Verizon Sim Card Failure – 10 Ways to Fix It

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Fixing a Verizon SIM card can be as easy as checking whether the SIM card is damaged. Simple hacks such as removing and reinstalling the SIM, wiping the dust from the SIM chip and tray, activating the SIM, and checking the phone’s compatibility with a Verizon SIM can help fix the Verizon SIM card failure error.

Key Takeaways

  • Several reasons, including network outages, can cause Verizon Sim card failure.
  • Phones running CDMA networks are compatible with Verizon.
  • A Verizon Sim card must be listed in the carrier’s database to work seamlessly.
  • A damaged Sim card or internal antennas can cause Sim card failure.

Causes of Verizon Sim Card Failure

Before fixing your Sim card, you must understand what causes the Verizon Sim card failure. Some common causes include:

  • Verizon network outage.
  • A non-listed Verizon Sim card.
  • Hardware Issues.
  • Damaged Sim.
  • A non-activated Verizon Sim card.
  • A Non-compatible device.
  • An unlocked phone.
  • Dust in the Sim chip.

Verizon Sim Card Failure – 10 Ways to Fix It

Suppose you find out which of the above causes Sim failure; you will fix the issue quickly. However, if you are unsure of the root cause, try the following hacks one by one, and you’ll be able to solve the problem.

1.     Check Whether You have the Right Verizon Network Coverage

In exceptional cases, your area might experience a Verizon network outage, which can lead to a Verizon Sim card failure error.

Confirming a network outage in your area is tricky unless you contact the Verizon customer service desk.

Still, on network coverage, ensure that your area receives proper Verizon network coverage. Move to higher areas that receive a strong network signal – this is true if you especially stay in rural areas that experience a poor Verizon network signal.

2.     Use a Phone Compatible with Verizon Network

If your phone can’t run the CDMA network efficiently, it’s incompatible with the Verizon network. Therefore, check your phone’s compatibility if it is not a Verizon product.

Another issue is whether your phone has been locked to a specific network carrier. If such is the case, ensure it’s unlocked and running on a CMDA network to eliminate the Verizon Sim card failure.

3.     Activate the Sim card Correctly

A non-activated Verizon Sim card cannot connect to the network. If you want to optimally use your Verizon Sim card, ensure you activate it correctly.

Deactivation might occur when you delay paying for your monthly plan. Suppose your Sim card has been deactivated; please, contact the Verizon customer care support desk for reactivation help.

Suppose you are unsure whether your Sim card is activated; check your area Verizon’s hotline and place a call to inquire about your Sim’s activation status.

4.     Ensure Your Verizon Sim Card is Listed

An unlisted Verizon Sim card might prompt a Sim card failure error. A Verizon Sim card operates seamlessly on their network when listed in their database.

Therefore, confirming whether your Sim card is listed is an important troubleshooting step. Follow the steps below to check whether your Sim is listed in Verizon’s database;

  • Use your device’s dial pad to dial *228.
  • Choose option one.
  • Wait for the confirmation whether your Sim card is listed with the carrier.

5.     Inspect the Sim Card

Damages to the Sim card chip can lead to a Verizon Sim card failure. If you witness any damage to the Sim, it is time to replace it if you want to avoid a failure error.

While inspecting the Sim card, ensure it sits correctly on the Sim card tray. After ensuring that your Sim is not damaged and sits properly on the tray, check to ensure that your phone’s internal antennas are not damaged.

Follow these steps when checking whether your card is damaged:

  • Close all apps and switch off the phone.
  • Remove the Sim card tray using the Sim card ejector tool or a paper clip.
  • Remove the sim card and inspect whether it is damaged.
  • If it is not damaged, sit it correctly on the tray and push it back.
  • Restart your phone and check whether the Sim card failure error has disappeared.

6.     Remove Any Dirt or Grime from the Verizon Sim Card

A buildup of dust and grime on the surface of a Sim card can lead to Sim card failure. In such a case, follow the above steps to remove your Sim; wipe it gently using cotton wool or a soft cloth dampened in alcohol.

While removing dirt, avoid touching the chip directly, as it is prone to scratches and damage.

7.     Restart Your Phone

Some simple glitches can be solved by restarting your phone. This method enables your Sim card to search for the Available network. Here is how to restart your phone;

  • Close all apps and press the power off button.
  • Select the restart option.

Your phone will switch off and on, and if all goes well, this will fix the Verizon Sim card failure error.

8.     Toggle the Airplane Mode On/Off

Toggling the airplane on/off will prompt the Sim card to search for an available network, and in the process, it will fix the failure error in your Verizon Sim card.

Toggling the airplane mode is as simple as swiping down on your screen and taping on the icon to switch it on and off.

9.     Clear Phone Cache

Clearing the phone cache can help to fix the Sim card failure. Here is how to clear your Phone cache:

  • Go to settings.
  • Select storage, and go to internal storage.
  • Select cached data – You will receive a pop-up informing you that the phone cache will be cleared.
  • Click delete to clear the cache.

10. Do Factory Resetting

When you’ve tried all fixing hacks in vain, the last option is to factory reset your phone. This action will delete all data in your phone. Therefore, before factory resetting, ensure you’ve backed up your data.

Here is how to factory reset your phone;

  • Navigate to settings from the main menu.
  • Select the General option.
  • Select the backup and restore option.
  • Click reset.

Your phone will factory reset and hopefully fix the SIM card failure error. If you try all the steps and still have a failure error, consider replacing the SIM card.


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