Afghan Telecom Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024 (Afghanistan)

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Graveyard of Empires is the nickname of Afghanistan which is great South Asia’s landlocked country. This country was connected with so many countries by borders such as Pakistan, Tajikistan, Iran, Turkmenistan, China, and Uzbekistan.  This country is officially called the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. It was popular for poverty, corruption, terrorism, child undernourishment, and so on. But in this article, we are going to discuss the internet services providers especially the MTN Company.

Topmost internet service provider

In Afghanistan, MTN is considered the topmost internet service provider among so many internet providers. This MTN is the South African company and was branded since 2014. They have enlisted some new internet packages for this year 2020, which will be like a boon to the internet users.

Types of packages

 The packages up to the durations like hours, daily, weekly, monthly, and night surfer. People can choose their internet packs as per their needs and convenient, the data will be available both in MB and GB. Here are some interesting offers for people.

Internet package for Hours:

People can activate the new one-hour internet pack by *344*61# for unlimited by paying 15AFN. They use to mention the offers’ names as a Bundle.

Offer for Daily:

For the daily internet package, they offer the Daily 85 MB package, which is also by 15AFN for one day that means complete 24 hours. They can get 85 megabytes by activating the process of dialing *344*12#.

Weekly package:

This weekly package is a little bit bigger than the above day and hour internet packages. They can get 425 MB by 89AFN for 7 days which means solid one week. People can activate (*344*22#) and deactivate (*344*8#) through the prescribed numbers of MTN providers.

Best internet packages for monthly users:

People are really bad about their memory power for recharging their mobile internet, they forget most of the time. If they are users of hours and daily internet packages that would be a risk. But if they are the monthly planners, then they can easily recharge at the end of every month. Here are some interesting offers that are there for them.

  • The first offer of monthly packages is ‘Monthly 870 MB’ which will be affordable by 299AFN for 30 days.
  • The next and the first offer of Gigabytes for a monthly offer is ‘Monthly 2.1 GB’, it will be available by 399AFN.
  • In these monthly packages, they have offered some interesting offers for social media purposes like Facebook. The offer is ‘Monthly 3.4 GB plus 500MB for Facebook’, so a total of 4 GB by 499AFN.
  • The next topmost offer is ‘6.8 GB plus 500 MB for Facebook also with 150 MTN minutes and SMS’. All these are affordable by 725AFN for thirty days.
  • The last offer is expensive than all the above offers, 1399AFN for 12.7 GB for thirty days.

Night Surfer:

There are some users are clever to use the internet at night time due to getting the speed without buffering. For them, there are two offers such as: ‘Nightly 870 MB’ for 25AFN for one night and another one is ‘Nightly 8.45 GB’ for 175AFN for thirty nights.

As per the record of 2020 Jan, nearly 7.65 million people have been using the internet without fail in Afghanistan. And the minute record of internet users between 2019 and 2020 was nearly three sixty-six thousand has increased well. People could not work without internet services, so the providers have been introducing the offers with convenient charges and all.

 Afghan Telecom DSL Internet New Price List  
 Installation/Activation/Configruation is Free of Charge  
S/NPackagesUnlimited Monthly Cost(Afs)Ratio 
1256 KbpsUnlimited50001:03 
2384 KbpsUnlimited75001:03 
 ADSL2+Unlimited Dedicated Packages 
S/NPackagesUnlimited Monthly Cost(Afs)Ratio 
 ADSL Quota Based Packages 
S/NPackagesPackages ValidityPrice(Afs.)SpeedRatio

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