Vietnam Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024

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Comparison: Best Mobile Package in Vietnam

Choosing the best mobile package in Vietnam depends on your individual needs and priorities. Here’s a comparison of the top 3 providers (Viettel, Vinaphone, MobiFone) to help you decide:

Network Coverage:

  • Viettel: Strongest and widest coverage, especially in rural areas. Ideal for travelers or those venturing outside cities.
  • Vinaphone: Excellent coverage in major cities and towns, good in some rural areas. May experience occasional drops in remote regions.
  • MobiFone: Great coverage in cities and tourist areas, but weaker in remote villages and mountainous regions.

Data Packages:

  • Viettel: Offers a variety of packages with different data amounts, validity periods, and bonus features (e.g., social media, minutes). Generally known for affordability and good value.
  • Vinaphone: More focused on larger data packages with longer validity, often including bonus minutes and SMS. May be slightly pricier than Viettel for smaller packages.
  • MobiFone: Offers flexible data options with daily, weekly, and monthly plans. Known for attractive promotions and bundled deals with devices.

Call and SMS:

  • Viettel: Competitive rates for both local and international calls. Free SMS for most packages.
  • Vinaphone: Similar call rates to Viettel, with some variations depending on package. Free SMS included in most plans.
  • MobiFone: Slightly higher call rates compared to Viettel and Vinaphone, especially for international calls. Free SMS usually included.


  • Viettel: Generally considered the most affordable option, especially for data-centric users.
  • Vinaphone: May be slightly pricier for smaller data packages, but offers good value for larger ones.
  • MobiFone: Can be pricier than both Viettel and Vinaphone, particularly for regular calls and SMS.

Additional factors:

  • SIM card availability: All providers are widely available, but Viettel might be easiest to find in remote areas.
  • Customer service: All providers have various customer support channels, with Viettel known for its efficient and helpful service.
  • Special offers and promotions: Each provider frequently runs promotions and bundles with devices. Compare current deals before choosing.

Here’s a quick summary:

  • For the best overall coverage and affordability, especially in rural areas: Viettel
  • For good value on larger data packages and bonus features: Vinaphone
  • For flexible options and attractive promotions, but potentially higher costs: MobiFone


There are main three internet providers in Vietnam amongst the many. These three are:

  • Viettel
  • Vinaphone
  • Mobifone


The Viettel has been a major network operator in Vietnam. It was established in April 2017 and provides various services related to telecommunications. The service provider provides 3G and 4G LTE services. The internet packages and their prices are as follows:

  • 3GB charges are 15000 VND for 3 days of activation with their code as ST15K
  • 7GB costs about 30000 VND with the activation code STK30K
  • 3GB stands at 70000 VND for 30 days activation at the code MIMAX70
  • 5GB costs about 90000 VND with the activation code MIMAX90 for 30 days
  • The price of 15GB is 200000 VND with 30 days activation at the code MIMAX200
  • 30GB for 30 days of activation costs 300000 VND with an activation code of UMAX300


Vinaphone provides 3G and 4G LTE internet data packages. This company is owned by the government of Vietnam. The company has around 30% of the telecom market share. The data package information is as follows:

  • 2GB charges are 5000 VND for a span of 2 hours of activation with their code as DK H5
  • 3GB with a price of 15000 VND with an activation code of DK D3 for 3 days
  • The price of 7GB is 30000 VND for 7 days and the activation code is DK DT30
  • 3GB per month charges are 250000 VND for 360 days of activation with their code as DK1 D250
  • 4GB per month charges are 500000 VND for 360 days of activation with their code as DK1 D500


The company was founded on the 16th of April, 1993. The Mobifone is the 3rd largest telecom and internet provider after Viettel and Vinaphone. The available packages are as follows.

  • 50MB costs about 10000 VND with the activation code M10 for 30 days
  • 1GB charges are 5000 VND for 1-day of activation with their code as D5
  • 3GB charges are 15000 VND for 3 days of activation with their code as D15
  • 8GB with a price of 70000 VND with an activation code of HD70 for 30 days
  • 5GB costs about 200000 VND with the activation code HD200 for 30 days
  • 55GB charges are 500000 VND for 30 days of activation with their code as HD500

From 2012 to 2013 the internet users recorded a growth rate of around 90% with the development of various companies establishing their companies across the country. The country ranks in the 16th position based on the number of internet users when compared across the South East Asian countries.

Viettel Data Packages

3 GB70,000 VNDMIMAX70throttled, add-ons
5 GB90,000 VNDMIMAX90throttled, add-ons
8 GB125,000 VNDMIMAX125throttled, add-ons
15 GB200,000 VNDMIMAX200throttled, add-ons
30 GB300,000 VNDUMAX300unlimited @ 1 Mbps

Vinaphone Data Packages

Hard-capped packages (3G):
50 MB10,000 VNDDK1 M100.5 VND/KB
150 MB25,000 VNDDK1 M25
500 MB50,000 VNDDK1 M50
1.5 GB120,000 VNDDK1 M120
Soft-capped packages (3G):
600 MB70,000 VNDDK1 MAXthrottled
1.2 GB100,000 VNDDK1 MAX1
3 GB200,000 VNDDK1 MAX2
30 GB300,000 VNDDK1 MAX3

Mobifone Data Packages

Monthly 4G basic data packages 
3.8 GB70,000 VNDHD70throttled
5.5 GB90,000 VNDHD90
8.8 GB120,000 VNDHD120
16.5 GB200,000 VNDHD200
33 GB300,000 VNDHD300
44 GB400,000 VNDHD400
55 GB500,000 VNDHD500
Monthly 4G Data Plus packages +Voice
1.5 GB70,000 VNDDP70cut-off70 mins
2 GB100,000 VNDDP100100 mins
3 GB120,000 VNDDP120120 mins
4 GB200,000 VNDDP200200 mins
6 GB300,000 VNDDP300300 mins
9 GB600,000 VNDDP600600 mins
15 GB1,500,000 VNDDP1500 unlimited

Vietnamobile Data Packages

4 GB1 day5,000 VNDD5
4GB/day30 days90,000 VNDD90
1 GB30 days10,000 VNDM10
2 GB30 days25,000 VNDM25
4 GB30 days40,000 VNDM40
8 GB30 days70,000 VNDM70
12 GB30 days90,000 VNDM90
20 GB30 days120,000 VNDM125
40 GB30 days200,000 VNDM200


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