What Does Spell Vamp Mean In Mobile Legends

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In Mobile Legends, Spell Vamp refers to the percentage of life stolen a hero gains from their abilities. For example, if a hero has 15% Spell Vamp, they will regain 15% of the damage dealt by their skills as health.

spell vamp meaning in Mobile Legends

Spell vamp in the Mobile Legends Latest Update

Players are now given a new option of spell vamp in the Mobile Legends Latest Update that can be activated when using a skill.

Spell Vamp is an old mechanic from the original MOBA, Warcraft 3. It’s not something new and it’s not something that was invented by Mobile Legends.

The idea behind spell vamp is that when you use skills they take some of your health away and re-grant it to you to empower the effect.

Mobile Legends is one of the few mobile games where players have a choice whether to use spell vamps or not because most of them are permanent skills and cannot be turned on or off.

How does Spell Vamp affect your gameplay?

Spell Vamp significantly impacts gameplay in Mobile Legends by providing sustain and survivability for heroes reliant on abilities. Here’s how:

  1. Sustain: Spell Vamp allows heroes to recover health by a percentage of the damage dealt through their skills. This sustain is crucial during prolonged fights and laning phases.
  2. Survivability: Heroes with high Spell Vamp can withstand more damage in team fights, making them durable and harder to eliminate.
  3. Solo Lane Dominance: Spell Vamp empowers heroes to dominate solo lanes, sustaining themselves against opponents and minimizing the need for frequent recalls.
  4. Reduced Dependency on Lifesteal Items: Heroes focusing on abilities may prioritize Spell Vamp over traditional lifesteal items, optimizing their build for increased magical damage output.
  5. Skill Spamming: Heroes with Spell Vamp can spam their skills more liberally, knowing that each cast contributes to both damage and health regeneration.

Why have they changed Spell Vamp? What are the pros and cons of this change?

Spell Vamp has been changed to Heal Vamp. This change was done because of the imbalance in what is healed. The pros and cons of this change are as follows:


– It can be prevented from healing heroes who are not in combat, which can make it much more difficult to heal a hero who is being ignored by the enemy

– Healing a hero stimulates their mana regeneration, which means they can use their abilities more often

– It also prevents you from healing yourself with spells while in combat and then rehashing your opponent’s health with auto-attacks, which is an unfair strategy.


– You need to be within range of your target so that you can take advantage of these benefits, which means that the enemy needs to be close enough

How Spell Vamp Works in Mobile Legends

Spell Vamp is not the only way for heroes to heal themselves. In addition, you can find items in the shop that provide Spell Vamp and Fortify effects, which means that you can recover health by attacking an enemy champion or turret with your basic attack or abilities. The percentage of Spell Vamp an item provides depends on the rank of the item.

If we look at the Spell Vamp items, there are two different types: those that work immediately after being applied and those that work after being applied for a short period. The latter kind includes items like Blade Shoes and Talisman of Energy which both have great stats.

How Much Does Spell Vamp Cost?

Spell Vamp is a stat that can be found in League of Legends. This stat affects how much life the player will regain for casting spells.

The amount of spell vamps depends on the champion, but all of them have a 1% base spell vamp without any items or runes. Reaching 100% spell vamp is impossible because it would require you to also reach 100% on your ability power and magic penetration stats.

Spell Vamp is a statistic that’s found in League of Legends. It affects how much life the player will regain for casting spells. The amount of Spell Vamps depends on the champion, but all champions have 1% Base Spell Vamps without any items or runes. Reaching 100% Spell Vamps is impossible because it would require you to also reach 100% on every boss in the game.

Can You Counter-Spell Vamp? Tips to Beat Enemy with Spell Vamp

Spell vamp is a passive ability that heals a unit with every spell it casts. Spell vamp offsets some of the damage you deal to enemy champions or structures. This makes it hard to deal with significant amounts of damage in a short period using just spells.

Here are 4 tips that will help you beat enemies with spell vamp:

  1. Use auto attacks before you cast your spells. Auto attacks have low cooldowns so they will help you get on equal footing with the enemy’s health
  2. Use abilities first, then spells. Abilities have longer cooldowns but they also do more damage, which will further offset the enemy’s health
  3. Split up your spells by type
  4. Don’t be afraid to go in close and hope for a lucky execution



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