Vivacom Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024 (Bulgaria)

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All You Need To Know About Vivacom

Vivacom is one of the largest telecom network provider that is based and originated in Bulgaria. Just a telecom network provider does a mature distribution of networks throughout Bulgaria. They have their roots as a fixed line operator and also as communicative services in Bulgaria. The company has gone through many ups and downs in the market ranging from the leading telecom provider to privatization. Currently, Vivacom offers a wide range of mobile network and telecommunication solutions in the Bulgarian market. Science telecom companies provide services in the international market, Vivacom faces significant competition in many parts of Bulgaria. The competent with the competitors on the wholesale as well as the broadcasting market. Currently, Vivacom is the third major mobile operator providing company in Bulgaria, based on their customers. It has received the best for the 4G score when it comes to internet speed. 

Services provided by Vivacom:

  • Mobile services- Vivacom delivers a number of mobile services in Bulgaria and is the third-largest operator of telecom. They provide fast internet coverage in their area either it be EDGE, GRPS, GSM, 3G OR 4G. Vivacom’s 4G network internet speed is the fastest in Bulgaria. Discover a wide range of population through their safe and secure network. About 99.99 percent of population is covered by GSM/GRPS/EDGE, 99.98 percent is covered by 3G, 86.75 percent is covered by 4G.
  • Fixed-line services- Vivacom is an important network provider of connection within and customer, through the help of a cable. They provide secure wireless transmission of customers between two users.

Vivacom Free Internet Data in Bulgaria

Vivacom, one of Bulgaria’s leading telecommunications providers, offers various options for obtaining free internet data. Here’s a detailed overview of these options:

  1. Vivacom Start: Upon activating a new Vivacom Start prepaid SIM card, you receive a complimentary 1.2GB of data valid for 30 days. This introductory offer allows you to experience Vivacom’s network without any upfront costs.
  2. Vivacom Easy Traffic: This prepaid plan provides 1.2GB of data for 120 days upon purchasing the SIM card for 30 BGN. You can further extend the validity of the data by adding additional 30 BGN increments for another 1.2GB each time.
  3. Vivacom Tourist SIM: Vivacom’s Tourist SIM caters specifically to travelers, offering 5GB of data, 30 minutes of calls, and 30 SMS for 9.99 BGN. This package is ideal for staying connected during your stay in Bulgaria.
  4. Vivacom Free Wi-Fi: Vivacom provides free Wi-Fi access in various locations across Bulgaria, including airports, major cities, and tourist hotspots. Look for Vivacom Free Wi-Fi hotspots to connect to the internet without using your mobile data.
  5. Vivacom Apps and Services: Vivacom offers free data for using select apps and services, such as My Vivacom, Vivacom Music, and Vivacom News. By using these apps, you can consume data without depleting your mobile data allowance.
  6. Vivacom Promotions and Contests: Vivacom frequently runs promotions and contests that offer free internet data as prizes. Keep an eye on Vivacom’s website and social media pages for upcoming opportunities to win free data.
  7. Vivacom Loyalty Programs: Vivacom’s loyalty programs, such as Vivacom Rewards and Vivacom Plus, reward customers with points that can be redeemed for various benefits, including free internet data.

By utilizing these options, you can enjoy free and affordable internet access while using Vivacom’s network in Bulgaria.

+Talk7 days200 MB300 mins20 mins3.99 BGNM2
+Talk Super25 days1 GB500 mins50 mins6.99 BGNM3
+Net7 days400 MB150 mins10 mins3.99 BGND1
+Net Super25 days1.5 GB300 mins20 mins6.99 BGND2


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