discount Account

The steps are simple, straight to the point, and very short. Just three steps give you the chance to enjoy such a huge offer. 

Use the verification tool on UNiDAYS websites to verify that you are eligible for the offer. 

Go to Verizon to register your account

A confirmation email would be sent to you from Verizon, make sure you follow the instructions given to you there. 

Verizon Discounts Plan Given To Students

Verizon Discounts Plan Given To Students

The plan given to you depends on the number of lines on qualifying unlimited plans given to you. 

Single line – You get a 10-dollar discount every month

Two lines – Students are given 25 dollar discount each month. 

Verizon Student Discount Validation

Verizon uses a validation process to verify the eligibility of students seeking discounts through the Verizon Connections program. Here are the detailed steps involved in the student discount validation:

  1. Visit the Verizon Connections Website:
    • Go to the Verizon Connections website or the specific page dedicated to student discounts.
  2. Start the Verification Process:
    • Begin the verification process by selecting the option related to student discounts.
  3. Provide Personal Information:
    • Enter the necessary personal information, which may include your full name, date of birth, and contact details.
  4. University or College Verification:
    • Input information about your educational institution, such as the name and possibly the school email address or student ID.
  5. Submit Documentation:
    • Depending on the validation requirements, you may need to submit documentation proving your student status. This can include a copy of your student ID, a university email address, or other relevant documents.
  6. Complete the Verification:
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the verification process. This may involve uploading or emailing the required documents.
  7. Wait for Confirmation:
    • After submitting the necessary information, wait for Verizon to review and confirm your eligibility.
  8. Receive Confirmation Email:
    • Once verified, you will likely receive a confirmation email indicating that you are eligible for the student discount.
  9. Sign Up for the Discounted Plan:
    • Use the provided information to sign up for the discounted Verizon wireless plan.
  10. Maintain Eligibility:
  • Keep in mind that some programs may require periodic re-verification to ensure continued eligibility. Stay informed about any renewal or re-verification requirements.

Why The Student Discount Is Relevant

Different students seek these discounts for different reasons, we have a list of reasons why we think some students might need these discounts. 

The discount gives students the chance to save more money and be able to afford more important and more expensive things. 

The discount help students who come from a family with low income to enjoy an average lifestyle while in school. 

It helps students to graduate from school and not worry about student loans piled up. 

Eligible People For The Verizon Student Discount

To be a part of this deal, you have to ensure that you are a student of one of the higher institutions in the USA. It doesn’t matter what kind of higher institution.

You need not more than two smartphones because the discount is only eligible for an account linked to one or two smartphones. This doesn’t mean that other smart devices are not allowed to connect, you can connect your smartwatch and tablets but not more than two smartphones. 

You would have to be a Verizon account owner because they only recognize their customers for these benefits. 

Validation to show that you are an active student with UNiDAYS is mandatory.

Verizon Discount Status 

Verifying your Verizon discount status is very simple. The only way is to visit the Verizon website and navigate to the discount page. On the Verizon discount page, the option that says existing Verizon customer, click the option and enter your phone number in the space left out for it. The number has to be the one linked to your wireless account. After that, you can log in and validate your account. 

The Terms And Conditions Following Verizon Student Discount 

Your evidence of being a student in one of the higher institutions in the US is mandatory. Your enrollment in one of the colleges, polytechnics, and Professional schools should be approved first by UNiDAYS. 

The discount benefit would last for four years as long as you are willing to sustain all the really assessments. 

It is very simple here, the eligible person has to be a Verizon account owner or manager. 


If you are one of those that would benefit from this Verizon student discount, you should know that getting to save 10 dollars or 25 dollars each month should be a plus for you. The discount helps students both financially and mentally too. 


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