Vodafone Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2021 (Fiji)

Plan PriceData Allocation (MB)Data Allocation (GB)Expiary
Daily pass$1.991024124 hous
Daily Delight$2.4925602.524 hous
Daily Promo$2.992048224 hous
Daily Plus$3.993072324 hous
weekly plus$6.99307237 days
weekly plus$7.9946084.57 days
Monthly plus$3520,4802030 days
sufpass 12am to 5pm$1.99102415am
Giga 11$1111264117 days
Giga 15$15153601510 days
Giga 25$25256002525 days
Giga 50$50512005030 days

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