What Channel Is Paramount On FiOS? (Find Out Now!)

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Paramount Network is available on Verizon Fios TV on channel 54/1505/554 HD. You can also purchase a Paramount+ subscription via Verizon’s +play store.

Paramount Network On FiOS

Paramount Network On FiOS

Paramount Network is an American-based television network owned by MTV Entertainment Group. They have their network based in Los Angeles, California. It is at the Paramount Pictures studio. The network itself was created after the partnership of two major radio stations WSM and Westinghouse Broadcasting. They started the channel using the name “The Nashville Network” and then they went on air for the first time on March 7, 1983. At that time they started to show programs that went in line with the southern part of American culture, things as country music, southern shows, motor racing, and a lot of other programs. 

As time went on, they began to grow, and their audience continued to grow as they went on. A buyer came up and wanted to purchase the network, The Gaylord entertainment company purchased the network in 1983. This buyer wasn’t only interested in Nashville, they also bought some other companies alongside. For instance, they bought CMT in 1991 and so the music schedule on TNN was moved over to CMT while TNN focused more on the entertainment section. TNN moved from one owner to another back then. Again in 1995 TNN and CMT were bought by Westinghouse, they had it for four years before both channels were bought again by Viacom. It was under the ownership of Viacom that TNN had to change the kind of shows that it had been airing. They were no longer allowed to air country-influenced shows and had to start airing shows that were appealing to everyone in America. 

They continued to grow and their growth came with a lot of audiences, later in August 2003 they resurfaced and got the name Spike TV. They came in with a whole new objective, this time around, they wanted to meet up with the younger male audience. Starting in June 2006, they started to focus their entertainment shows on action movies and series to meet the needs of their targeted audience. They later began to mix their scheduled shows with original reality series. 

In January 2018, spike TV was reborn as a paramount network creating gender-balanced programming and also getting to share a name with their namesake studio. 

Some Of The Shows Aired On Paramount Network

Paramount presents one of the best show lineups when compared with most TV networks. They present a lot of good TV shows for their audiences. We have some of those shows on this list. 


This is more of an actuality-revealing show, for people who enjoy this kind of show, then Cops should be part of their must-watch. Cops has been on for 32 seasons straight, it is seen as the longest-running series in the whole of America. It isn’t just about the leisure that you get from watching different shows, this show gives you the chance to see from the perspective of a cop. Most networks don’t air shows this insightful. 


Yellowstone is one of the few TV shows aired on Paramount, it is one of the authentic collections on the network. Ever since its premiere in 2018, this particular show has been a part of the network’s programming schedule. The show is one of Kevin Costner’s works, so those who are huge fans of the creator would not want to miss it for anything. 

Wife Swap

Wife or spouse swap is the most attention-grabbing program on the list. The show draws most of its female audience closer because of all the suspense and drama that it has. The show is mostly about women though. 


What Countries Have Access To Paramount Network?

This might be an American-based TV network, although they have a lot of other international collaborations. For instance, Canadians have had access to this TV network since 1984 when it had its first name TNN. Other countries like the Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, Hungary, the United Kingdom, and Latin America.

Why Is The Channel Different In Some Places?

Just like most cable TV channels, paramount will have different channel numbers in different areas. It isn’t like satellite TV for PC, the channel number has to vary. The cable supplier in the different areas determines the channel lists and numbers. There are websites that you can visit to gain this sort of information. Your state or metropolitan area would determine the number of paramount networks on FiOS. People in Florida, Indiana, and some other states have different numbers and they have a way of figuring things out. 

Where Can I Get Paramount Network On FiOS?

This only depends on where you are located. In some areas, the number would be 54 but it might vary in other areas too. To figure out where the channel is on your FiOS cable, you can either call their customer care or visit their website and input your region so you can get the details and everything you need to know about the channels. Also, you can just go on Google and type in the question “What is the channel for paramount on FiOS in (your state)?” It is quite simple. 


On paramount, you get to see a lot of reveals, it is a little difficult to select from what they have there too. They give a specific time to show their reveals, if you are not free at the time then you can use the frontier web package given to you so no episode passes by you. 


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