Why Does Cox Internet Slow at Night? (And 8 Ways To Fix This)

Cox Cable Internet is slow at night? You’re not alone. Many Cox customers have been complaining lately about the slowdown in their internet speed when they are trying to access certain websites or download large files. The problem is that many of these users had no idea what was going on, and why their internet seemed so slow at night. In this article, we will discuss why your Cox Cable Internet seems slower after dark, as well as how you can fix it!

Cox Internet Slow at Night

Let’s talk about why does Cox Internet slows down at night.

There are 8 reasons we have found by analyzing hundreds of internet packages related to online forums. Lets learn about them first –

1. Cox is throttling your connection

2. Your modem is outdated and needs to be replaced 

3. You have too many devices connected to the internet at once, which can slow down speeds 

4. There are too many people using the same bandwidth in your area 

5. Your neighbors are all online, which slows down your internet speed as well 

6. The weather has an effect on how fast or slow it takes for data to travel from point A to point B (i.e., storms) 

7. Cox doesn’t provide adequate coverage in certain areas of town because they don’t want you to switch providers so they just let you suffer from a bad connection until you eventually give up and cancel service with them 

8. Cox’s servers might be having technical difficulties due to high traffic volume during peak hours of usage (i.e., after work) or there could be some other type of problem that we’re not aware of yet that’s causing this issue.

8 Ways To Fix Slow Cox Internet Connection Problem

Here you go:

1. Unplug your router and modem from the power source for thirty seconds. Plug in your modem first, then follow by plugging in your router. Restart both devices by unplugging them again, waiting ten seconds, and then plugging them back in.

2. Check your internet connection with a different device 

3. Contact Cox Customer Service for more information or to have an engineer come out and fix the problem 

4. Update your router’s firmware to make it run faster and more efficiently 

5. Change the channel on your television set-top box from Auto to 1 or 2 if you’re using a coaxial cable, or change the frequency setting from Auto to 6-8 if you’re using a fiber optic cable (for TV) 

6. Make sure that there isn’t anything blocking any of the cables in your home, including furniture, curtains, pets, etc., as this can cause interference with wireless signals and slow down speeds significantly; also check that all cables are connected properly at both ends (including power cords) 

7. Reset your network settings by holding down “Reset” button on back of modem for 30 seconds until it reboots itself; then wait 10 minutes before restarting any other devices like computers and routers so they can reconnect automatically after reboot is completed.

8. If you are still having slow speeds with the above troubleshooting steps, please call at Cox technical support team at 800-269-2355 to speak with a technician about additional things that can be done from their end.

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