Who Owns Spectrum Cable? (Explained!)

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Spectrum Cable is owned by Charter Communications, a telecommunications and mass media company with over 32 million customers in 41 states. Charter Communications also owns Bright House Networks.

Who Owns Spectrum Cable?

Spectrum Cable is owned by Charter Communications. Charter Communications is an American telecommunications and mass media company with services branded as Spectrum. It is the second-largest cable television operator, the fourth-largest internet service provider, and the fifth-largest mobile phone network operator in the United States. As of December 31, 2022, Charter had over 32 million customers across 41 states.

Charter was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut. The company was initially focused on providing cable television services, but it has expanded its offerings over the years to include internet, mobile phone, and voice services.

Charter acquired Bright House Networks in 2016 and Time Warner Cable in 2015. These acquisitions made Charter the second-largest cable television operator in the United States. Charter also acquired Time Warner Cable’s cable television operations in the Midwest and Southeast in 2015.

Charter has been investing heavily in its infrastructure in recent years. The company has upgraded its cable networks to DOCSIS 3.1 and has deployed a 5G mobile network. Charter is also investing in its streaming TV service, Spectrum TV App.

Charter is a major player in the telecommunications industry in the United States. The company is well-positioned to compete with other major providers, such as Comcast and AT&T.

Spectrum Internet Plans

Spectrum Internet Plans

Remember when we said that the Spectrum plans were straightforward, well, what we were talking about is the fact that Spectrum has managed to keep their data options minimal to just three, the cheapest of these data plans is the standard basic, next on the line is the Ultra which is more expensive than basic, and then the most expensive is the Gig plan. They all have their different internet speeds and they also vary between areas. It is very easy to figure out the speed in your area but a sales agent could assist you with the information you need. Call any of their sales agents and request the inspection of your area for the internet speed allocated to your area. 

The standard or basic internet plan option for spectrum customers offers an internet speed of 200Mbps, now, this is the maximum speed for this plan, the normal speed for this plan is from 60 to 100Mbps in most areas covered. Whatever way we see it, for most people, this speed is good enough for their internet usage. Your network speed doesn’t just go up for one or two people using the internet, it could hit the maximum speed when multiple users make use of the network. The speed helps every user to stream videos without having any troubles. Some people don’t understand this speed system that is being used here, with the 100Mbps given to you by Spectrum, downloading a file of 3GB would take you only 5 minutes as long as the network is steady. Imagine having the maximum network.

The standard plan is priced at 45 dollars every month in most states, but then you might have to pay the extra 5-dollar fee for your router. The ultra plan that we have mentioned from Spectrum is for family use, talking about a big family with several people, it offers 300 to 400Mbps speed which means it could work perfectly for even those who work from their houses. The Ultra plan doesn’t come with the same standard router, it comes with a different and better Wi-Fi router and a free modem as extra just to help improve the bandwidth. 

Those customers in search of high speed would have to consider spectrum gig bandwidth because it might just be the best offer for them. However, good things deserve higher sacrifice so you might have to pay extra money for this particular plan, 100 dollars and above is the fee every month to enjoy this extreme maximum speed. This particular plan might come off as too expensive for most people while some others don’t think about it as much. The plan gives their customers a huge download speed of 1000Mbps and uploading speed of 35Mbps. This plan is best for streamers, based on the amazing speed. Just make sure what you do matches up with what you are subscribing for because you might just be wasting your money, it is best to just go with the one that suits your internet lifestyle. 

The no-data cap feature that Spectrum has is one thing that makes it amazing because, with this feature, streamers, Netflix, and YouTube junkies get to enjoy themselves and do what they love without getting worried about how much data is left. 

Spectrum Internet Plans And Prices

Spectrum Internet StandardStarting at $49.99CableUp to 200 Mbps10 MbpsUnlimited DataNo
Spectrum Internet UltraStarting at $69.99CableUp to 400 Mbps20 MbpsUnlimited DataNo
Spectrum Internet GigStarting at $109.99CableUp to 1,000 Mbps35 MbpsUnlimited DataNo

Spectrum Is Best For:

1. People who don’t like fussing about a data cap

2. Customers in search of a traditional TV and bundle of internet services

3. Clients in search of a provider with some of the best possible coverage

Spectrum Is Not Recommended For:

1. Users who want fast upload speeds

2. Budget-minded customers who don’t want fast downloads


Is Comcast The Main Owner Of Spectrum?

We don’t know yet but the last time we heard from Comcast concerning spectrum was when news came out that they had invested 1.7 billion dollars to get a spectrum network in the market. Aside from that, they haven’t said anything regarding spectrum plans. 

Is It True That Spectrum And Time Warner Are Both The Same Company?

They are merged with the same company so they are both the same company. Charter made a merger with Time Warner Cable in 2016 which allowed it to change its brand to Spectrum. 


In essence, Charter Communications has a brand named Spectrum that gives its customers home entertainment services with unlimited data, no contracts, good prices, and installation options. Spectrum as a network provider likes going straight to the point with customers so they made things easier for customers by keeping their plans to just three. 


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