Vodafone Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2020 (Fiji)

PlanPriceData Allocation (MB)Data Allocation (GB)Expiary
Daily pass$1.991024124 hous
Daily Delight$2.4925602.524 hous
Daily Promo$2.992048224 hous
Daily Plus$3.993072324 hous
weekly plus$6.99307237 days
weekly plus$7.9946084.57 days
Monthly plus$3520,4802030 days
sufpass 12am to 5pm$1.99102415am
Giga 11$1111264117 days
Giga 15$15153601510 days
Giga 25$25256002525 days
Giga 50$50512005030 days
Miller is a tech geek from Miami and loves exploring different Mobile Data and Internet Packages for different SIM cards available in this world. He roams around and tests the packages and blogs about it here.

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