Vodafone Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024 (Fiji)

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Mode of Subscription of Vodafone Data Plans in Fiji

Vodafone Fiji offers a variety of subscription modes for their data plans, catering to different preferences and usage patterns. Here’s a breakdown:


  • Top-up based: Purchase data bundles or recharge online/via app to activate a plan. No fixed monthly fees, ideal for casual users or those who want flexibility.
  • Auto-renewal packs: Choose a plan with automatic renewal (daily, weekly, monthly). Data recharges automatically upon depletion, ensuring uninterrupted service.
  • Bonus offers: Get additional data or minutes on top of your regular plan by purchasing separate bonus packs. Useful for temporary surges in usage.
  • Direct top-up: Purchase data directly using airtime balance, convenient for small top-ups or in emergencies.


  • Contract based: Sign a contract for a specific period (usually 12-24 months) and pay a fixed monthly fee for your chosen plan. Includes data, minutes, SMS, and sometimes bonus features like subscriptions to music/streaming services.
  • Direct debit: Vodafone automatically deducts the monthly fee from your linked bank account. Convenient and hassle-free payment method.
  • Flexible postpaid: No fixed contract, enjoy the benefits of postpaid plans like data rollover, but with the freedom to switch plans or cancel anytime.

Additional options:

  • Family sharing: Share your data allowance with family members on the same Vodafone account. Saves money and simplifies data management.
  • Device-specific plans: Certain plans are tailored for specific devices like tablets or modems, offering optimized data usage and pricing.
  • Roaming packages: Purchase separate roaming packages for worry-free internet access when traveling abroad.

Choosing the right mode:

  • Consider your data usage habits: Do you use data sporadically or consistently?
  • Budget: Prepaid offers flexibility but may cost slightly more in the long run, while postpaid plans provide stability but lock you in for a period.
  • Need for additional features: Compare bonus offers and bundled services like minutes or subscriptions.
  • Convenience: Prepaid offers top-up freedom, while postpaid ensures automatic renewal and potentially paperless billing.

Remember: Vodafone Fiji’s website and app usually have detailed information on each plan and subscription mode. Feel free to explore and choose the one that suits you best!

Plan PriceData Allocation (MB)Data Allocation (GB)Expiary
Daily pass$1.991024124 hours
Daily Delight$2.4925602.524 hours
Daily Promo$2.992048224 hous
Daily Plus$3.993072324 hours
weekly plus$6.99307237 days
weekly plus$7.9946084.57 days
Monthly plus$3520,4802030 days
sufpass 12am to 5pm$1.99102415am
Giga 11$1111264117 days
Giga 15$15153601510 days
Giga 25$25256002525 days
Giga 50$50512005030 days



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